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Hampi is a village in the state of Karnataka and this is ancient India

This region is one of the best attractions in all of India. If you are vacationing in Goa, be sure to put Hampi in your schedule:

  •     You'll see temples that are comparable in beauty to the pyramids of Egypt.
  •     If you go to Hampi by train, you will see Dudhasagar waterfall in all its beauty.
  •     You will see the main fauna of India - monkeys, which are not present in Goa.

Hampi - how to get there from Goa?

A train ride in India is a kind of attraction that you get to try. You can still get to Hampi by "slipper bass", but the reviews from the internet are not very positive about this attraction. We chose the train and were happy with the ride (by Indian standards). We rode from Margao (Panaji's starting station) to Hospet (it's not the end station, ask locals near you where to get off). Travel time there was 7 hours, back over 9 hours (train was late) - that's India! From Hospet to Hampi you can take a bus to the bus station, and from there take a bus to Hampi (about 20 rupees per person). Or you can take a rickshaw straight to Hampi for 200 rupees (3 people and bags fit easily). The rickshaws run on days of the week. You can check the schedule and buy tickets in any village in Goa. You have to buy the tickets beforehand! We bought them 2 weeks in advance and there were very few seats. You can count 3 nights in Hampi, i.e. 2 full days for walking.

Hampi - where to settle?

There is a lot of information on the internet, that you should settle on the opposite side of the river in relation to the Virupaksha temple. That the accommodation is better. Not at all! All lodging in India is the same level - "below the plinth". Near Virupaksha temple, where the bus comes from Hospet, there are many accommodation options.

Hampi - what to see and how to get around?

You will be advised to take a rickshaw for the day to see the sights. In fact, most of the attractions are located so that it is physically impossible to get to them. In general, in order to get a maximum taste of the local atmosphere, to feel all the ancient sites, it is better to walk through them. It is not difficult. In the following article, here is an overview of the main places that you can visit to fully enjoy Hampi. While hiking, you can see not only the temples, but also explore the area and "ride" on the river crossing.

Hampi - is it worth the trip from Goa?

Holidaying in North or South Goa, you will not fully experience the atmosphere of India. Hampi is a must-see attraction. The railroad is exhausting, hiking in Hampi in the sun is exhausting, but it will all be forgotten in time. And the emotions of Hampi will be with you always! Be sure to go and see

Virupaksha Temple - the center of Hampi

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