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If you say to someone, "Been to the United Arab Emirates," the question will follow, "In Dubai?"

Today, everyone identifies the UAE with Dubai, and for a reason. It has to do with the attractions in the region. Because, let's see, in the Emirates people go not so much for the beach vacation, but for the WOW effect of high-rises, stores and just money)))

Naming any of the Emirates beach resorts can be a stretch. Everyone is attracted to "summer in its winter. The possible season for a holiday is considered November - March. At other times in the Emirates is 50 degrees and humidity is off the scale, hardly a taste for visitors. Exactly in the winter months, December - February the thermometer shows up to 25 - even 30 degrees during the day, and descends to 18 - even 10 degrees at night. Such fluctuations are also not very comfortable. The water temperature in the sea is also not very warm. And if you consider that it is often blowing just the cold winds, then get out of the water is not at all comfortable. And so it turns out that Egypt and the UAE are often chosen by tourists because it is warmer than at home, that's all.

If we put aside the beach holiday, there are local entertainment. All the main attractions are concentrated in Dubai for 2019. So to settle in another Emirate, so that then to go every day to one of the areas of Dubai...sense? Public transportation between the Emirates is not developed, you will have to take a cab and pay from $30 to $50 for each trip in one direction. What about the money, but the time!? At peak hours the road from Sharjah to Dubai takes 2 hours! And this at a distance of 30 km.

Карта Эмирата Шарджа - основные регионы с отелями в 2019 году
Набережная Шарджа "Аль Маджаз"

Sharjah is the strictest Emirate

There is no alcohol, hookah and nightclubs. If anyone needs it, do not get upset, there is a small and the cheapest Emirate - Ajman. People even go to Ajman from Dubai to get alcohol and nightclubs, in the pursuit of cheapness. Dubai has everything, but is expensive.

The map of Sharjah shows the main places where the hotels are clustered. It sounds ridiculous because in fact they can be counted on the fingers. There are 2 in region 1 and about a couple dozen in region 2.
Region 1 on the map is the outskirts of the Emirate, the border with Ajman. There are beaches in the hotels, but all the infrastructure is far away.
Region 2 is Sharjah's central promenade - Al Majaz. There is no beach in Sharjah, it is just a promenade, 10 km long and more if you want to climb. It's a depressing experience, day and night. In the daytime the sun burns and the wind blows, entertainments are not present at all. Not a single cafe or store. In the evening you can see dancing fountains in the center of Al Majaz. It is a parody of Dubai, there is no other way to describe it.
As a result, it makes no sense to settle in Sharjah, and there is not much to come to.

Шарджа. Поющие фонтаны вечером

Dubai is the most popular and optimal Emirate

A hotel by the sea in the UAE is not really necessary. Of the 7 days in the Emirates, we arrived at the hotel around 10 or 11 p.m. to sleep. Every day was filled with sights, which were mainly in Dubai. That is why it makes sense to stay in Dubai. It is very convenient if you settle in the Dubai Marina region. So every evening you can quickly get to the magnificent promenade. If it is not the first line, then the hotels often organize free shuttle service to the sea. By the way there are free shuttles to the city's attractions, too. Mostly shopping malls and markets.

  •     Jumeirah beach (excellent by Dubai standards, high-rise style beach on the sand, but overall all nice)
  •     Dubai Marina (nice promenade both day and evening, on foot and by boat)
  •     Dubai Mall with Burj Khalifa (the biggest mall + the biggest tower in the world)
  •     The bulk island Palm Jumeirah Beach (in 2019 began construction of the observation tower on the "trunk of the palm", until it is completed, there is nothing to do here)

In the Emirates, public transport is not developed, but in Dubai there are two subway lines. One of which, connects Dubai Mall (station inside, you just need to find it by the signs "Metro") and Dubai Marina (station "Damac" - the beginning of the promenade, near the "twisted house", the station "DMCC" - near Jumeirah Beach). Thus, you can take the free shuttle to the Think Mall, there to explore the Burj Khalifa and the mall itself. Then take the subway to Damak station, walk 2-5 minutes to the promenade, walk to Jumeirah Beach, then take the DMCC station and drive back to Dubai Mall. The distance from the mall to the promenade is about 40 km, travel time 20-30 minutes, price about $2 per one way. How much time should I allocate for this? It is strictly individual, but not less than 6-8 hours.

Престижный регион Дубай Марина
Лучшее в Дубае
Джумейра Бич в Дубае - регион Дубай-Марина
Парк цветов и Глобал Вилладж в Дубае

The flower park (1) and the World Fair (2) in Dubai are close by. Around 4pm you can visit the flower park, it's no longer hot, but it's not yet dark. The photos will be beautiful. One and a half hours at a leisurely pace will be enough to explore. Then you can move to the Global Village and here you can spend 2 hours or more if you like shopping. Here be sure to visit the fire show singing fountains. These fountains are the second most spectacular after the Dubai ones near the Burj Khalifa.

Abu Dhabi - the most expensive Emirate.

It is a long way from Dubai. If you're not going to lie on the beach all day and settle all the same in Abu Dhabi be prepared to spend all the time in transport. To all the sights will have a long and tedious drive.

Arab Emirates which resort to choose, depends on your preferences:

  •     You need to get the most out of the country's main attractions - Dubai. Waterfront - expensive, you can settle further away and get a shuttle to the beach. But all the pearls of Dubai "as in the palm of your hand.
  •     You want "summer in winter", but "for cheap" - Sharjah, Ajman. You can go to Dubai, not too far away.
  •     Need an expensive beach holiday - Abu Dhabi.

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