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Mezhyhirya National Park received its status in 2020, previously it was the former residence of the former president of Ukraine. Now it is one of the best parks in Ukraine! There is a large area for strolling through green alleys with beautiful landscaping.

When should you visit Mezhyhirya and what should you do there?

  • Mezhyhirya Park is located in the village of Novye Petrovtsy in the Kiev region. It's worth going here on any sunny day, especially in spring and fall.
  • Be sure to get there in the morning, better from 8-9 am! It is connected with the peculiarities of access to the park and the availability of parking lots. Arriving early in the morning you can park for free at the entrance. You get to the main gate (one road), then the road goes to the right and ends in a parking lot (free, although there are valets - all included in the admission ticket). But after 9 am do not be seduced into this parking and there will be allowed only when someone is out. As a result, all stand over the road for several kilometers with signs forbidding parking. Around lunchtime personally saw the cops write fines - for parking, or not, do not know) Yes, and how to get a couple of miles, even to the park, where the walk and walk, not less than 3 hours ... Legs are not "Treasury")
  • Entrance fee to the park is 150 UAH per person. The participants of hostilities and their wives with small children admission is free. But if you come in at 8 am and / or on Tuesdays the prices are lower by 50%. Pensioners discount. The schedule of work from 8 to 17 exactly, the border numbers vary depending on the time of year More information about prices and opening hours on the official site Mezhigorie.
  • Just behind the entrance there is a close-up map of the park. There you can also find the rent of electric vehicles. You will be offered everything from an electric scooter and electric bike to an electric car with a capacity of 6 people. The price for a ride on an electric car is 150 UAH per person. But bonus is that you get a driver who is also your guide. Within 20-30 minutes he will take you through the main path of the park, telling about all the places, including the history of the park. Then you choose how to walk on your own - you can take electric scooters or a bike, or you can walk. We chose to walk. The whole park, without taking into account some corners and remote places, we visited in 3 hours at a leisurely pace. By the way, there is a popular excursion - a helicopter flight over the park, which costs more than 10000 thousand UAH for 2-4 people. The flights take place every half hour and can be ordered in advance online.
  • There are a lot of benches and places to relax in the park. You can take food and have a mini picnic outdoors. In the park itself there is almost no food. In one place there are trays with coffee and donuts. The main cafes and snack places are right outside the fence of the park, or rather at the entrance to the park.
  • It is convenient to move around the park in a clockwise direction. From the entrance, we move to the left, through the house of Yanukovych - the residence, then through the golf course on the trajectory of the arrow move down the mountain to the embankment - the Galleon (not the floating ship). Along the waterfront we move to the right until the beginning of the zoo. First it will be the free-range paddocks, which at the top of the mountain turn into a zoo with classic animal cages.
  • To get to the park early in the morning, you need to settle closer. If you rent a house in Kiev, the morning traffic jams are unlikely to get you there in time.
Национальный парк Межигорье на карте в пос.Новые Петровцы
карта Межигорье - маршрут пешей прогулки (красный заезд, розовый - пешком, синий - возврат на парковку)
на входе аренда электрокара (в том числе с экскурсией)
ландшафтный дизайн парка Межигорье - все учтено до мелочей
бывший дом бывшего президента Украины
поля для гольфа
обзорные площадки - возле дома Януковича есть 2 шт
набережная в Межигорье

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