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When it comes to the UAE involuntarily want to say a few words, in addition to the basic facts ... emotions, so to speak) Having come, for example, a month after the car tour from Europe, there were no such emotions, as after India or the UAE.

Arab Emirates can safely be called the antipode of India.

If a trip to India can be advised with many reservations, described in another article, then the UAE can safely go. There are no sandstorms and rain in India, but they have clay dust and dirt everywhere. In the Emirates, there are even rain rooms for money) The winds blow with sand, sometimes there are sandstorms that swept away the whole roads and everything around... But at the same time, everywhere there is cleanliness and no feeling that you are in the desert! The buildings are sparkling, as if they were being "cleaned" every day, unlike in Egypt. In Egypt, the buildings are made of glass and not only glass, all standing like soot. Although the climate is similar to the Emirates. All, of course, rests in the service, or rather the money.

Не обычная архитектура по всюду

On the subject of money, it's interesting to watch the development of the Emirates. Will the development continue when the oil runs out?

The same thing, when you come to Europe, everything is clean and expensive) And you understand, so it was and so it will be. Or rather it will be even more expensive, as demand is growing. And the Arab Emirates is a young country, a decade old! Grew up on sand out of nowhere when they found oil! But will it be so when the oil runs out! Such a question arises for a reason, but because of the attitude of the Arabs towards themselves as a highly privileged nation! Others are nothing to them. They put up with tourists just because they love money. They develop tourism from the fact that in Dubai, for example, only oil is left for their needs.

It's interesting that the Arabs consider themselves better than others, but they copy the world's riches...

It is believed that in the Emirates, especially in Dubai, everything is the biggest, the longest, the most expensive, the highest, etc. And in general, the Sheikh's favorite book is the Guinness Book of Records) And what is in fact? Burj Khalifa Tower - the analogue of the Eiffel Tower, Arab Venice - the name already speaks for itself, and of course the opening of the Louvre in Abu Dhabi - is the highlight of 2019! All the most expensive - is it justified? The Emirates have a lot of money - that's good) But they could be used profitably! No one is saying "squander it" or just give it away to the poor. For example, you could invest in discoveries in medicine or ecology, which would help humanity as a whole! And what are the Arabs doing? They are making gold toilets in the Burj Al Arab Sail Hotel, the bulk island of the Palm Jumeirah... In Singapore they built a tower a hundred meters higher... all of Dubai is building a new tower, which keeps the brand of the most, the most. All of new Dubai is built up with huge high-rises, but if you look at them in the evening it will become clear that they are not more than half inhabited! The rest is mockery, a sham! It is worth to look at it all, especially while the Emirates is developing. But you do not want to come back here! It does not smell of spirituality. Greed, arrogance and arrogance smell of everything (Park of flowers - a separate topic ...). Emiratesiratesirates built a terminal ...FUELS, where they maintain a special temperature for flowers and where they bring flowers from all over the world! Well, you do not have a climate for flowers, why go to all the trouble. It's just a waste of money. Who wants flowers - go to Holland, not the Arab Emirates.

Дубайская Венеция и самый дорогой отель мира - Бурж Аль Араб (отель в виде паруса)

As a resort, the Emirates can not be considered at all.

In summer it is +50, in winter (from November to March), when the season, the wind blows and you do not even want to get into the water. During the "season" the air and water temperature during the day to +25, but it is not a comfortable climate. At night the temperature drops to 15 degrees! For a week of stay in the Emirates, there was not even a desire to get into the water, except for a heated pool) extremists among the visitors are not a few, who climbed into the water ... As a result, around hear cough and snot ... Views are also specific, to put it mildly on the amateur. The relax on a beach not especially "smell", when instead of mountains and riot of greens on a beach of high-rise... In general go look yourself))

Пляжная зона в Дубае

Public transportation is not developed in the country

Be prepared to travel by cab, when moving between the two Emirates the price starts from 30-50 dollars minimum! There are two subway lines in Dubai specifically for the thinner wallet. But the subway is not simple either, it is automated - without driver control. In general, "Simple" is not about the UAE. It leads to chaos and inconvenience! During rush hours in the morning and in the evening crossing between the Emirates (Sharjah - Dubai) takes 2 hours, at a distance of 30 km and 6 car lanes in one direction!


Общественный траспорт в Эмиратах не развит - в итоге пробки в часы пик по 2 часа

Dubai - Do Buy (Do Shopping! - direct appeal) - if you are a fan of shopping and everything sparkling, feel free to go to the Arab Emirates. But do not expect low prices, rather be prepared for a markup for effectivity) If you are looking for beaches and relaxation - you have nothing to do in the UAE at any time of the year.

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