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Courier jobs in Prague - the best solution for Ukrainian immigrants in 2023

Don't know English? Don't speak any language other than your native tongue? A job as a courier for you! + This is a great alternative to work in factories in the Czech Republic! Finding a job - one of the most pressing issues upon arrival in any country, unless, of course, you identify yourself as a tourist-travelers. Considering the Czech Republic in this way, you should not have any difficulties - there are enough places for employment, even if the language barrier is a real problem for you!

Courier jobs in Prague and other Czech cities - the main advantages:

  •         Doesn't require knowledge of the language and special skills!
  •         No work schedule as such - receiving orders starts from 8:00 to 23:00 in Prague!
  •         You can work by bicycle, scooter or car. No transport - not a problem either!
  •         The level of income is several times higher than in the factories in the Czech Republic (figures from personal experience are given below)!

In this article we will give some useful tips on how to increase your earnings, reduce the cost of work resources and optimize your time! But first, about how to start earning in shipping.

How to get a job as a delivery boy

Get a job as a courier in the Czech Republic in 3 steps!

Step 1: Apply to one of the Ukrainian assistance centers. Here you need to obtain the status of temporary protection for the possibility of future employment.

  •     Where may I do it? Such centers are located in all major cities of the Czech Republic and you do not need to make an appointment to visit them. "KACPU" is the same company that will not only register you in the temporary protection status, but will also help you find a place to live for the first time! There are interpreters here to handle all of your first questions!
  •     What are the basic requirements? Contact the center no later than 3 days after your arrival in the country + have your passport with you.

By the way, here you can get a free SIM-card of the local operator and get help in arranging medical insurance, which in the Czech Republic is mandatory.

We obtained a new status, put the visa into the passport, got a mobile operator - all this we would need for future employment! What next?

Step 2. Let's go to the bank!

Having a bank account is a prerequisite for working as a courier in the Czech Republic! Here you are free to choose, but one of the most developed in the country is the bank "Česká" - has the most extensive network of branches and ATMs throughout the country. To make an account you will need:

  •     A passport with a visa (we got it in the previous step).
  •     Residence registration - housing, which we were provided with in the help center "KACPU" or we chose ourselves. It is not necessary to provide a documentary proof of residence registration - you only need to provide the address of your place of residence for the near future (you will receive a letter with your plastic card to this address).
  •     Phone number, which we also already have

Is there an alternative to Česká Bank in the Czech Republic? How to choose the most convenient provider of financial services?

There are several key criteria in this question:

  1.     Convenience of opening an account. Most banks in Czech Republic require a large package of documents to register a new client, which a non-resident may simply not have! The easiest registration procedure is offered by such banks as Česká, Fio banka, Raiffeisenbank and UniCredit Bank. For example, at the first three financial institutions your foreign passport will be enough. UniCredit Bank will open an account for you even with Ukrainian passport!
  2.     Withdrawal fees and account fees. All of the above-mentioned banks have no such fees! Raiffeisenbank, for example, offers the Ukrainian withdrawal at all ATMs commission-free not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad!
  3.     Availability of mobile banking and ease of use. Česká and Raiffeisenbank offer their users a completely Ukrainian language version of online banking! In addition both financial institutions have technical support with Ukrainian speaking operators.
  4.     Prevalence. If we are talking about Prague, then the choice among these four is possible regardless of this criterion! In the whole country, Česká has the largest network of branches and ATMs, followed by Raiffeisenbank.

It should also be noted that minimum knowledge of English is enough! If you don't - google-translator is a help! You do not need to fill in any specific documents! You can receive the card at the specified address within 5-7 working days.м

Step 3: Submitting documents to the courier service

We already have everything you need for registration! Now you need to choose a company in partnership with which you would like to deliver. We will help you to decide this question further on the basis of practice and some tips!

  •     Applying for a partnership. Do it with several services at once to save time. We recommend Bolt and Wolt. You need to enter your initials, phone number and mailbox. After the request is processed you will get a confirmation message to your mailbox. In my case, Bolt responded within a few days, and Wolt took up to 10 days.
  •     Choose a form of cooperation. In the invitation letter the service operator will ask you for a list of documents, which you will already have at the time of the application (passport information, visa, phone number, photo) - you can send them to the post office of the company. However, in addition to this you need to decide how you will cooperate:
  •         Variant 1: Directly - for those who have a special license to do business in the Czech Republic.
  •         Option 2: Through an intermediary - you can find one on your own or ask a representative of the courier service.

When submitting documents to Wolt, one of the requirements was to get a certificate from a therapist stating that you are allowed to work in the gastronomy industry. In the Czech Republic it is called "potravinářský průkaz". It was said that the courier can not deliver orders from some restaurants without this document. But in practice it turned out that it is not necessary (you can safely ignore this requirement).

To be employed as a courier at Wolt you must:

  1. - on this site, select "Join the Team" and sign up by email.
  2.     Verify your email by clicking on the invitation link that came to your email.
  3.     Waiting. Waiting time can be up to 7 days.
  4.     Take a training course. Receiving an email with a link to this program is already 50% of your success in joining the team! The course consists of 5 videos totaling 30 minutes. Watch them and answer the final quiz questions.
  5.     Download the Courier app. You will receive a link to it along with the training video in your email.
  6.     Download the documents. This is done through the application (access to download the documents will be opened after the successful completion of the training lesson).
  7.     The contract on performance of works. You will need to sign it separately from the application with the selected company (acts as an intermediary between you and Bolt). At the stage of downloading documents you will be offered several companies to choose from - contact each of them and specify the terms of cooperation. The list of these companies is individual and will be up to date only at the moment of registration. Next, ask the manager for a document to sign (this is done directly online at, and use your mouse instead of a pen).  
  8.     Complete the registration in the Volt app. Upload the signed document with your chosen flotilla company and await final confirmation of your status (1-2 days).
Courier job in Prague

The last step is just to choose the equipment for the job:

  •     How to do it: Order directly online at the Volt store. A link to the store will come to you by mail after all documents have been approved.
  •     What you can choose: A bag, several T-shirts, a jacket, a jacket, a cap, a hat, a bicycle helmet (the size of things can be chosen online).
  •     How to get: You can drive right up to the store (address and hours in your city will be available on the website) or order by mail to any city.

As soon as you have the equipment in your hands - your Volt account will be activated (you need to send a corresponding request to the company by mail) and you can get to work.

Courier jobs at Bolt Food in the Czech Republic

  1. is a site for applying for cooperation. We do it through the proposed link. But it may not work. Many applications are ignored and remain unanswered. Exit - registration through an intermediary.
  2.     Registration through an intermediary - as an alternative option, if you filed an application remains unanswered. You can find one on the website for employment in the Czech Republic or in social networks, for example. Guys who will definitely help you in the matter of employment in Bolt Food: (FB account).
  3.     Take the test! You will receive training materials in your mailbox - read them and answer the test questions.
  4.     Download the documents. After successfully completing the test, a courier service representative will ask you for a list of documents (identical to the set provided by Volt). If you still haven't found a partner company, you can write to the manager in a reply letter - you will be given several to choose from.
  5.     Sign a contract with an affiliate company. To do this, you need to separately contact their representative by mail and make an appointment for a specific day to visit the office and fill out paperwork.
  6.     Download the courier application and sign up by email.

After visiting the office, receiving the equipment (bag) and signing the contract with the partner company your account will be activated within 24 hours.

How do I choose an intermediary for courier employment?

  •     The easiest way is to choose from the list of companies provided to you by Bolt and Wolt. It is important not to conclude a contract with the first agent you see, but to write to all the available ones, because the terms of cooperation may differ significantly.
  •     Choose independently from the proposals available on the thematic resources. One of them is
  •     Use the search of management companies in social networks (registration in this way does not require waiting for an answer-approval of your application from the representatives of the courier service).

To roughly understand the percentage that you will have to pay to the intermediary for services, here are some real examples:

  •     One of Bolt Food's intermediaries: the company "ProKuryryry" - it officially handles courier appointments and you can sign up with their representative even without direct contact with Bolt Food managers. You'll be signed up for a group appointment with other couriers (you can choose the date), signed an agreement, and given a backpack to work with.
  •     One of the intermediaries Wolt Partner: "PCS" or "Prague Car Sharing". The situation with registration is the same as in the first case, only much more convenient: after contacting a representative of the company you will be given the necessary documents to sign online! And you can order all the necessary equipment by mail. That is, personal presence is not required.

As for the terms of cooperation:

  •     Both companies take 15% of your earnings (tax) if your monthly income is less than 10,000 kronor. If it is higher, an additional tax of +12% is charged. So if the monthly income is over 10,000 kronor, a tax rate of 27% applies.
  •     You sign an agreement with ProKuryry (the initial one) on the basis of your earnings up to 10,000 kronor/month. You should be prepared that you will have to sign another contract after the first month if you do not earn more than that. You will get an e-mail about it. So there will be no difficulties.
  •     The equipment deposit is obligatory for both companies and amounts to 1,000 kronor. The difference is that ProKuryry will require you to pay it when you visit the office (cash only), while Prague Car Sharing will charge you with your first earnings on the Wolt platform.

It should also be noted that working through an intermediary should only be considered a temporary collaboration! It is much more profitable to register as a sole trader in the Czech Republic if you consider courier work as your main job. In this case, the monthly payment to the state will be a little over 5000 CZK, including health insurance, which is not covered by the mediator!

Income from working as a courier in Prague

There are several determining factors in this question:

  •     The total time per day that you plan to devote to the job.
  •     When you prefer to make deliveries (there is a concept of peak hours).
  •     What type of transport you use.
  •     Which courier service you decide to fixate on.

Financial terms from Bolt Food

Factor 1: Payment per order

  •     Minimum rate: 60 CZK. This is the amount you get for delivering any order within a 3 km radius.
  •     Overheads: At Bolt Food they are charged only for kilometers travelled in excess of 3 kilometres. The mileage to the restaurant + the distance from the restaurant to the customer is taken into account.
  •     Average cost of 1 order: 75 CZK (for motorized vehicles).

Factor 2: Number of orders

Statistics for moto-auto:

  •     From 9:00 to 11:00 - 2-3 orders per hour.
  •     From 11 to 14 - 3 orders per hour - the most
  •     From 14 to 17 - the least busy hours (no more than 2 deliveries per hour).
  •     From 18 to 21 - evening peak (3 deliveries / hour).

The average wage for a Bolt Food courier at the end of 10 working hours per day is 200-220 kronor per hour before taxes and other charges. We are talking specifically about car and motorcycle couriers. If you have only bicycle transport at your disposal, the number of orders will be much lower, and accordingly, so will your wages.

Financial conditions from Wolt Partner

From 25.01.2023, the conditions of remuneration for couriers on this courier platform have changed. It is currently as follows:

 Factor 1: Payment per order

  •     The minimum charge after 25.01.2023 was reduced from CZK 70 to CZK 45. However, the system now takes into account the mileage from you to the restaurant and then to the customer,
  •     Overheads: in Wolt, the system charges 7 CZK for every 250 meters over a kilometer (inclusive of the total mileage to the restaurant and the client).
  •     The average cost of 1 order is 85 CZK for motor-auto courier (at the end of the day).

Factor 2: Number of orders.

  • At Bolt, peak hours and downtime are as comparable as possible to Bolt Food, because the customer audience is the same! However, the number of orders is much higher (a difference of several times). Due to this point, it is possible to choose the most convenient orders for delivery without losing time. At peak hours, the number of completed orders can be up to 5-6 orders per hour.
  • On the final earnings: From 11 to 14 cost per hour motocourier can be from 300 to 350 crowns (earnings motocourier as much as possible comparable to these figures). At the same time, from 14 to 17 hours the normal rate is 200-230 crowns per hour. (about 3 orders every 60 minutes). The average earnings per 10 hours: 250-270 kronor/hour.
  • It should also be noted that both companies have different benefits for couriers: For example
  • Bolt Food regularly conducts all sorts of challanges for a certain number of orders + a weekly bonus program. At Wolt, however, the bonus system is based on a system of ratios that change over the course of the day (depending on the weather and peak hours).

Advantages of Wolt courier service

In practice, this service differs significantly from its competitor in a number of parameters:

  •     The average cost of 1 order is higher (due to the minimum delivery radius).
  •     Very tangible difference in the number of orders - there is an opportunity to choose the most convenient and profitable.
  •     More convenient application for the client, which provides more tips for couriers (clearly tracked daily trend).
  •     No waiting in restaurants - orders come into the app already ready or a few minutes before cooking, which cannot be said about Bolt Food.
  •     The company provides not only a bag, but also additional ammunition for free (a branded waterproof jacket of decent quality, an insulated jacket, several T-shirts, a hat, a cap, a bicycle helmet, several kinds of bags and other items of equipment).
  •     Bolt insures its couriers against accidents and traffic accidents, and provides special discounts at restaurants, stores, and gas stations.

The only advantage of Bolt Food is seen only as a higher rate for short orders. It is this advantage that is offered below (see valuable tips from an active courier in Prague).

What are couriers offered to work on?

Bicycle, car or scooter/motorcycle - the choice is yours!

  1.     Bicycle - eco-friendliness + minimum operating costs, but low travel speed and a limited number of orders due to the small delivery radius.
  2.     Motorcycle/scooter - high speed in traffic + economy, but minimum comfort.
  3.     Car - convenience and comfort (especially in bad weather), but exorbitant fuel and maintenance costs and waiting in traffic jams.

Working as a courier would be profitable on any vehicle! The only question is, "For how much?"

Starting from scratch? - Not a problem either! In Prague, as well as in any other major city of the Czech Republic, it is possible to rent a vehicle of your choice:


  1. Scooters: The most common in Prague and the Czech Republic are 2 scooter carshare companies: Blinkee and BeRider. The difference between them is that the target audience of one is tourists and short trips around the city, while the other can safely be used for courier work! BeRider charges a higher per-minute rate, but their mopeds are also much cleaner and more intact than the competitor's - perfect for the tourist!  The main difference with Blinkee, on the other hand, is the best possible fare. Their scooters are dotted all over the city in certain areas (all-electric vehicles). The best package deals are:
  •         5 days rentals with no mileage limit: 1,800 kroner.
  •         10 days rental without mileage limit: 3000 CZK.
  1.     Bicycles/scooters: several carshare companies in Prague also offer them for rent. They offer favorable conditions just for couriers due to their "package" offers. The most common are:
  •     Bolt. Daily rent of such an electric bike will cost 625 CZK without any restrictions. If by the minute, however, it's 4 Ks/min.
  •     NextBike. Offers 3 rates: "a month for 149 kronor", "a year for 900 kronor", "a month for 99 kronor (student)". The fare is paid immediately after registration, followed by a per-minute rental (the first 15 minutes are free).
  1.     Cars: On local bulletin boards you can find the option of renting a car like Skoda Fabia from 2300-2500 CZK per week. Look for such offers are better not through official agencies, namely on the local boards, such as: or By the way, you can also get a good deal on Sbazar for work!

Helpful tips on how to optimize your workflow and increase your income

  1.     What courier service to choose? - Don't choose! Work for both of them at the same time. The scheme is simple: because of the higher earnings, the choice of priority service is better to choose Wolt, and Bolt Food can be left constantly active in the "bike" - then you can weed out the long unprofitable orders and choose only the short (they can be done quickly and start delivering Wolt). Yes, such a scheme is as energy-consuming as possible, but this way you can significantly increase your earnings.
  2.     Work only during peak hours! The rest of the time, devote to other things or to relaxation. The most productive hours are from 11:00 to 14:00 and then from 18:00 to 21:00.
  3.     Weekends are the best time to make money! Volt offers the highest odds precisely on Sat and Sat. Plus, Fridays, Sat and Sat are the days when the maximum number of orders. However, until 11:00 am in the city can not even leave (the activity is minimal on both services).
  4.     Do you only have your bike at your disposal? Peak hours are ideal for you - then you won't miss out on bookings. During off-peak hours, from 14 to 17, it's best to take a siesta.
  5.     Study one area and try to work only within its boundaries. Thorough knowledge of the streets and alleys, traffic lights, traffic congestion, addresses of regular customers will save a lot of time for delivery and will move faster, which is especially valuable at rush hour.
  6.     Mopeds are an ideal means of transportation for couriers, even if you have a car! A scooter will go around traffic jams, take a turn in any alley and park on the sidewalk right in front of the customer's door even if the parking lot is jammed! In addition, it is a huge savings on costs (fuel). At the end of the day the fuel costs can be completely recouped by tips alone.
  7.     Do not pay extra percent of income to the intermediary - make out the status of an entrepreneur! You have to pay 16,000 EEK per month for a daily salary of 2,000 EEK + you have to pay a monthly health insurance premium of 2,500 EEK. If you have a business license, you pay 5,500 per month with the insurance.

What are the districts of Prague and how do I choose the best one to work in?

Prague is divided into sectors (cartographically): "Prague 1", "Prague 2", "Prague 3" etc., but this question is not about cartography! Under the choice of area to work means to choose a section of the city where it will be most convenient for you to work!

Considering the choice of area in terms of economic feasibility, there are several points to be made:

  1.     The number of restaurants and cafes + the distance between them. Your choice should fall on an area with a maximum concentration of establishments that cooperate with Bolt-Volt! Plus their location should be such that the way to each other can be bypassed complex junctions and tunnels, of which there are a lot in Prague!
  2.     Availability of ascents and descents. Any rise in terms of economy is an excess of fuel + increase in delivery time. Especially this theme will be relevant for those who are planning to work on the electric transport.
  3.     Traffic congestion. Yes, undoubtedly, Prague 1 and Prague 2 are the areas with the maximum number of restaurants, customers and orders respectively! It's a bicycle paradise. Crazy traffic, lots of blocked streets, pedestrian alleys - all this will bring these advantages to "NO" for motorcycle and car couriers all the more.

Of course, your "area" can be the whole of Prague, as well as a separate part of it at your discretion. But in practice, this choice has a significant impact on the final earnings of the courier.

The advantages of working within the 1st district:

  •     Your mileage at the end of the day can be reduced by 1.5 times, unlike couriers working throughout the city!
  •     Knowing all the streets, alleys and houses with regular customers by heart significantly reduces the time for delivery of orders! It is easier to learn 1 district than the entire city.
  •     You will be able to take into account the behavioral factor of restaurants! You will know exactly which places are preparing food faster and which are always with delays, and in this time you will be able to fulfill the order taken on another platform.
How to get a job as a delivery man in Prague

Компания Волт работает также в Хорватии и Вы легко можете устроиться работать курьером Wolt в Загребе!


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