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Courier work is still a good opportunity for employment with a free work schedule, either on a permanent basis or as a supplementary income. Zagreb has some peculiarities of employment, income payment and optimal working hours compared to other European capitals!

Wolt Courier in Zagreb - how to register and what documents will I need?

Food delivery jobs in Croatia

Wolt delivery job in Croatia, in Zagreb

Sequence of applying for a job as a courier in Croatia

Before filling out a job application, you need to get a Croatian phone number and create an e-mail account. Then the procedure is as follows:

  •     Go to the company's official website and click on the "apply now" button.
  •     In a logical sequence (it is prescribed on the site, so that nowhere "will not turn") fill out all the data about yourself in a few steps.
  •     You will receive a confirmation e-mail to your mailbox. In it you will find an introductory presentation that you need to watch and answer simple questions related to making deliveries. IMPORTANT: the video must be watched within the first 7 days of receiving the email or you will need to re-register.
  •     Download the Wolt Partner app using Google Play or the App Store.
  •     Choose a partner company to sign a cooperation agreement with (more on this below).
  •     Take the entire package of documents to the Wolt office in Zagreb, where we sign the final documents and start working. On the same day, you will be given all the equipment you need for your work.

Selecting a Wolt partner company to sign the contract

The partner company in this case acts as an intermediary between the courier and Wolt. The signing of such an agreement is only relevant for couriers who do not have their own business license in Croatia. You can obtain one at any time and conclude a contract with Wolt directly.

A list of these companies will be sent to your mailbox as soon as you have watched the video presentation and passed the simple test (point 4). If you still do not have this information, here is a list of some of them:

To sign the documents it is enough to contact a representative of the company by mail. As a rule, the answer comes within 1 working day.

On what conditions is the contract with a partner company signed?

It all depends on which agent you sign an agreement with. Therefore, in order to choose the most loyal partner in terms of commissions, it is better to contact all of them and discuss this point.

How much does Wolt pay per delivery in Croatia

Using Pro Express as an example, the terms of cooperation are as follows:

  •     Pension fund fees and health insurance:
  •         Full-time (8 hours+): 268 euros per month (total).
  •         Part-time: 134 euros per month (total).
  •     Company commission on earnings:
  •         Earnings above 800 euros/15 days = 8% commission on earnings.
  •         Salary below 800 euros/15 days = 10% commission on the amount of income.

The contract with "Pro Express" is signed electronically (sent to the mail). Communication with the manager is possible in Croatian/English. You can contact a representative of the company by mail, mentioned above, or by phone: +385996873521.

What documents will be required from you at the stage of registration by courier?

  •     Croatian work permit and personal OIB number, which is assigned to everyone who has this permit.
  •     Identity document (Passport, for example).
  •     Driving license.
  •     A document from a bank with a Croatian account in Euros (you will need your details for subsequent payments).

All documents are sent to the partner manager upon special request (after a phone call or communication by mail).

Wolt office in Zagreb - how to find it, opening hours, functions

A visit to the company office is the final stage of employment. Its visit is necessary to receive equipment and finally join the Wolt courier team!

How to find the Wolt office in Zagreb?

  •     Address: Radnicka cesta,27.
  •     Explanation of the address: You need to enter the premises (metal blue gate - it is always open). The entrance is directly from the ring road between Radnicka cesta and Zaharova. Behind the gate you will see the corresponding sign.
  •     Office opening hours: open daily from Mon to Fri from 10:00 to 17:00.
  •     You can contact the office by mail: [email protected].

Receiving equipment for work by Volt courier

Documents that you must bring with you to pick up the equipment at the Wolt office

  •     The contract with the partner company that you signed earlier. You do not need to print it out, but simply show it to the Wolt representative electronically.
  •     A driver's license if you plan to make the delivery by car or scooter.
  •     A work permit to work in Croatia, as well as an "OIB" number (identification number)
  •     Certificate of no criminal record. If you are not a resident of Croatia, the certificate can be obtained online in your country and presented at the office.

One of the advantages of having a Wolt office in Zagreb is the possibility to communicate with "live" managers and if you do not have any of the documents listed above or, for example, you have not translated the criminal record certificate, these points can be discussed and a solution can be found in your favor.

Tools for work - what will you be given at the Wolt office?

Along with access to work here you will receive:

  •     A thermal bag;
  •     2 branded t-shirts;
  •     2 Wolt jackets, one of which is fully suitable for working in rainy weather;
  •     waterproof pants;
  •     a phone stand (for bike and/or scooter);
  •     branded baseball cap;
  •     bike helmet.

You can take everything or choose what you need. You will also be offered the opportunity to try on the equipment and decide on the best size.

How much do Wolt couriers in Zagreb earn?

The average hourly pay for a car or scooter courier in Zagreb is 8-9 euros, depending on knowledge of the city and activity. Earnings features:

  •     Minimum: 1.6 euros for orders "across the street" (up to 1 km from the place of delivery).
  •     From the institution to the client 2-3 km: the standard payment for such orders is 2.5 - 3 euros.
  •     To the client 4-7 km: your earnings in this kilometer will be from 3.5 to 5 euros.

Important features of income at Bolt couriers in Zagreb

  •     Serving in a restaurant is not paid! Therefore, it is more profitable to be constantly in places where restaurants are crowded.
  •     Zagreb rush hour is only one: from 11 to 14 on weekdays. On Sat and Sun the number of orders increases significantly.
  •     Average number of orders per hour for a 12 hour working day (weekdays): 3 pcs/hour. On weekends, this figure increases to 4x per hour.

This statistic is relevant for scooters and cars. Cyclists make more orders only due to the fact that they don't ride long distances, but they pay less per order.

The Wolt bonus system in Zagreb - it's there!

Информации об этом Вы точно не найдете на официальном сайте для курьеров, но большинство бонусов являются автоматическими и точно зачисляться Вам в программе по результатам работы. НО!!! Есть и такие, которые зачисляются ТОЛЬКО в ручную представителем компании. И если Вы о них не знаете, можно остаться без «сладкого».

There are 5 types of bonuses in Zagreb for Wolt couriers:

  1.     Based on your weekly activity:
  •         125 orders/week: +50 euros to your earnings.
  •         175 orders/week: +30 euros to the previous bonus.
  •         225 orders/week: +30 euros. This is the maximum step.
  1.     Monthly bonuses for active couriers. In addition to weekly programs, the company pays 200 euros extra for reaching the milestone of 575 orders/per month.
  2.     For newbie couriers who have just joined the team. This is a top bonus that few people know about and it is unlikely that you will be told about it by managers at the office! Your first milestone of 1000 orders is accompanied by an additional bonus of 1000 euros. It must be requested from Bolt yourself, as there is no automatic crediting in this exceptional case. It is important to address on this issue not to the chatbot via the application, but by mail [email protected].
  3.     "Weather" perks. During periods of major precipitation, Bolt entices its couriers with surcharges of 25 to 30% in addition to the standard rates. You will be notified about this in advance in the app (usually the day before the bad weather).
  4.     Weekend Challenges. Every Wed in Zagreb from 17:00 until the end of the working hours of the day, there is a challenge:
  5.         "Execute 20 orders and get an additional 6.5 euros extra to your income".
  6.         "Execute 25 orders and get 11 euros (6.5 + 4.5).

Notes and recommendations for working as a courier specifically around Zagreb in Croatia

  •     The car competes strongly with the scooter as a tool for deliveries. The reasons for this are several:
  •         The city has little traffic (only some of the streets). On the roads do not adhere to a speed of 50 km per hour even on the main streets. Therefore, in the speed of the car here is not inferior, and somewhere and surpasses the scooter.
  •         Loyalty of the police. Parking "for a minute" for loading and unloading is convenient even in the very center of Zagreb. There are plenty of parking spaces, but if you can't find one in a friend, couriers of various services occupy one of the middle rows of the road - this is a normal practice here!
  •         More orders at a time. "Wolt Market" - a store in Zagreb, with a very high popularity with customers! Orders from here are rarely for scooters and certainly not for bicycles. But motorists can leave here with 2-3 orders at a time, or even more!
  •         Extra Orders. Orders with a price tag of 60 euros+ are delivered exclusively by cars and have unique charging (with increased fees).
  •     A raincoat is your must-have. Zagreb may not be the rainiest European city compared to Prague, but it does have rainfall and it is regular. In Prague you can also work as a Wolt food courier.
  •     Don't want to walk up and down the floors? - Your neighborhood is Novi Zagreb. In the city center and old districts most of the buildings are without elevators and this can be a serious tiring factor if you plan to make this employment your permanent job.
    Deliveries to the highland areas of the city have no extra pay + there are practically no other establishments there, so you can safely refuse them (you will definitely come down "empty" from there). High-altitude neighborhoods are the whole of northern Zagreb. The further North you go from the center, the steeper the slope!
wolt delivery job Zagreb (Croatia)

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