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After an overnight stay at Lake Wolfgangsee, we definitely move to Hallstatt or something close to this region for an overnight stay. Allocate 2-3 days with several overnight stays for this stretch of attractions.

Hallstatt deserves attention for at least 2-3 days.

  •     Hallstatt ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - lookout 5 fingers at Krippenstein + World Heritage Spiral (Welterbespirale), there is a cave between two elevators, Dachstein Krippenstein elevator (via two cable cars), Hallstatt Skywalk "Welterbeblick" Aussichtsplattform on the Salzbergbahn cable car, walk through the village + viewpoint Hallstatt.
  •     Dachstein Gletscher ⭐⭐⭐⭐ - suspension bridge Dachstein Hängebrücke + viewing points Dachstein Skywalk + Treppe ins Nichts.
карта региона Гальштат

Hallstatt is a tiny village in Austria and the lake of the same name. The map below shows the only parking lot (about 5 euros per hour). From the parking lot to the viewpoint "Viewpoint Hallstatt" we walk along the water all the way. The time to walk there and back, with sitting on the benches is no more than 2 hours. If you just want to see the view of the village, then 1 hour is enough. Viewpoint Hallstatt Skywalk "Welterbeblick" Aussichtsplattform on the cable car Salzbergbahn from the village Hallstatt - another marketing for tourists! Not worth the time or money. The view will be from above the village... So after walking around the village, we go to the viewpoints, which are really worth your attention!

деревушка Гальштат - карта
Гальштат - смотровая площадка Hallstatt Skywalk "Welterbeblick" Aussichtsplattform

The Dachstein Krippenstein (Seilbahn Krippenstein) is where we come and park for free. But there is a moment parking is very small, and what is there in the season...? This elevator takes us to the top, where there is an ice cave "Dachstein Giant Ice Cave", but it is not necessary to look. Then we immediately peresazhaetsya to another elevator that takes us even higher, already the best viewing platforms in Austria) So, to get to the legendary sites 5 fingers at Krippenstein + World Heritage Spiral (Welterbespirale) need 2 elevators. Since the cave is not visiting, then take a ticket there / back for 2 elevators (36 euros per person - one ticket is valid for 2 elevators at once in both directions). Note, there is also a third elevator (Dachsteinbahn Bergstation Krippenstein), but it is for hiking or skiing - no panoramic views there. Here you can also bring your dog, but with a muzzle and with a ticket for 9 euros. After the second elevator (Dachsteinbahn Mittelstation Schönbergalm) to the first observation deck walk 15 minutes - World Heritage Spiral (Welterbespirale) - the views are beautiful, but more interesting the next on the way to which remains another 15 minutes walk from this - 5 fingers at Krippenstein. The next point is 5 fingers at Krippenstein - this is a gorgeous view of the Austrian Alps and the village Hallstatt! Time for the whole route is not less than 2-3 hours - this is if all the walking step, and if you want to sit on a bench or in a panoramic cafe, then add hours) Travelers Yuda should come for sure!

Dachstein Krippenstein - смотровые площадки на карте
смотровая площадка World Heritage Spiral (Welterbespirale)
Гальштат смотровая площадка World Heritage Spiral (Welterbespirale)
Dachstein Krippenstein - смотровая площадка "5 fingers at Krippenstein"
5 Fingers смотровая площадка


  •     Dachstein Glacier ⭐⭐⭐⭐ - suspension bridge Dachstein Hängebrücke + viewing platforms Dachstein Skywalk + Treppe ins Nichts.

A visit to this location in itself is interesting, because there is a suspension bridge and an ice cave in one place and next to each other. In the other locations there is only one thing. But there is a BUT, the mountain Dachstein-Gletscher (Schladming-Dachstein) is very high 3000 m and if you see at its foot in the top of a fog, then on this day climb the cable car is not worth it! The tricky thing is that the way here is not close. And moreover, at the beginning of the serpentine / ascend to the funicular is a barrier - a paid entry, which will be free if you visit the mountain (cable car ticket must be saved until this barrier!). Parking at the foot of the funicular is free and large.

Below on the map Dachstein Mautstrasse is the toll booth to Dachstein Gletscher, Dachstein-Gletscher is the funicular, Dachstein Skywalk is the observation deck will be just as you exit the Gletscherbahn Bergstation. Then you go forward to the suspension bridge Dachstein Hängebrücke, at the end of which there is a viewing platform - steps to nowhere "Treppe ins Nichts" and here is the entrance to the ice cave Eispalast Dachstein, from which you go up the escalator back to the funicular. In total this walk "in the fog" took us 1,5 hours... Because there is nothing to see in the fog!!! Not in the fog there clearly beautiful and there is where to walk) The tariff of the ropeway here choose the one that includes the suspension bridge and the cave (choose what that one can not) - it costs about 52 euros per person there and back, the dog - 9 euros.

Dachstein-Gletscher карта
Dachstein-Gletscher - карта смотровых площадок на вершине
Dachstein-Gletscher - если у подножья вы видите такие облака в верху - НЕТ смысла ехать вверх на фуникулере
Dachstein Hängebrücke в тумане и ледяная пещера Eispalast Dachstein
Дахштайн-Глечер - Dachstein Hängebrücke + Treppe ins Nichts

Badgastein - did not visit, but you could) There is a suspension bridge "Stubnerkogel Hengebrücke", but we had enough fog for 150 euros... (on the Dachstein Gletscher). Although this location is better visited with the lake Zell am See and the mountain serpentine Großglockner (Großglockner).


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