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Skywalk - the new observation deck 2022, spectacular, but the view of Vosak is better)

Car ascent to Biokovo from Podgora

Biokovo Nature Park (Biokovo, Croatia, Makarska) is one of the popular attractions. You are offered a visit by car or on foot along the trails. On foot the ascent to Biokovo will be like a long walk through the woods. The road throughout the park is asphalted, without potholes. The road is narrow in width, but with lots of pockets. We take breakfast and vegetables with us for the horses (more on that below).
The whole trip to Biokovo took us 6 hours. Departure was in the morning at 7 o'clock. The entrance (marked "Z" on the map) to the road leading to Biokovo begins in the town of Podgora. The ascent up the mountain road, to the checkpoint with the entry fee, takes about 30-40 minutes. Payment is accepted in local currency or euros.

Заезд из Подгоры до пропускного пункта на Биоково

The peak St Jure (St. George) is the top point of the route and the first stop of the trip.

After the checkpoint we drive up without stopping. Where necessary, there are signs everywhere. The road is the same, there is no possibility to get lost. We start by visiting the highest peak St. George's St Jure (1768). It is approached by car all the way to the top. There is a small parking and a platform for survey walk for 10-15 minutes with photos. There will not be much of a view of the sea. You will see the mountain landscapes. After a short rest from the ascent, we start the descent and walk the route further. At the beginning of the descent from St. George Peak the road is very steep and narrow, with almost no possibility of passing each other. This is why we recommend visiting the upper peak early in the morning, while there are no cars. Moreover, the parking at this peak is very small and it is absolutely unclear how to park your car there in the daytime.


Маршрут Биоково из Подгоры до пика Св.Юрий (финишная точка)
Biokovo. Пик Sveti Jure (1768 м над уровнем моря)
Атомобильная дорога на самом верху пик Св. Юрий
Автомобильная дорога по заповеднику Биоково

Vosac Peak - second stop with a hike and breakfast

After 500 meters of steep descent we reach the familiar serpentine, narrow but with pockets. We follow the road downhill until the sign to Vosac Peak (1400). Please note where it is located during the ascent to the top. As you descend, the signpost for Vosac Peak will be on your right hand. Turn right and follow the road to the parking lot. We observe a picture - many people come up to see the parking lot and leave. Note the signs in the parking lot - there will be 3 of them. You are offered 3 walking routes of 30-60 minutes. Don't be lazy, walk one of the trails above. We chose the longer one, leading to the peak with the view of the sea - the landmark is a small house on the top. The hiking route is marked with dots on the rocks. It is on the peak of Vosak will be those views because of which the whole trip to Biokovo took place. After ascent you can sit on cozy benches with tables for a meal, pre-breakfast taken from home. Then continue downhill to the first observation deck.

Biokovo Mountain. Пик Vosac (1400 м над уровнем моря)

At the first observation point the views are beautiful, but not as spectacular as at Vosak Peak. We take a photo and drive down. Around lunchtime a herd of horses comes out on the road. Who will pass your car after you feed them) You do not have to get out of the car, they successfully stuck his head inside! They eat carefully))

In Tučepi we went down around lunch time. Despite stopping for breaks and photos, use the engine brakes while descending from Biokovo, because of the possibility of overheating pads.

Биоково. Первая смотровая площадка
Биоково на машине (Хорватия)

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