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The Llogara Pass - a spectacular serpentine with sweeping views

Llogara is a national park and pass - a serpentine road leading from Saranda to Vlora. The views are spectacular. There are two viewing platforms with parking lots. There are not many places, but enough for everyone.
The roads in Albania are arranged so that even if you want you can't drive along the whole embankment for a day. The roads are narrow and if there is a traffic jam, it will drag on for a long time, reducing the speed of travel. This is especially true of the Llogar Pass. The bus from Saranda to Vlora takes about 3 hours, although the distance is about 125 km! We were caught in the rain, so the speed was 20-40 km/h.

Going over the pass is desirable, but if your itinerary is suitable for that. Let's put it this way, if you are getting to know Albania from Ksamil to Durres - then you will definitely go through the pass.

Перевал Ллогара на карте
Перевал Ллогара - вид на поселки Дерми и Химара
Перевал Ллогара (Логара) - автомобильный серпантин

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