The Plitvice Lakes in Croatia are worth a visit if you are passing through

There is no need to make special time, especially if you pay. Read here how to visit Plitvice Lakes for free.

What season and time of day to visit the park?

We went in autumn and we were right) There is nothing to do there in summer! There will be even more people, you can't swim, and climbing in the sun is not a good prospect. Start visiting the park as early as possible!!! We started at 9, but we could have started at 8! By 12 it will be like a bazaar)

What route to take?

Marketing is in full swing with these itineraries! We have re-read tons of information on the internet from people who have already visited the park and everyone writes that their route is better or even better to go around the entire park on a long route...What's the bottom line? Most people choose route C and H. We also chose route C. It is perfect for exploring everything in the park) Although it is enough to see a third of the route to understand the entire park.

What Route C consists of:

  •     Entrance 1.
  •     Descend down to the foot of the park's largest waterfall - don't expect a WOW effect
  •     Follow the trail and signs to the boat ferry (it takes you to Entrance 2 region) - this is the most interesting part of the park
  •     The boat ferry is a "roll-off", if you choose the longest route, you'll just go around the entire lake in a circle with monotonous views without waterfalls. And here's a chance to take a boat ride)
  •     From the boat ride along the trails and signs to the sightseeing bus wagon - there are beautiful places, but by this time the crowds of people will start to get annoying and the enjoyment of nature goes to zero!
  •     The sightseeing bus will take you almost all the way to Gate 1 (stopping at Gate 2). You will need to follow the signs to continue to route C. You will get the legendary view of Plitvice Lakes which all the pictures on the internet are full of. You will also see with your own eyes on this section that the free entrance exists.) So you will get to entrance 1, where there will already be clouds, crowds...of people!!! They will be arriving from everywhere, heaps straight out of the buses - students, Chinese families and other, other, other tourists!

Route C is supposedly for 4-6 hours. Don't be frightened, it's the administration that cranked up the numbers because of traffic on the trails! We walked the route from 9 to 12 on 09/19/19 2019 with a leisurely walk taking pictures of everything beautiful - a total of 3 hours! All of the park trails are easy to walk as everything is equipped.

Is it worth choosing the longest route?

Do you like monotonous views? If yes, then choose it and you will walk in glory. The whole walk will be along the water. But if you think that you will see more beautiful places, you are wrong. The beautiful spots are all near entrance 1!

The entrance to Plitvice Lakes costs 40 euros - for what?

Essentially for the boat and sightseeing bus, which is not a sightseeing bus - there will be no views, all views are covered by the tree tops. Therefore, if you choose the longest route, which includes only walking around the park without the boat and bus, you will pay for the ride others)

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia - is it worth the trip? Yes, it's worth it if you're passing through nearby! It's definitely not worth a special trip.

Route C Plitvice Lakes
Маршрут C Плитвицкие озера. Хорватия

Parking is not free. For 3 hours about 7 euros. Drive in through the barrier, exit with a ticket with the time. After the walk, pay at the cashier near the barrier and leave, sticking the same ticket into the machine, which opens the barrier.

From the parking lot across the street to the B1 entrance. Go down, branch off a little to the right - see the big waterfall BW. Back on the route and follow it to the boat crossing L, which takes you to another crossing L. From there, walk along trails and forest, through waterfalls to the panoramic paragon bus, which takes you to the terminus A (almost B1). From A to T, walk. From the T (fork) it's best to walk uphill, otherwise you'll end up on the same road where you've already been. On the section T B1 are the most beautiful views, but there are very few! But there are a lot of free entrances from the road and you will see it for yourself).

The boats and trains run the whole time, so if you don't catch one, don't worry, it will take 10 minutes and the other one will come. But on the boat let only a ticket) For those who pass for free, will have to follow the routes on foot, ride will not work).

All trails of Plitvice Lakes are marked - no map or guide needed
Указатели Плитвицкие озера. Хорватия
Entrance 1 (beginning of route C) - overview view (on the right is the biggest waterfall of the Plitvice Lakes)
Вход 1 Плитвицкие озера. Хорватия
Plitvice Lakes - the best view in the entire park - next to the left of entrance 1 - end of trail C
Хорватия. Плитвицкие озера

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