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Dubrovnik is a region of Croatia, a city of Croatia. But tourists know Dubrovnik as an old city.

There are other old cities in Croatia that are well preserved: Omis, Trogir. However, Dubrovnik is certainly the leader in terms of scale and preservation.
The old city is just a small area enclosed by fortress walls (marked "C" on the map).

Карта всего города Дубровник

Practically from the walls of Dubrovnik (marked "3" on the map) there is a funicular to the observation platform (marked "2" on the map). You can also get to the observation platform on foot - on the map the serpentine trail is marked with a dashed line - or by car. The road to the observation deck leads from the road to Cavtat (marked on the map as "1").

Карта старого города Дубровник и смотровой площадки

Dubrovnik - Croatia's number one tourist attraction

You can even allocate several days to explore. The city and the views are beautiful. Different time of the day has its own charm! Daytime is the usual time to visit. But the evening gives a delightful charm to Dubrovnik. Many lanterns are lit. The city becomes nice and cozy. Dubrovnik should be explored from inside, from the city walls, from the observation deck above the old town, from the observation deck behind the port, both day and evening! The views and photos will amaze you. In the evening beautifully lit cruise ships, standing in the bay.

Prices of course bite (entrance to the fortress walls, cable car, car parking) in town. The crowds of tourists during the day in town are simply exhausting, especially on a hot August day. If you have limited time to visit, however, Dubrovnik is ideal to visit around sunset. The heat dies down, by light you can have time to explore everything. And as it gets dark, enjoy the delights of the evening city.

Дубровник - вид с панорамной площадки
Дубровник - вид на старый город из бухты
Центральная улица старого города Дубровник
Одна из улиц старого города Дубровник

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