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Ancient Stagira - ruins of Aristotle - an ancient city in Greece (Halkidiki, Athos)

Halkidiki was our first break in the "Greece by Car April-May 2018". "The Finger of Athos was chosen based on reviews from the internet as the most beautiful in terms of the views of nature. Ancient Stagira is the main attraction of the region. We settled in Stratoni, but as it turned out it was necessary in Olympiada (as close as possible to the ruins of Aristotle). We stayed 2 days, and that was enough. We drove along the whole coast of Athos. The nature is beautiful, but the villages are small and not cozy.

Руины древнего города Аристотеля "Древняя Стагира"
Древняя Стагира на карте - руины Аристотеля (древний город)

There is a park and a statue of Aristotle over the road, near Stratoni and the ruins of Aristotle, an ancient city near the village of Olympiada. The ruins of the ancient city should not be confused with Aristotle Park. The park is small, entrance is paid. We did not even go in. And here are the ruins of the ancient city - it is history and landscapes 2 in 1. Admission is free. The views open to the Olympics in one direction and to the shore of "Athos" in the other. There are no especially beautiful views, but there is a place to walk and admire the sea among the old city, which keeps its history.

Вид на древнюю Стагиру с набережной поселка Олимпиада
Стагира на карте - парк и статуя Аристотеля, руины Аристотеля (древняя Стагира)

We drove from Stavros to Ouranopolis. Everything is quite depressing. After Ouranopolis, there is no free passage - there is the territory of the monastery. You can take a boat and look from the water, but we did not.

"Афон" Халкидики в Греции - третий палец

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