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Butrint National Park is an ancient city in Albania

It is advisable to visit it for education, but if you have free time or there is a path nearby. It is not necessary to set as a goal this attraction. The photos show the most important and beautiful places. There will not be any beautiful views. There are wooded hilly landscapes all around. The park is small and there is a fee to enter. We took the ferry from Corfu (Greece) to Saranda with the car. We settled in Xamile, which is 40 minutes away from Saranda. From Xamile to the national park is a 15-minute drive. Thus, we combined Butrinti and Ksamil.


Карта проезда от Ксамиля до национального парка Бутринт

Butrint is an ancient city of Albania

Butrint - национальный парк в Албании (р-н Ксамиль)
Национальный парк Бутринт Албания

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