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The trip around Bulgaria by car can be divided into:

  •     The eastern part - the embankment from Balchik to Tsarevo. The embankment is separately divided into 3 regions relative to Varna and Burgas:
  1.     Kavarna ⭐
  2.     Balchik ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  3.     Albena ⭐
  4.     Kranevo ⭐
  5.     Golden Sands ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  6.     Saint Konstantin and Helena ⭐⭐⭐
  7.     Varna ⭐⭐⭐
  8.     Byala ⭐
  9.     Overview ⭐⭐⭐
  10.     Elenite ⭐⭐⭐
  11.     Sveti Vlas ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  12.     Sunny Beach⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  13.     Nessebar ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  14.     Pomorie ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  15.     Bourgas ⭐⭐
  16.     Chernomorets
  17.     Sozopol ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  18.     Kiten ⭐
  19.     Tsarevo ⭐
  •     The western part is a mountainous region:
  1.     Veliko Tarnovo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  2.     Sofia ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  3.     Plovdiv ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  4.     Melnik ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What do I need to travel to Bulgaria by car in 2021 - 2022?

Preparations for travel to Bulgaria in 2021 must include travel insurance covering Covid-19, a green card and a negative PCR test for Covid-19 done no later than 72 hours before crossing the border specifically to Bulgaria. In 2022, a certificate of complete vaccination is required, no earlier than 14 days from the date of last vaccination. A PCR test is not required. Although at customs they didn't even ask for a certificate.

I also need a vignette for driving on roads in Romania and Bulgaria, good thing they are electronic - bought online and there is no need to glue them anywhere, as before) Websites for online purchase of vignettes:

  •     Romanian vignettes
  •     Bulgarian vignettes

PCR test can be done in Odessa and Ismail. The Family Doctor Outpatient Laboratory does the test in 12 and 24 hours. We chose Odessa, so we were able to walk around Odessa for another 1.5 days. Having taken the test in the morning at 11 o'clock we went to explore the beauty of Odessa. The next day we took the results, printed with a wet print in English, from morning to 11 o'clock. Then we drove to Zatoka, there we walked for a couple of hours and went to spend the night in Izmail.

In 2022 many countries fit a quick / antigen test, which is done right on the spot. At the airport or overland customs, everywhere there is a rapid lab that will do a "rapid test" for 15 euros and it will be valid for 48 hours.

The next day we crossed the border from Ukraine to Romania through the ferry Orlovka - Isakcha. At the entrance it says "to Europe in 10 minutes"))) This is a myth! The Ukrainian border was fast, loading on the ferry took about 2 hours!!!! Further really 10 minutes to sail. And then again fun - 2 hours of customs in a queue of 15 cars ((( Total border passage through the ferry Orlovka - Isakcha at us took 4 hours!!! (from 10 to 14 hours). Doubtful time savings) The cost of the ferry 15 euros per car + driver, and 1 euro per passenger. It's better to have cash too, it will be faster, because there is no online payment, the terminal can hang...

In winter 2021 / 2022 the ferry Orlovka - Isakcha is running on schedule! The ferry and the passage of the Romanian customs took 1.5 hours. We arrived at the ferry 30 minutes before its departure on December 18, 2021.

There is information on the Internet that transit through Romania is possible when making the traffic in Romania - this is a myth. Customs officers just checked the PCR test, asked what to Bulgaria and said Good luck) In Bulgaria, our test was 48 hours old and in early May Greece is closed, so the PCR test was taken at the customs. The Romanian-Bulgarian border was cleared (Vama Veke - Durankulak) in 7 minutes. At the customs, the Romanians insistently asked for a hotel reservation in Bulgaria or Greece, where we were transiting Romania. We were let through with persuasion and promises to go with a reservation next time. So it is better to make a reservation of any accommodation with a free cancellation, print the confirmation that came in the mail and immediately cancel the reservation! "That's the deal, and it's quieter to go through customs with a reservation) We didn't make a reservation because we didn't know where we would spend the night in Ruse or Veliko Tarnovo.

Upon return, you can not do the test in Bulgaria, as it costs 60 euros and is done to tourists only in some certified laboratories, mostly in the north, in the south only in Varna. Romania transits Ukrainians, it is necessary to cross the border in 24 hours. When entering Ukraine, you need to install the "Stay at home" program on your phone, fill in the fields and, with the permission of the border guard, press start. A time report will start - 24 hours to arrive at the place of isolation or the place where you are waiting for the result of the PCR test for Covid. When you arrive, you need to click that you are there. As long as you have not pressed "in place," you are essentially free to move around, then only after a negative result. We crossed the border again through the ferry Isakcha - Orlovka and did the test in the laboratory of Ismail "SmartLab". You can pick up the answer in Odessa, or you can not pick it up at all, it comes automatically to your mailbox and to the application "Day at home". The app sends a notification that it can be removed from the phone. Total border Romania - Ukraine through the ferry this time took 2 hours. We arrived at the border at 9 o'clock. We got to the border at 9 o'clock. 1.5 hours of waiting for the ferry... All were trucks and only 3 cars.

Parking lots and local currency in Bulgaria

Parking in Bulgaria is mostly free. The number of spaces depends on the city. Even in early May in cities like Balchik and Varna it's difficult to find a parking space near the beach... Parking lots accept payment only in local currency - levs, even euros they refuse to take. In May a lot of parkings are open, but there is a barrier and it is written 2 BGN/hour, i.e. in the summer these barriers will be closed and parkings will become paid) Because of such it is difficult to predict convenience of visiting the cities. For example, it will be difficult to get to the embankment of Sveti Vlas in summer...

Local attractions are also paid in cash and only in levs. So, take this into account. Cash in euros is suitable only for payment of accommodation, and so need levs.

Bulgaria attractions and features

That's what they say to each his own) Museums and monuments are kind of, but the beautiful places or there are few or no attractions. Bulgaria has wide sandy beaches. It is good for a beach vacation, but the sea with color is not so good. In some towns the water is either murky or dark, there is no azure... The resorts themselves are a bit simple. There is a feeling of "sovdep" very strongly across the country, a lot of old buildings, very few new constructions. It's true there are good roads and a lot of vegetation, but larch mostly, without needles. Speed limits are strictly enforced here - 50 - city / 90 - highway km / h, as the cops are watching out right in the bushes! On the road there is only a tripod with radar, and the car with the patrol hides behind the trees, which are very many in the country. Although the people and the motorists themselves are very cordial and patient. On the roads no one is honking at all! No one beeps and waits patiently when you are facing a turn. Everyone tries to let each other pass.

Lodging in Bulgaria is in the form of hotels and apartment complexes. You can hardly rent so easy, it is better to do it with booking service, like boqing. Owners of apartments here are often not Bulgarians. For example we used to live in apartments in Fort Knox complex (Sveti Vlas). The owners are Englishmen, who have 7 more apartments in the same complex.

We went for lunch to the cafe in Varna on the coast and Nessebar in the old town. The food is not about anything called ... There are no Bulgarian dishes, unlike the northern Bulgaria. All dishes are usual and the seafood, such as mussels, tastes so bad... But in an ordinary-looking cafe in Veliko Tarnovo there are unique Bulgarian dishes, delicious).

On the Internet everyone writes about the hospitality of Bulgarians. I agree, but they clearly have some remnants of Soviet Union... If you come to Bulgaria after France, there will be a striking contrast. The slippers in the rooms and apartments are not found anywhere, moreover that mostly everywhere is tile on the floor, which is icy in the spring... Soap or no soap at all, or 1 pc per bath and kitchen. And even more interesting is the shampoo in a branded jar - the content consists of 2/3 of water, and the shampoo itself is poured on top... It is the same at self-service car washes. You press the "detergent" button and it pours water and a little bit of very light imperceptible foam).

Which resort in Bulgaria to choose? What to see in the south of Bulgaria?

We settled in St. Constantine and Elena, but it's better in Golden Sands. From there we went walking - from Cape Kaliakra (Nos Kaliakra) to the city of Varna. The next point was Sveti Vlas - from there we drove from Elenite to Burgas. Then we drove to Sozopol and saw the rest of the promenade in Bulgaria.

Cape Kaliakra - picturesque steep shore and ruined antiquity

Fans of history and antiquity will not see much here, only ruins below ground level. But the nature lovers should definitely drop in here. The views are similar to ATlesh (Cape Tarkhankut) in Ukraine. Does not work around the clock it seems. Although there is no barrier. Maybe before 8 and after 20, entry is free) And so the entrance is a boy and takes 3 lev or 1.5 euros for 2 people. Payment only in cash, change in levs only. Time to visit the attractions 30-50 minutes if very slowly and photographing all around. Parking is available near the cape,'s very small and it's better to come and go before 12 o'clock. We left around 12/30 then the parking lot started to form far along the road and there was a huge amount of cars moving towards the cape...

Cape Kaliakra - a beautiful cliff shore
ruins at Cape Kaliakra

Kavarna is a village not suitable for recreation and does not require your attention. The whole village fits on the photo. In reality, the area is much sadder and smells like mud. This place is for fishermen. There are no beaches here.

Kavarna - not a resort

Balchik is already a resort town. It is worth a visit, if only to form an opinion. There are no beaches here, what you can hardly call beaches. There is a long promenade with cafes along the water. There are no stores along the water. Views so so, in a port in limits of rest ... Here it is better in the evening when all cafes will light up. In general the town is suitable only for an evening promenade and dinner in a cafe. There are a lot of people and it's not a big town. In early May, we were looking for parking ... Really, we found a free parking, and almost by the water) By the way, there is a place of interest - the botanical garden and the palace. Who had not previously visited anything like that, you should probably drop in) At the beginning of May, the city is already living full life, as in the midst of summer).

Balchik promenade stretches all the way to Albena. A path on foot and by bicycle
View of Balchik from the pier in the centre of the embankment
Balchik - micro beaches + promenade - view from the edge of the village, from the side of Kavarna

Ovech Fortress is a tourist attraction in Bulgaria, available in the region of Varna, more precisely in the town of Provadia. It is an hour's drive from, for example, Balchik. From the fortress remained "horns and legs," but the views from the ancient ruins open splendid, very similar to the views of Chufut Qale in Bakhchisaray (Crimea). You can approach the fortress from the west (from Provadia) and the east entrance (from the forest). According to reviews the western entrance is more civilized steps. There are signs to the fortresses everywhere in town. Another landmark is the Ovech restaurant, almost immediately behind it is free parking, closest to the steps. Otherwise, the parking is at the bottom of the town, you have to go up to the ticket office and the entrance. 4 BGN/person costs to enter. Going upstairs you can go straight to the bridge, as the path leads to the right, but the views are the same as on the left, except on the right there is a cemetery at the end. Going to the right you can reach a bridge, over which you can get to the pavilion, but the views are the same as over the bridge)))

In Provadia there is also Chudnite Rocks - a beautiful sight, according to photos from the Internet.

Map of access to the Ovech Fortress from the west entrance
Ovech fortress - view of the fortress, this is from the west bridge of the path to the right
Sheep Fortress Bridge

Albena is a city of hotels, a resort with huge sandy beaches. In fact it is a city-park consisting of hotels and supermarkets. There is no private accommodation here. Everything would be fine if it all looked beautiful. No landscaping, everything is green, but in the style of sovdep ... The entrance to the town through a barrier - 5 BGN per day, or 30 minutes free. In 30 min we had time to see the embankment and leave. You basically pay for the parking in town, as it is free further on. In fact, you don't even have to come here for a walk. There is nothing to see. There are many such beaches in other more interesting cities in Bulgaria. At the beginning of May people meet here by the piece)

Albena - the city park of tourist hotels

Kranevo is a resort village) There is no other name for it. It looks like Kirillovka in Ukraine or a spit in Berdyansk) Beaches sandy and huge. At the beginning of May there is no one in town, no people, no cars. All the stores are closed, the city is still in hibernation. There seems to be lodging only from private individuals, so probably in the season here will be cheap. I.e. who likes a beach and cheaply - that in a season obviously here) to go for walks here it is not necessary at all!

Kranevo - the cheap equivalent of Golden Sands

Golden Sands is a real resort in Bulgaria. It has everything - the beaches are very wide and beautiful, the promenade with cafes and stores, the promenade along the water itself, the developed infrastructure ... The first line is hotels, but all the beaches are public. At the beginning of May, life is just awakening here. The promenade is only 30 percent open. The center of the promenade is the Ferris wheel and the local Eiffel Tower. In this region there is another attraction - the rock monastery Aladzha. From the highway there is a turn to it, on the spot there is a parking lot and from the parking steps about 200 meters. Entrance is paid 5 lev / person, we did not go, as we saw the photos from the internet. The views along the way are also so-so, unless people haven't seen the views from the mountains before)))

Golden Sands is a real resort in Bulgaria. It has everything - the beaches are very wide and beautiful, the promenade with cafes and stores, the promenade along the water itself, the developed infrastructure ... The first line is hotels, but all the beach
views along the promenade along the Golden Sands resort promenade
views near the rock monastery of Aladzha

St. Constantine and Helena is a resort a la sovdep. The beaches are there, but they are in pieces and not big. The promenade is along the water, but dull and monotonous, with no infrastructure at all. Go here specifically for the walk is not worth it. The first line consists of hotels. I.e. if to remove where that on a beach only to go, and whether there will be a parking in a season? The most interesting thing here is to sit on the pier and admire the sea.

St. Constantine and Helena - beautiful places only on the pier
St. Constantine and Helena resort beaches

Varna is a real city, I mean big and noisy) Varna is certainly a resort town, but for aficionados. It is very similar to the Turkish Antalya. Along the beach lines here stretches the Seaside Park for walks. Along the water there is a promenade. The infrastructure is developed, there is cheap private housing, a beautiful large beach))). It seems to be all super, but... coziness is not! It's a city, at the beginning of May there are crowds of people! It is necessary to visit it, and there already on the amateur. To the beach to walk far unequivocally, because the road will be through the park, it's at least. By the way, the transparency of the water here pretty much zachetnaya) whether to visit it travelers? A big question)

One way view of the beaches of Varna
View of the beaches of Varna in the other direction)
Varna - panorama taken from the port

Byala is a resort-type village) It's a long walk to the beach, there is no access during the season. You should not go here at all. Although the beaches are like all over Bulgaria - magical).

Byala - panorama of the beach near the extreme descent in the year (in summer the access will be closed)

Overview - not far from Byala, but the accommodation here is already presentable and can already be called a resort. The beach looks nice. It looks like there is a place to walk for 30 minutes) We will not advise to go here specially, of course...

Overview - panorama from the edge of the village)

Elenite is a holiday village of apartments and narrow beaches. There is nothing to walk around, only on the territory of the complex, although they are big. It is beautiful to walk from here along the beach to the beginning of the village Sveti Vlas, more precisely the beach of complex Fort Knox. The area is already beautiful. It is not worth visiting here specially, there is nothing to see.

view of the village of Elenite from the Fot Knox complex
This is what the walk from Elenite to Fort Knox complex looks like - the only entertainment
On the way to Elenite from the end of the village Sveti Vlas there is a pier with this panorama)
the beaches of Elenite leave much to be desired)

Sveti Vlas is a luxury resort with beautiful views, but the beaches are 3 stars by the standards of Bulgaria. As an option, you can settle in Fort Knox apartments (this is the end of St. Vlas and almost the beginning of Elenite) - the beaches here are five stars, but you can also take a walk on the beach in the port area with fantastic views and beautiful houses! Fort Knox complex is convenient in having its own territory which is just like a real promenade along the water! You must visit Sveti Vlas and enjoy its beauty from the pier in the harbor bay.

The area of Fotr Knox apartments for rent in Sveti Vlas
Port Bay - Sveti Vlas Promenade
Central St. Vlas beach just behind the port bay
View from the pier to the centre of St. Vlas

Sunny Beach is a typical Bulgarian resort. It has everything: wide beaches, different levels of housing and a promenade along the water. But the central street leading to the pier leaves much to be desired, it's full of casinos and strip clubs... Sunny Beach is worth a visit to understand what a real beach Bulgaria is)

Panorama of Sunny Beach Bulgaria)
View of the central part of Sunny Beach from the pier
Sunny Beach Center

Nessebar - the old town - a real attraction of Bulgaria! As a resort for a beach holiday suit the new part of town, but the beaches look kind of dull here) The old town for a beach holiday is not suitable, but for walks - well, super place! You can walk around the old town on the upper perimeter along the old streets with views of the water, or you can walk around the road around town by the water itself! Inside the city of old houses and narrow streets.... Beautiful! The upper promenade is full of panoramic cafes, which smell very tempting) Entering the old town there is a bridge with a mill, behind which you should keep left. You will face the parking barrier for 2 liv / hour. Parking is free in spring. The parking lot is huge and stretches to half of the old town. At the end of the parking lot is a white circle with a red border. If you can ignore it, you can just bypass the old town on the very bank) photos are not particularly transmit the charm of the place, but you should come here for sure. Time of visit is about 1 hour, if you walk around the upper perimeter and the bottom by car) Leaving the old town, just behind the bridge turn left - it is a modern town of Nessebar. You can get to the cape, it offers a view of the old town from afar - to one side and to the village of Ravda - to the other.

View of the old town of Nessebar from the bridge at the entrance
Observation point on the cape at the old town and Ravda town
Map of the Old Town of Nessebar
the lower road along the old town of Nessebar
promenade through the old town on the upper road
View of the pier from the cafe in the old town of Nessebar
View of the cafe in the old town of Nessebar - from the pier
the streets of old Nessebar
Nessebar - the ancient ruins
view from the cape to the beach of Nessebar and the old town in the distance

Pomorie is an excellent resort in Bulgaria. On one side are the beaches, on the other is a promenade along the water. Lots of first line housing. Also a lot of cheap housing, as there are almost no fine hotels. Travelers should come here to walk the promenade, and the rest of us can safely go here for a belly-up beach vacation. Parking spaces are plentiful. In May the town already lives an active life. Pomorie can be driven in a circle along the water. It is better to move as on the map below, because on the promenade the traffic is one-way.

map of Pomorie
Pomorie - view of the beaches from one of the many piers
There is a promenade along the entire coast of Pomorie

Burgas is a resort town with nothing to do) An exact copy of Varna, only here the beaches are a mixture of sand and earth - it looks repulsive... Passage to the beaches goes through the Seaside Park. It takes a long walk to the beach. And beaches leave much to be desired. To a park it is necessary to search for 40 minutes! And it is still not a season.... To explore the coast, you just have to drive in from the port and get to the pier. There is nothing to do at the beginning of the town, from the side of Pomorie. We do not recommend to drive here specially.

Map of Burgas - beaches along the entire park. Best view from the pier
view of Burgas with the pier
Burgas from the pier
view towards the Burgas pier

Chernomorets is a rural resort in Bulgaria) There is nothing to do here. The beach is not well maintained and there is a harbor with boats. At least the promenade is cozy, there is even a cafe. The village is clearly cheap, including the first line. But there is nothing for travelers to do here.

view of the entire promenade of Chernomorets
view from the beach in the village of Chernomorets

Sozopol is a resort in Bulgaria. I want to say a copy of Nessebar, but it's not so. If talking about photos Sozopol is much more photogenic, but the coziness and the desire to walk around it - Nessebar wins! Old Town Sozopol is depressing and not beautiful inside. You can go around the old town in a circle on the top in 1.5 hours. The beaches, by the standards of Bulgaria, here tight at all) to come here is necessary, but to wait for wow effect is not necessary. It makes no sense to stay in the old town. It is better to stay in apartments with a view on the old city. It is 10 minutes walk to the old town.

Panorama of the old town of Sozopol (taken from the balcony of the rented accommodation)
Panorama taken from the beach in Sozopol
Promenade through the old town of Sozopol
view from the old town to the beach in Sozopol

Everything beyond Sozopol: Dunes, Primorsko, Kiten, Lozenets, Tsarevo are small and very small "resort villages". In some places there are tourist bases, campings and here and there hotels. For beach cheap rest the villages are suitable, but for travelers not at all. We drove from Sozopol to Tzarevo just by the shore. We were driving 30-40 km/h, we went to every corner - just for a walk, there is nothing to see, everything is depressing.

Dunes is a village with two huge hotels on the edges and a wide beach
Lozenets - beach town
Map of Tsarevo
Tsarevo - Cape is divided into two parts, one of which is the central beach and port
Tsarevo - the second part of the village behind the cape

What food to look for in Bulgaria?

Look for the names: shkembe chorba, küftenza, smothered pileshko fillet, krehki teleshki, güvec, sujuk, kavarma, etc. Basically these would all be meat dishes. They have awesome dishes with stewed 5 kinds of meat with onions and vegetables, awesome sauce fillings of meat dishes. The local food is very tasty and nutritious, the portions are large, mostly for 2 people.

Bulgarian food is delicious and not expensive

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and that says it all) There is nothing to do in the city itself, unless of course you like traffic jams... But Mount Vitosha is a beautiful natural attraction. The town is a ski resort. However, even for travelers there is something to see. First of all, who likes hiking, this is Vitosha mountain - the views, nature and a lot of trails on 5+!!! All the trails are passable because of the developed network of elevators. Only in May ski-lifts do not work, the season is over) By car you can go up by civilized road is very high, almost to the peak of the Black top (Cherni Vrah / Cherni vrhih). Then the paths of melting snow or dirt road of snow and mud. This is in May, June you can already walk in the dry, but ... the sun will already be hot).

You can reach the barrier on the map below and then walk by the sign to the elevators 5,12,13. There will be a bench on the glade with great views of Sofia. On the way to Vitosha by car there are no special views and viewing platforms, except at the bottom at the foot of the village. There are a lot of forests around. For visiting Vitosha by car is enough for a couple of hours (up to 3 hours with a leisurely relaxation), and you can go further to Plovdiv, for example, if you come from Veliko Tarnovo. Overnight stay in Sofia is not reasonable.

In May at the foot of Vitosha Mountain there is a riot of greenery and the tops are still in snow, but the streams are flowing and the trees are waiting for their time to open their buds. The pictures below are taken 30 minutes apart)

Near Sofia, an hour away, there is another unique natural attraction in Bulgaria - 7 Rila Lakes. Even lower is the town of Melnik with its rocks. In the other direction are the rocks and the fortress of Belogradchik.

Vitosha - the route to the Peak Black Top (point B is the bottom of the peak, then the dirt track) by car from Sofia
at the foot of Vitosha Mountain - the road to Cherni peak
view of Cherni vrh peak
views at the top of Vitosha, at the beginning of the ascent to Cherny Verkh peak
Mount Vitosha - view of Sofia
Vitosha Mountain - view of Cherni Vrah peak

Melnik is a small town and a huge pearl of Bulgaria. It is very close to the Greek border and is not often visited by tourists, and for good reason! Melnik is a must visit in order to fully experience the Bulgarian color and taste the local food. This small town has it all - the nature, the architecture, the sights, the cuisine and the good accommodation! You should stay in the very heart of the town. The whole town consists of old houses, but the center is particularly magical. We were here on Christmas Eve. There wasn't enough snow, but there was an air of magic) There were too few people, and so it was a little depressing) But there were plenty of parking spaces, and no crowds of gawking tourists. In the summer, people write that they park outside the city and walk. The city here consists essentially of one street) On the map below marked the region center, you can settle there and follow the arrows to the end of the street and all the houses. On the way will be a local landmark Kordopulov Kscha (hut). In fact, the landmark is this house. It will be on the left hand and go further, the road goes to the right. There will be a sign for the monastery of Sveta Bogoroditsa Spileotisa and 300 steps up. "Virgin Bogoroditsa Spileotisa" is a place of strength and a gorgeous vantage point for all of Melnik! It is the best place to visit after the cozy town center. From here you have a panoramic view of the Melnik pyramids - clay and sandy white hills! The place is very beautiful and atmospheric. More than one day there is certainly nothing to do, but you can stay overnight and enjoy the evening glow of the city. By the way, for lovers of hiking there are nice trails along the peaks.

map of Melnik
Melnik Center
Melnik Pyramids (clay and sand mountains) - the main street of the city
a signpost to the Monastery of Our Lady of Spileotis
panorama of Melnik - view point from Bogoroditsa Spileotisa monastery

Plovdiv - although they do not make pilaf here, but the city is no less interesting) In the city and the neighborhood are collected real attractions of Bulgaria. Therefore, you can allocate even up to 2 days for it, if you don't like to walk quickly) If you allocated only 1 day for Plovdiv, you can start from route 2 (starting at 10-11 hours) and then route 1.

Route #1 - Nebet Tepe hill (old town and Paldin fortress, observation deck, ancient theater), Bunardzhik hill (top - monument "Alesha") - the best observation deck in Plovdiv

First of course the old town of Plovdiv as well as Veliko Tarnovo is situated on three hills - Dzhambaz Tepe, Nebet Tepe and Taksim Tepe. The old town is located on the hill Nebet Tepe. Only passes are allowed into the old town. That's why we have to pay 2 BGN/hour parking and go for a walk. First we go left to the observation deck (ruined fortress Paldin), there is a beautiful view of the historic center of Plovdiv and the hill Bunardzhik with the monument "Alesha," then in a circle go right through the streets of the old town to the ancient Ancient Theatre. The old town itself is not too cozy, there's nothing to do just to get to the theater) The Ancient Theatre is also for connoisseurs... Entrance is 5 BGN/person... Although through the fence you can make a photo. Note that you can get to the theater only from the side of the old town.

Then we go to Bunardjik hill, park at the foot of the hill, and go up on foot) Don't be afraid, it's not as difficult as it seems from below. Roughly how to get up to 10 floors) You can walk up the paths and stairs, and you can take the "central" roads. You can see the whole of Plovdiv, including the Nebet Tepe hill in the distance, where you've just arrived from. The dotted line is the walking path, and the solid line is the path through the grass and a lot of steps, but fast) It is better to go up the path on the left, and descend at a walking pace, admiring the views on the road right. In fact, all the trails there lead to the top)

Minimum time for trail #1: 2-3 hours.

Plovdiv Sightseeing Map
Observation platform from Nebet Tepe hill - the remains of Paldin fortress
Ancient Plovdiv Theater
Route map of Bunardzhik Hill
The best viewing platform in Plovdiv is the Aliosha Monument

Route #2 - Asenova Fortress - the rock phenomenon Chudnite Bridges

This route involves traveling around the district of Plovdiv, namely the region of Asenovgrad and the Rhodope Mountains in southern Bulgaria. The time for exploring is from 4-5 hours. From Asenovgrad there is one road, the map below shows a fork.

Asen's Fortress is just outside the town of Asenovgrad, and you can see it from the road. The fortress is still visible from the road. You can get there by car and parking is available nearby, but only for 5-7 spots for 2 BGN per hour. Others need to find a place below or above and walk, but it's free. The entrance to the fortress is 4 BGN per person and nothing else. We refused to take euros, there is no terminal. The entrance to the fortress is a couple of steps up and the best view is from the top.

View from the top of Asenova Fortress to Asenovgrad
View from the top of Asen's fortress to the parking lot, just above the fortress on the road
Route map to Asen's Fortress and Chudny Bridges

The rock phenomenon Chudnite Mostove or Chudnye Bridges (in our words) is a real unique landmark in Bulgaria and can be classified as one of the most unusual places in the world! You can get there by car until the end point. First, there will be serpentine of 2 lanes, then the road in 1.5 lanes, and then the whole 1 lane with potholes) Speed develop nowhere will not work, but so even better - the views are breathtaking. After the exit from the 2-lane road goes on this magical forest! It feels like you are in a fairy tale. The bridges themselves are the culmination of this tale. No photos and videos will not convey the scale of what you see. Everything is free here.

We park in the pocket near the cabins and immediately follow the sign to the bridges. It will be to the left of the parking lot. Going down exactly. There will be a green fence on top of it on the left, we will go up to it later. When you go down, you will see the ah and ah)). You can go under the bridge, but there is not much sense to go further. There are no more views in close proximity. You can also go down to the water itself and the wooden bridge. From there, too, beautiful views. Then you go up and climb along the green fence even higher. You will come to the observation deck #1. Then we advise to continue the path to the right deep in the forest, there is a path up there. Follow this path through the forest to the opposite observation deck #2. From there the descent goes directly to the parking lot.

Nearby is another natural landmark - Trigrad Gorge in the Rhodope Mountains.

Chudnite bridges - the main one from below the river
Wonderful bridges - view from the river
Panorama of Wonderful Bridges from the River
Video rock phenomenon Wonderful Bridges in Bulgaria
Top view from observation deck #1
From the observation deck #1 walk along a path through the woods to #2, from there go straight down to the parking lot
road map from the highway to Chudnye Bridges

To summarize, Bulgaria is a beach vacation country. Who likes sand, lots of sand ...))). There are no mountains in the east and no sea in the west) Water is neither warm nor clean. Sightseeing is not enough and they can easily be seen when you go in transit to Greece or Italy) Prices in the country are budget. Something like Albania, when a lot of tourists are local. Beach holiday something that also resembles a holiday in Ukraine, such as Odessa, Arabatska arrows, Zatoka, etc.


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