Travel where to start?

Travel - where to start? - We start with the DREAM!

Next, the patterns:

  •     How to save money on a flight?
  •     Amount of baggage and carry-on luggage
  •     Local currency - do I need cash, do I convert all my money to local?
  •     What's the first thing to do in a new country?
  •     Hotel reservation
  •     What to see in the new country / city?
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How to choose a place to travel?

Recipe for a Dream Journey: To make your journey a delight to your soul, follow your heart's call! Be open to the world and catch signs from above in the form of messages. Follow simple rules and be guided by logic.

How to choose a place to rest:

  •     Pay attention to signs of destiny.
  •     Use a picture search of the place, but with the stamp "made by a tourist".
  •     Research the need for and the possibility of obtaining a visa.
  •     Pay attention to the weather peculiarities of the desired vacation period.
  •     Estimate your budget.
  •     Fly, drive, sail on a cruise ship - do not limit yourself.
  •     Alternate vacation on the beach and hiking in the mountains, diving in the sea and a safari in the desert.

Love yourself and life! The whole world at your feet!

Homeopathic Travel Kit

What is a homeopathic medicine cabinet? Can a traveler's medicine cabinet be from homeopathy?

A traveler's medicine cabinet is just the essentials, so there are no upsetting moments! Homeopathic pharmacy - how to find one in a new city and country! Advantages of homeopathic medicine cabinet: small weight and not large volume. It is IMPORTANT that the homeopathic first aid kit be in a luggage bag, wrapped beforehand in food-grade aluminum foil, in order to protect from radiation during airport scans. This article contains preparations intended in one way or another for emergency measures, so the dilution (potency) of homeopathic preparations is recommended as low as possible - 3, 6, 12, or at least 30.

Thailand through the eyes of a tourist

Thailand is a warm ocean, exotic fruits, spicy food, and transportation without windows and doors! The country is not rich and not exactly spiritual, in terms of Thais. But if India and Sri Lanka can be advised with reservations, then Thailand is safe to go for a month or more.

Shopping in Thailand

Shopping in Thailand is a pleasure. At the clothing markets, you have to haggle and knock down the price by a factor of two or three. Tip: Don't take summer clothes from home to Asian countries. Buy everything locally. Fruit is cheaper everywhere at approximately the same price. The Big C is an ideal supermarket for buying food 1-2 weeks in advance.

Thailand - the land of smiles or greedy people?

Thailand - the land of smiles!? But is it? At the turn out it turned out not quite) Local people there are used to the white tourist and treat it as a tightly packed purse. Unlike Goa and Sri Lanka, there you look at you as a gimmick and everyone wants to please. Everything would be fine if it were not for their greed and deceit!

In the end, I liked the climate, nature and the whole area of Thailand, much more than Goa in India. But the people...leave a lot to be desired. They have smiles, alas, not the soulfulness as in India!

Phuket attractions

Phuket is a great island for a long vacation in Thailand. The best place of dislocation can be considered the beach of Karon. The Big Buddha Temple and the Karon Lookout are a must-see. Get on the tuk tuk, as there is no public transport. Phi Phi Island is a must-see with an overnight stay, you can visit for a couple of days. Departure ships from the pier Rassada. Flights are regular.

Thailand's fruit

Thailand's fruit is the bottom of Asia's most meaningful and memorable experiences. The fruit in Thailand is 95% fresh and ripe. They are very cheap. You have to taste every fruit yourself, tasting it at the market or buying everything by the piece. There are fruits, which want to eat every day, and such that do not even want to finish eating) Price, such as mango and pineapples, 10 times lower in Thailand than in the native supermarkets. Everything described here has been explored in the context of the island of Phuket in Thailand.

Phuket which beach is better?

  1. Patong - the most popular beach with developed infrastructure. A lot of nightclubs and entertainment. Not protected from the wind, a paradise for surfing and paragliding. No Asian coziness.
  2. Karon is a relaxing beach with singing sand! There is good infrastructure, no excessive traffic and entertainment. Promenade evening - 8 km of cafes and stores along the road, just behind the beach. There is practically no wind and waves.
  3. Kata - "nice village". Very poorly developed infrastructure, the first line of housing is remote. Located in a bay completely sheltered from the wind and waves.