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Berat - the "city of 1,000 windows" - is truly a jewel of Albania

Berat is a must-visit in the framework of acquaintance with Albania. It is possible even to stay overnight for a couple of days. We strongly recommend you to stay on the territory of the fortress with the same name. The fortress of Berat is very well preserved. The streets and all the houses are made of the same type of stone. Almost all the houses are residential and are rented to tourists. At the fortress leads serpentine road, which begins in the new town. To enter the fortress through a narrow gate - do not be afraid, there is no other entrance. From the edge of the fortress you can enjoy a great view of the old and new town, on the two banks along the river. This view is a must-see during the day and at night. It is at night when the windows glow, Berat turns into a city of a thousand windows! It is delightful!

One day you will spend entirely on viewing the fortress and relaxing against the backdrop of the city. The second day can be devoted to walks below. The two banks are connected by 2 bridges (number 1 - pedestrian). You can take a picture of the old town up close (marked "old town" on the map) and the view of the fortress from below the top. Berat will not leave you indifferent. Here you can rest your soul!

Берат - "город 1000 окон"
Расположение крепости и старого города Берат
Дорога к смотровой площадке в крепости Берат
Вид со смотровой площадки крепости на старый город Берат
Вид с крепости на новый город Берат

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