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We passed through Hungary as part of the Croatia-Hungary-Ukraine trip. The route was through Budapest, with an overnight stay in the city. We had the opportunity to take a bypass road. But despite the fatigue from the road and cloudy weather, we decided to at least go through the center. There was a desire to see the legendary bridges over the Danube River. Eventually, we parked near the Szechenyi Bridge and excitedly went for a walk. We walked back and forth across the Szechenyi Chain Bridge. The walk took about an hour. But the emotions were vivid! The Danube River is huge and gorgeous. You can see several kinds of bridges from the banks, they all have different architecture. The buildings over the bank are delightful and unique architecture. The building of the Hungarian parliament is like a "picture". Various monuments and statues are visible. Budapest is definitely a great option for walking and sightseeing! In half a day in Budapest you can easily see the bridges over the Danube and enjoy the beauty of the city.

Карта мостов Будапешта - основной цепной мост "Сечени"
Здание венгерского парламента
Цепной мост со львами в Будапеште "Сечени"
Мост в Будапеште через Дунай
Панорама Будапешта с моста со львами
Панорама Будапешта в сторону задания парламента

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