Recipe for a Dream Journey: To make your journey a delight to your soul, follow your heart's call! Be open to the world and catch signs from above in the form of messages. Follow simple rules and be guided by logic.

How to choose a place to rest:

  •     Pay attention to signs of destiny.
  •     Use a picture search of the place, but with the stamp "made by a tourist".
  •     Research the need for and the possibility of obtaining a visa.
  •     Pay attention to the weather peculiarities of the desired vacation period.
  •     Estimate your budget.
  •     Fly, drive, sail on a cruise ship - do not limit yourself.
  •     Alternate vacation on the beach and hiking in the mountains, diving in the sea and a safari in the desert.

Love yourself and life! The whole world at your feet!

The most popular spice plantation in Goa is Sahakari. Do I visit the spice plantation at all? If you are close by, yes, such as Colva Beach. Going from Arambol, Palolem is not worth it. We didn't learn much, but there are interesting things to see.

Sunsets in Goa - the sun changes colors so that the disk is gradiently colored: yellow, orange, red. Then the sun sort of dissolves into the water and a blue color appears. When the sun goes down, the same gradient of colors spreads across the sky: yellow, orange, red!

Palolem Beach (South Goa) is the jewel of Goa. There is no predominance of locals or any others. There are representatives of many nationalities. There is a quiet peaceful atmosphere. In the evening the music plays softly in the shakes, people sit at the tables and enjoy themselves.

Colva beach is the central beach for locals. They mostly stand or jump in the water, fully clothed. And of course, they are incessantly photographed and try to take pictures with the rare guests of this beach - whites.

The sights of Arambol are nothing but marketing. All over Goa, by and large, there is nothing to see. And when people come to a new place, the question becomes, "What to see? What to do?" That's where all the fiction about the sights comes from.

Vagator beach is a beach of cows and locals. There are no visitors. The locals "hang out" here. Suitable only for a walk and as an addition to the local attraction - Chapora Fort.