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Carpathians is a mountain range and one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine.

Where is the best place to have a rest in the Carpaty?

Choose from the following options:

  • Lodging with private individuals (the room is often in a two-story house with a couple of three rooms).
  • Rooms in separate hotels with a small area.
  • The room in the hotel complex with more equipped area around.

There is not much to say about the first option. It will be clean and warm. But will it be comfortable? Rooms are usually made "with their own hands" - all made of wood, they are not very beautiful. We are not talking about any area around. If you go skiing all day in winter or hiking in the mountains in the warm season, it's fine for the night. The price will be very low from 300 UAH per night.

Карпаты - отдых у частников

Hotel accommodation options - let's take Vezha Medvezha (Slavske) and Eko-resort Izki (Izki) as an example.

Both hotels are of medium level. There are rooms for different price range, from 1000 UAH (with breakfast). There is a small hotel area and equipped places for rest. In this level of hotels you can already go if you want not just a night stay. But the comfort and relaxation in such hotels is 4-4+. Then you need to look at the nuances of hotel location itself:

  • the road and the ability to get to them
  • availability, proximity and number of elevators
  • availability and level of ski slopes
  • natural beauty and proximity to attractions, places for walking.

Vezha Medvezha - hotel stylized castle both outside and inside

Beautiful, but quickly gets boring.  Food of decent quality. The territory of the hotel is very small (in the second photo it almost all fit). Walking trail with no views. Elevator in 15 minutes on foot in another hotel "Zakhar Berkut". Elevator and ski slope gentle, no beautiful views. The road to the hotel is "bearable", you can go even in your car. Rest can be advised at any time of the year, but for once.

Вежа Медвежа - отель-замок (Карпаты, Славское)
Приотельная территория "Вежа Медвежа"
Природа Карпат возле отельного комплекса "Захар Беркут"

The eco-resort Izki - one of the 4-5 hotels standing nearby - "good in the native village".

This lodging is not from private individuals, but the level of the hotel leaves much to be desired. It is necessary to begin with the road to the hotel:

  • We do not advise to go by your car, you can pass there only by a tractor
  • to reach from a railway station by the public transport it is possible only up to a turn on Izki, further on foot 2 km (in the spring it is a solid dirt)
  • The transfer for such a short distance is not cheap - but it is the best option in the end.

Due to the fact that there are several different hotels around, it feels like one big area, which is clearly a plus for the hotel. The rooms are nice enough, but "reek of ancient renovation". There are walking trails with small but still views. The elevator and ski slope are also on the territory in close proximity. The track of average complexity, rather for beginners. Food we were not very happy. Definitely go here only in winter, when all covered with snow, otherwise a dull picture. And also disposable place.

Эко-курорт "Изки"
Вид с горы на эко-курорт "Изки"
Подъемник в Изки

"Bukovel Country" - a perfect combination of the beauty of nature and coziness of the hotel rooms

Rest in the Carpathian Mountains - a place on the map and a place in the room. If you want to rest your body and soul, if you want to get into childhood, into a fairy tale - then go to Bukovel. This is a truly man-made complex on 5 +. In close proximity to about 15 ski elevators and more ski slopes of various complexity. Beautiful views all around. It feels like a fairy tale during the winter, especially on New Year's Eve! Must be visited at any time of year. It is in Bukovel part of the ski elevators continue to work in the warm season. In other places all the elevators are turned off when the snow melts. Rooms price policy from "above average", but even the cheapest room will make you happy! The area walking a large. Entertainments are enough. We spent 4 hours outside in winter in -17 degrees and did not even notice! Remember your childhood - how did the time feel? You go out in the street, and already they call you to eat. So, and here we went for a walk, went skiing, snowmobiling and ... hours flew by without noticing it. Even the frost, snow and wind are not noticeable. Come to the room, and there's warm, cozy and continue to enjoy the view out the window. That's what happiness is all about)

Домики в "Стране Буковель"
Центральный подъемник Буковель
Вид с подъемника на Буковель
Один из подъемников Буковель
Один из десятка подъемников Буковель

Snowmobile riding - you must try it!

An hour of riding a snowmobile with our company will be remembered for a long time. A lot of positive emotions. Magnificent views. Being in Bukovel you should definitely find out where you can ride a snowmobile. Walking lasts about an hour in the woods! You can get there only with the help of two elevators. Better than any sights!!!

Катание на снегоходе в Буковель

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