Mljet is an island and the national park of the same name. Being in Dubrovnik, you start looking for something to see and here Mljet is the attraction of Croatia! But no, do not buy it, read the negative reviews to understand the reality!!! Many, like us, have visited the Plitvice Lakes. Here we thought all the parks in Croatia must be beautiful! Ended up spending about 100 euros and a whole day to visit Mljet. There is not that the delight, there is no need to visit this place at all! We will tell in detail our experience, if someone decides to check it out for himself ... but it is not worth it, honestly)

The cost of a visit to the park for two people is about 90 euros:

  •     Prapratno - Sobra ferry: for a car with a driver and one passenger about 200 kuna (25 euros) one way
  •     Entrance to the Mljet National Park: 300 kuna (38 €) for two people

It takes about 1 hour to get here from Dubrovnik. The ferry departs from the village of Prapratno and runs every two hours during the season, but be sure to check the schedule through the app from your phone "Jadrolinija" or on the website Tickets can be booked in advance - payment online. But here's an interesting point, in the rules it is written that the ticket does not guarantee a place on the ferry! If you've bought ticket at least a week ago and you were in a queue of cars and there wasn't enough room, you have to wait for next ferry... In fact the ferry is of course huge and it sailed half empty, but we were in early June... The ferries are completely comfortable and modern. There's a big covered deck with air conditioning and upholstered chairs. There is a mini bar, toilets even with warm water. There are "no dogs allowed" signs posted, but we were and no one said a word to us. If anything, the dog can ride in the car if they won't let you on deck. It takes 30-45 minutes to sail from Prapratno to Sobra. We didn't book a ticket in advance, we just arrived 10 minutes before sailing. Boarding starts 20 minutes before sailing. According to the schedule there is a ferry at 13 o'clock, the next one at 17 o'clock, as from 13 to 15 there is some inexplicable break... From the pier in Sobra to Mljet Park, it's about a 20 minute drive. So, about 14 o'clock in the afternoon we were already at the entrance of the park. We had the ferry back at 7/30. In fact, 3 hours in the park is a head start and more!!! The rest of the time we drove into the village of Sobra itself for dinner at a local establishment.

The park can be accessed from several entrances, official like 3. Described will be 1, which we used. The road from the ferry to the park is the only one. It is the only one on the whole island. The landmark - we go to the two lakes on the island.

After the village Polace you turn off the road. The landmark is the sign "The Lakes". Checkpoint is a woman, who is waving, park the car here and pay) By the lake you have to stamp your feet for about 7 minutes. There you will see a pier. There we are waiting for a boat to get to "island on the island" - Saint Mary's Island. Another marketing ploy for tourists. This is where they rip one stub off the ticket. The island is in the "Big Lake" and it takes 5 minutes to sail to it. We go out and walk around the island for 15 minutes! It is possible to have coffee right there on the island. From the island leaves by boat every 30 minutes. All in all, we walk, drink coffee and sail on - to the "Little Bridge", which connects the "Little and Big Lakes". Here they tear off the second stub from the ticket. It takes about 7 minutes to sail)) We go out near the Small Lake and bypass it in a circle for 40 minutes. But is it necessary to bypass it? There is nothing to see, there are no views, the path is all in the cobblestones - it is not convenient to walk. It is good though there is no shade because of bushes. By the way, the water in lakes is sea, but there is no transparency, or rather it is cloudy! By the way, the water in the lake is marine, but transparency is absent or cloudy. Near the small bridge there is a rent of bicycles, which can be used to bypass the Big Lake, which is 11 km long. There's a good path there, even a car can pass, but there are no views as before and the sun adds to it, as there is no shade. Walking around the Little Lake we go back to the Little Bridge, where we go in the direction shown on the map, or rather go back to the parking - it takes another 40 minutes. That's sort of the whole walk. Entry with dogs on the Mljet is generally prohibited. But we ignored the signs and quickly went into the park behind the aunt's back. On the boat with a dog also allowed no questions. In fact, where you need a ticket is the boat. If you walk, you don't need a ticket either. Free entrances are more than sure there are) Without reaching the parking lot you can try to walk through the woods, the trails are there! The pictures below are the maximum views in the park!!! Not worth the drive here at all!

карта проезда и прогулки по парку Млет
поворот к Озерам
дорожка вдоль Малого озера на острове "Млет"
на видео остров Saint Mary's на острове Млет и лодочки, на которых можно добраться
остров Saint Mary's на острове Млет

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