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Australia's population is now a mix of the largest nations

Australia was once the ideal country - a new world where people flocked to in the hope of a better life. The indigenous populations of Australia were the Aborigines, who can now be found in small numbers in the city of Cairns. Everyone else was evicted to the desert. Instead of somehow helping them to survive, they were put on an allowance of $ 1000 a month and are just waiting for them to get drunk and die out. That's not very human of them.

The Australian population is now a mix of 25% Chinese, 25% Indians, 25% a mixture of Bangladesh, Fiji, Philippines, Arab and African-American countries and only 25% are pale skinned. The consequences of this proliferation are very sad. A gulf is forming in the country between segments of the population. The rich Chinese are buying up real estate for cash, inflating prices on the real estate market. Poor Indians and immigrants from other poor countries undercut wages in the labor market-they are willing to work for food... Because of the rich immigrants the price of real estate, education and medicine is going up... The quality of medicine is disgusting - doctors are employed by "rich" Indians and Chinese who have money for training. But the quality of their work for lack of knowledge is very low.

Visit the local attractions and try to make a photo on their background. For this you will need a shovel to chase away families of 10 people from the Chinese and Indians) They have a chip: the first photo - Mom + Dad, the second - Mom + Dad + child, the third - Mom + Dad + child + grandmother, the fourth, fifth ... too) Since they still have uncles, aunts, and friends with them... And this was a photo shoot of just one family)

English in Australia

If you think you know English, come to Australia and you'd be wrong) Because of the local dialect and "nasal" pronunciation, neither you nor the locals will understand you...

You don't need cash in Australia, you pay by card everywhere

No cash, but there is a percentage when you pay by card! And in some places this percentage reaches 10%. How so, you ask? Here it is explained by the bank's commission. That is, cash is not accepted in some places, but the percentage is taken when paying by card! Well if it makes sense to you), then come to Australia.

The medicine in Australia - "you can be treated here if a person has nine lives".

They try to schedule surgery at the slightest opportunity... As a bed in an inpatient treatment costs from 1000 c.u. per day. Locals are forced to go to other countries for medical tourism. Where everything is solved much more effectively and without drastic measures.

Here you can not apply even with minor problems. Because you can not only get money, but also pay for your health. For minor deviations in the tests, they prescribe first-generation antibiotics, with a huge number of side effects, as local doctors simply do not know that there are drugs of the second and third generation. There are no normal modern antibiotics and probiotics in the country! On top of that, urine and blood tests cost 150-200 c.u.

Education in Australia - why study? By the standards of local education - you need to be able to rest)

Chatting with a local resident revealed the secret of high school education. Education in the fifth grade contains neither mathematics nor physics... It seems the future generation is being formed as a herd that will be easy to control( People are forced to send their children to study in Europe even during their school years!

Tolerance in Australia - pluses at first sight and heaps of minuses, in permanent life

Tolerance in Australia carries a good message - everyone is equal and free...but what's the bottom line? People walk around strangely, to an unacceptable level, dressed up. We're talking about when a very fat lady has a T-shirt up to her underpants, which are visible while walking... A large number of guys walk the streets dressed as girls! prostitutes in a cheap diner. When you come here, at first you like the fact that everyone doesn't pay attention to anyone, is courteous to everyone. But when you stay more than one week, you start to see the other side of the coin. Homosexuality in Australia is not the least of these - it's a gay and lesbian paradise. It's not a bad thing that people can live their lives to their own satisfaction and there's no need to hide their orientation. But why shock others? In another civilized world, even among heterosexual couples there is etiquette and hickey kisses with smacking and slurping are considered indecent. So what do those around us in Australia, including unprepared tourists and children who are developing a psyche, see? On the streets of the city, in public places like on an airplane, gay men are sucking each other's faces and squeezing each other's genitals! At the beach, one man gets on top of another man... Why do that in public?!

Prices in Australia

For the cost of a month's rent in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, you can rent a similar level of housing in Europe for 3 to 6 months!

Australia Permanent Residence - to move or not?

So if you still think Australia is paradise, make sure you come here for 3-4 months and live in different cities. You'll see for yourself... You should definitely take public transport, take a local cab and talk to the driver, go to a crowded place, talk to a waiter in a restaurant, go to the doctor, get tested, try to find medicine in a pharmacy... And see if you still have the desire to move to Australia for permanent residence)))

Yes, a cab driver from Bangladesh will tell you that Australia is a paradise... But just look at the photos on the internet about life in Bangladesh. Or when a waiter from Fiji will tell you that Australia is paradise, ask if Fiji has jobs at all? Or are they forced to eat bananas and drink coconuts there.

To all this, add shouty, fussy and large Chinese, smelly Hindus who don't keep their distance. You also have to consider the weather in Australia. There's no classic winter, no snow. But there are winds, floods, droughts and fires of Melbourne, Sydney. I think after seeing it, your faith in the Australian paradise will be shaken!


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