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We got to the Blue Eye spring by chance. Our way was from Saranda to Gjirokastra. On the way we saw a sign and a line of cars turning at the sign. We had read about this spring on the Internet, so we decided that since it was near us, let's go there. We were in the season - August 2018. As a result, there are emotions from the visit, but mixed.

Источник "Голубой глаз" в Албании
Крепость Гирокастры и источник Голубой глаз лучше смотреть в рамках одной поездки

The blue eye, a natural spring gushing from the bowels of the earth, is undeniably a delight of beauty

The water is crystalline, heavenly in color and still icy. As a tourist attraction - it can certainly perform. But that's when to visit it? In the season such a number of people that even a photo is not possible to make near the source! (Photo below) Can not hear the interlocutor nearby, there is a buzz like a Sunday market day. The traffic jam on the road to the spring, 2 km long did not impress us at all. When we left there, we sighed with relief. Can we call it a pleasure of communion with nature? Definitely not. To visit a source it is strongly recommended, but with the correction on the above described. Ideally combine with a visit to the city-fortress Gjirokastra.

Природный источник "Голубой глаз" в Албании
Количество людей в сезон в Албании - Голубой глаз

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