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Gjirokastra - museum city - one of the best attractions in Albania

If you come to Albania to get acquainted with the country and culture, do not limit yourself to the coast. The way to Gjirokastra is not a long one, but it is worth it, don't doubt! Of particular value is the eponymous fortress, which is very well preserved. Admission is paid. On the territory there is something to see and where to walk, it will take about 1.5 hours. But the main thing, of course, are the views of the whole city of Gjirokastra and the entire valley. After visiting the fortress, you can walk through the streets of the old town, at the foot of the fortress. Visit the "Old bazar", a street with souvenir stores and handicrafts, mainly carpets.

Вид с крепости по город Гирокастра
Центральная площадь крепости Гирокастра
Крепость Гирокастра
Внутри крепости Гирокастра

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