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Angelokastra - a fortress with beautiful views

This is the closest attraction that should be visited while vacationing in Paleokastritsa and Corfu in general. The views are indescribable, breathtaking and wide.
The fortress, as a historical value, is badly ruined. It is rather the stones and remains of the fortress. But the opening view is the whole Paleokastritsa in the palm of your hand. The map shows the route by road. If you are vacationing in Paleokastritsa, you will need to return to the entrance and turn up the road to the left (if driving from Paleokastritsa). Do not look at the roads on the map as you are used to. In Corfu the roads are narrow and it is a serpentine. Therefore, it is better to choose a longer route, but on as much road as possible. The navigator will lead you to the parking lot at the foot of Angelokastro. Drive all the way to the cul-de-sac, stopping where there is no longer a road. Because there is a turn for the fortress, after which there is a dirt stone road. We almost walked on it to the fortress. And it was another 500 meters to drive more in the end. Parking is free. Climbing the fortress on the steps and the entrance to them is paid - there is a ticket office nearby. But it works until 6 pm. (After the entrance is free and free) During the day there is nothing to do, the sun is so hot that the views are not really get to enjoy. Note that at the top is a very strong wind, while below it is quiet and hot. Take a sweatshirt with you for more comfort.

Маршрут "Палеокастрица- крепость Агелокастра" на автомобиле (Корфу)
Автомобильная дорога на Ангелокастра

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