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The sights of the United Arab Emirates for 2019 are concentrated in Dubai:

No. 1 Burj Khalifa Tower, the tallest building in the world

People from all over the world come to see the architectural work, and quite justifiably so. It should be seen during the day, and most importantly in the evening. In the evening the illumination is turned on and it sparkles lights, just like the Eiffel Tower) Periodically you can catch a laser show with cool music, which also causes delight. It is convenient to admire the tower near the second main attraction - Dubai Fountains located at the foot of Burj Khalifa on the territory of Dubai Mall. But just looking at the tower is not enough! You have to take an elevator up to the tower.

Вечерний Бурдж-Халифа и Дубаи Молл
Лазерное шоу Бурдж-Халифа

Burj Khalifa 124 or 148 - which floor should I choose?

The tower has a total of 163 floors. Tourists are taken to 124/125 and/or 148 floors. The price differs almost three times. While the first price tag is about $50, the second is $150. The price may vary, especially during peak hours) Who have been on the two floors argue that it is safe to go up to 124 / 125 floor - the views are the same, and the price is much more pleasant. According to the opinion of experienced people the only difference is in the queue, on the 148th floor you will be lifted up without queuing for the elevator. Tickets to the tower are purchased in advance, you can online or through tourist guides. The queue can take from 1 hour or more one way, which of course is depressing.

Burj Khalifa when is the best time to visit?

In the daytime of course you can visit, but what will you see? - A desert with high-rises, maybe not bad. But if you have to choose, it is better to visit it when the Dubai Fountains are switched on, after 6 pm. That way you can admire the glow of Dubai and enjoy the game of light and the dance of the fountains. You can't enjoy the music - you can't hear it from below, and at the top they rebroadcast it, but it's weak and there is no effect of the music as below.

Фонтаны Бурдж-Халифа со 124 этажа
Башня Бурдж-Халифа - самое высокое здание в мире
Иллюминация башни Бурдж-Халифа (справа - постоянная, слева - лазерное шоу с периодичностью 15/30 минут)

No. 2 Dubai Fountains - the largest singing fountains in the world

There are several beautiful and very unusual fountains in the Arab Emirates, but the most important is of course the largest fountains in the world - the Dubai Fountains, which are located at the foot of the Burj Khalifa Tower. Read more about them in another article.

Фонтаны Дубаи (Dubai Mall / ТРЦ Дубай-Молл) - самые большие фонтаны в мире)

#3 Dubai Mall - the world's largest mall

To say that you can safely shop at Dubai Mall is unlikely ... The markup for the effectivity will fall on you) But to visit this center as a real curiosity you can) It is a circus, a market, a theater, etc. all in one. There are a lot of brightly colored things) There is even an aquarium!

ТРЦ "Дубай Молл" (Dubai Mall) - самый большой в мире торговый центр

The Aquarium at the Dubai Mall - mistakenly thought to be the largest in the world

In fact, here is the largest one-piece tank of water. The aquarium is not cheap, while outside you can see everything for free. Inside come mostly with children, they will certainly be interested. Although professionals say that the tunnel inside is quite small and does not justify the cost. To be honest not impressed at all.

Аквариум в Дубаи Молл

No. 4 Dubai Marina is a prestigious area and a very unusual promenade

It is a must-visit during the daytime and in the evening. In the evening we strongly recommend to take dinner by boat - it is delightful! Although in general, the promenade quickly "bored" and do not want to go back) See for yourself. This promenade is not cozy at all. High-rise spectacular, but "distant and cold. It seems there are cafes everywhere, but how they are located, that do not give comfort.

Высотки в Дубай Марина
Дубай Марина - элитный район и променад

#5 Dubai Miracle Garden Flower Park in Dubai

Can be attributed to the interesting and unusual attractions. Especially it will be interesting for children. Visiting time is daytime, with a duration of about 1.5 hours. There is nothing else to do there. When it gets dark there is nothing interesting, the lighting is weak. You can visit, but without fanaticism. The cost of the entrance ticket is about 50 dirhams/person (about $15). It works from November to March, because the flowers can't stand the heat of summer.

Парк цветов в Дубаи
Парк цветов в Дубае - Dubai Miracle Garden
Парк цветов "Miracle Garden"

#6 Global Village in Dubai - Global Village World Village / Global Village Fair

The place is pretty interesting. Opening hours from 16 to 24 hours. There are several reasons to visit:

  1.     It is all presented as a show, with lights and music everywhere, dancing and dancing.
  2.     Each country presents its goods in specially stylized pavilions.
  3.     Of course shopping - you can buy things from different countries in one place. But it will most likely be souvenirs and food. Although there are also clothes and fabrics, jewelry, spices and sweets, but that's already food)
  4.     The local fountains with a fire show are a beautiful and unusual sight. The fountains are not big, but worth your attention. And the Arabian music is pretty cool obsessive)

Visiting time from 2 or more hours, strictly individual.

Глобал Виладж в Дубаи

#7 Desert Safari jeep safari

The Emirates is built entirely on the sands of the Rub el Khali Desert. However, it is not really felt in the cities. Therefore, you can feel the sands of the desert during a jeep ride. The cost of this pleasure is about 50 dollars per person. It includes a transfer from the hotel in the same jeep and dinner in the desert. The safari itself lasts about 30 minutes. If you have never tried before, you can ride for a change. Nothing special except all-terrain vehicles and experienced drivers)

Пустынное сафари на джипах "Desert Safari"

#8 Palm Jumeirah - a bulk island with luxury villas

Another "notoriety" where tourists are taken like hamsters. Although there is essentially nothing to see. They show the Atlantis Hotel as a calling card and the visit ends there. Only recently began to build a tower at the entrance to the "trunk" of Palma with view sites. That would certainly be interesting. After all, then you can admire the bulk island from above. Now it is possible only by helicopter or buildings in the distance. There is no place for mass viewing by tourists. That is why it is a landmark for today, but there is no need to visit it.

Отель Atlantis The Palm на насыпном острове "Пальма Джумейра"

Other attractions include the Arabian Venice, the Madinat Jumeirah Bazaar and the most expensive hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab. It is definitely not worth a special visit. Nothing interesting there. The hotel is shaped like a sail... From Venice one name only, the truth here is clean))))). The bazaar is interesting, but it is better to visit the Global Village and there will be no need for markets such as this.

Also a new gimmick is the Golden Frame of Dubai. Again it is better viewed from the air, from the side. From the fact that you come close to it nothing will happen) To climb it for money? What is the point? Better to go to the Burj Khalifa.

What can be interesting for sure are the amusement parks, including a water park. But I do not really want to go to the aqua park, because I do not want to swim. Amusement parks with different rides all the same is certainly more interesting to visit the children and / or with children)

What resort UAE to choose and how to visit the attractions of the UAE, read the previous article.

Золотая рамка и отель Бурдж Аль Араб в Дубае

As long as there is oil in the Emirates, attractions will be added every year) The above list is valid for December 2019.

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