Czech Republic

Work as a courier Wolt and Bolt Prague

Every Ukrainian can get a job as a delivery boy in Prague in 2023. You only need to choose where you want to work: at Wolt or Bolt! It is possible to make deliveries by car, moped, bicycle or even on foot. Courier work in Prague is a clean quite well-paid job with a free schedule!

Czech Republic tourist information 2022

You are a tourist or moved to the Czech Republic for permanent residence, you will definitely need information on the rules of the country: transportation (types, prices), bank account, parking, stores, rent, etc.

Parking in Prague

  •     The blue parking zone is for locals.
  •     The purple parking zone is a paid parking zone in Prague. Suitable for sightseeing visits.
  •     Overnight parking is a closed type of parking lots for overnight parking.

Tips: Payment can be made online or through parking machines (there is a Russian language). We do not recommend leaving the car without paying for parking.


What to see in Prague in 2-3 days?

Prague sights:

  •     Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral are a must-see. Combined with a visit to Letenské Gardens.
  •     Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and Prague Chimes can be visited simultaneously with Petrin Hill.
  •     Prague Zoo.

Observation decks:

  •     Letenské Gardens Park - the best view of Prague with all its bridges!
  •     Petřín Hill - also allows for a great panorama of Prague with its red roofs.