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In Phuket it is necessary to visit the main beaches: Patong, Karon and Kata, to form an opinion, and in the process, to get a closer look at the tropical terrain).

Our choice fell on Karon beach. There we spent a fabulous month, periodically visiting the local attractions. We chose the beach on the Internet reviews and were satisfied! This was our first trip abroad and to Asian countries (2014). Everything was so outlandish that transportation was used purely out of necessity, for long distances or to get back to the hotel after a day out for 6-8 hours... While hiking, you notice a lot of subtleties different from the European world.

Достопримечательности Пхукета на карте

The Big Buddha in Phuket is a landmark and the best viewpoint, a must-see!

And if you turn the visit into a kind of pilgrimage, it will be remembered for years) The walk took us about 6 hours one way, a distance of about 10 km. We were coming back around 8 pm. Going away of course problematic, but he who seeks, he will find) The fact that there are mostly all the vehicles that are waiting for you while you visit the temple and then takes you back. Tuk-tuks just don't stand around in the evening. We just asked Russian-speaking people to give us a ride) But Thais are enterprising ... We wanted to give half the cost of travel to people that they were cheaper. But it was not there, the Thai asked for that amount in excess, they say the car is heavier)))) Walking back through the jungle in the dark is not at all comical))). Public transportation does not go here at all.

Walking on roads specific, but possible, unlike in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, we tried to repeat such a walk, but did not get far ... Gasoline is very stinky and all the cars are beeping, it feels like just for fun! The noise along the road is unbelievable! Also, driving in your lane is not for Lankans...go where I want and how I want, so turn and stop! Turn signal signs do not exist for them. Thailand is better about it. Well, the walk along the road is a curiosity for once, it is quite tiring, because there is no shade at all. Such an experience is not particularly advised to repeat. Moreover, study the hiking trails with the application - from Karon Beach there are shorter trails to the Buddha. At one time we had no experience at all)

There is an elephant farm on the way to Big Buddha, you can take free photos and feed bananas to the animals (or buy bananas and feed them locally). You can also ride through the jungle, but for a fee).

IMPORTANT: need to get to Big Buddha by 6pm!!! Until then, sits a monk inside and ties a braided string on his hand. The rope is for the fulfillment of a "Sai Sin" wish that you make. You can make a voluntary donation in return, but no one asks for anything and won't even look to see how much you put in. Next...if you really believe and want your wish to come true, the "rope" works wonders! Your life will change for the better after visiting this temple) This place can be safely attributed to the places of power!!!!

Слоновья ферма на Пхукете у подножья храма Биг Будда
Смотровая площадка - Биг Будда на Пхукете
Карта пешего похода на Биг Будда на Пхукете

Karon Sea viewpoint - view of the bays of Kata Noi, Kata and Karon beaches

We walked again) Public transportation does not go there. On foot we do not advise to repeat our walk, because there is an uphill climb, during which 10!!! sweat) You can take a tuk tuk. It will take you there and wait as long as you need, it will not be too expensive. There is a cafe at the observation point. There you can come and admire the sunset, relaxing with a drink or have dinner.

Обзорная площадка "Си Вью Карон" на Пхукете

On the Internet there is a query "Phuket or Phi Phi Phi" - which island to choose for a vacation in Thailand? In fact, it is possible to compare the equivalent objects, such as "Samui or Phuket". Because Phi Phi can only be seen as an "attraction" to explore while vacationing in Phuket.

Phi Phi is an "island paradise" and the attraction number 1, not only in Phuket, but Thailand as a whole!

To visit here is worthwhile, you can even spend a couple of days relaxing. There is nothing else to do. The whole island can be bypassed / around for a few hours around! Lodging is not much, the prices are exorbitant, including food. The atmosphere here is unusual. Really like commercials, such as Bounty, and movies about deserted islands) From the port of Rassada (Rassada) on Phuket go high-speed and slow ferry boats. Ferry boat sails one way for about 2 hours. The ride is honestly not so good... the sun is scorching, the wind... and the boredom around, there are no views. The ferry goes to the shore where all the legendary photos are taken. If you cross this narrow isthmus, then the other side is abaldenny beach! The water is glowing and totally clear with a sandy bottom! When the tide is out, the boats are right on dry land. We took an excursion to the island. So we were picked up near the hotel, taken to the port, there we were put on the ferry. We had about 2 hours free on the island, then lunch and back... We would not advise doing that. It is better to get to the port Rassada, there to take a ferry and go to Phi Phi overnight for a couple of days. And then decide for yourself) It all looks like a "village", but how nice!!! Impressions are vivid and wanted to be there a couple of days for sure.

Остров Пхи-Пхи в Тайланде
Карта Пхи Пхи
Паром на Пхи Пхи - современные корабли
Легендарное фото Пхи Пхи - пристань, куда приплывают туристические лодки
Пляж Пхи Пхи с противоположной стороны перешейка острова

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