Odessa is "the pearl by the sea. In fact, these are just words from a song. I was not particularly enthusiastic about Odessa, neither in summer nor in winter. Prices for housing are overpriced, just like in Greece and Bulgaria. Only in Greece the views, mountains, sea, and in Bulgaria chic sandy beaches. You must come to Odessa for a walk, but it is in the warm transitional period. Odessa in winter is dull, but in summer you won't want to look at anything in the heat. We visited Odessa for a couple of three days. What to look at in Odessa vykovyvali "straight out of the blue") It was necessary to do something to do, as in May bathing is not yet possible, but the weather disposes to walks.

Odessa what to look:

  •     Seaside Boulevard + Potemkin Stairs + Port + Corner of old Odessa (park, if you turn from Gogol street to Teshchino bridge) ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  •     Deribasovskaya street ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  •     Shevchenko Park (Ferris wheel) ⭐⭐⭐
  •     Health Route Beaches: Arcadia - Small Fountain - Otrada - Langeron ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  •     Lookout at the Golden Beach - did not get there
  •     Victory Park (near Arcadia) ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  •     Gorky Park (near Arcadia inland) - did not get in
  •     Fontanka - the beach region of Odessa - did not visit. Locals seem to go here for the cleanliness of the beaches.
  •     Museum of cognac making Shustov with tasting ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  •     Botanical Garden ⭐.
  •     Institute of Winemaking of Tairov - you have to write down, but phones listed on the site are lifted by girls who are too lazy to do it. We called three times and they each time had excuses. We never got in. We read reviews on the Internet that the wines are similar to powdered ones(

Seaside Boulevard + Potemkin Stairs + Port + Corner of Old Odessa.

These places were chosen to visit in the first place, because they are essentially the hallmark of the city and are all in one place. Actually there is nothing to do neither in winter nor in summer).

Potemkin Stairs is located in the middle of the Seaside Boulevard. At the bottom of the stairs is the port. If you look at the stairs with your face you will see a corner of old Odessa on the left hand at the end of Primorsky Boulevard (you will need to walk over the footbridge). There is nothing to see, even if you are in Odessa for the first time. Boulevard is a short street, the stairs overlooking the port - so-so show, the corner of old Odessa - it's really a corner of the two benches, and not any park!

Potemkin Stairs in May
потемкинская лестница в мае. одесса. украина
Seaside Boulevard - the more beautiful half of the street in the photo)
приморский бульвар. одесса. украина
A corner of old Odessa - the whole pseudopark fits into the photo)
уголок старой одессы. украина

Parks in Odessa: Pobeda, Gorky, Shevchenko

These three parks were chosen based on the maximum number of reviews with a high rating. In fact, they are quite ordinary parks, of which there are many in every big city. Especially none of them is not worth visiting. We visited the most popular - Victory Park. This was enough) Park where the locals walk their dogs and teenagers hang out in the evening.

Deribasovskaya street - an ordinary pedestrian street

Well, there is nothing to visit it! Stores and cafes, everything as usual. Pretty short for its fame.

Deribasovskaya Street is an ordinary street
дерибасовская улица. одесса. украина

Health Route Beaches: Arcadia - Small Fountain - Otrada - Langeron - the best attraction of Odessa

Your entire visit to Odessa can be reduced to a walk along this health trail. On it ride bicycles, scooters or walk on foot, although there is a full road. In season, there are paid electric cars - a transportation / attraction. Start from the beach of Arcadia itself and meet in Shevchenko Park. On the way we pass all the beaches in Odessa:

  •     Arcadia Beach has turned into a hangout. It is more of a place to stroll than a beach. The walking area stretches along the cafes from the shopping center of the same name.
  •     Small Fountain beach is a flashback to the past, everything is dull and semi-abandoned.
  •     Joy - a good beach. Civilization is there, but not enough width of the beach. Smoothly passes into the Langeron.
  •     Langeron is the best beach in Odessa. Beautiful place. Sufficiently developed infrastructure, but no excess of cafes and hotels. A lot of beach strip.

The distance is about 5 km. Not a rushed walk for 3 hours. The road goes along a green alley, periodically coming out to the water itself. The paths in some places are near the water itself. To visit only when all is green! At the beginning of May is still early) Better near the end of May. It will be all green, but it will not be hot yet. Will open all institutions. In early May, there is an active preparation for the season and few cafes are still open. But be prepared for crowds of people) We were in early May - had a great walk, there were few people. Were in the neighborhood of the 20s... already as in the market))))

Walking Alley to Arcadia Beach - the start of the health trail
аркадия. одесса. украина
Walking alley to the beach Arcadia - but this is only at the beginning of May there are no people here)
аркадия. одесса. украина
Arcadia beach - the legendary district of Odessa
Аркадия. Одесса. Украина
The health trail is the main view of the walking alley
тропа здоровья в одессе
Views along the path of the health trail
тропа здоровья в одессе
Small Fountain Beach area
Малый фонтан
area of the beach Small Fountain, but closer to the beach Otrada
Малый фонтан ближе к пляжу Отрада
Otrada beach - already appears civilization, unlike the Small Fountain
пляж Отрада. одесса. украина
Langeron beach - the best place in the city of Odessa
ланжерон. одесса. украина

Shustov's Cognac Museum with tasting: Excursions take place every 2 hours from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Reservations are required by phone +38 (048) 740 08 99, +38 (067) 222 77 70. Entrance ticket to the "museum" itself - 100 UAH. Tasting ordered additionally on request - from 250 to 1200 UAH per person. Price tasting depends on the range of tasting - from expensive vintage, to the cognacs, which are removed from production, so their price skyrocketed. The museum is located at 13 Melnitskaya Street. Why they are called a museum is not clear. Because in fact it is an analogue of the winery. Inside there are hundreds of barrels of cognac from different years of aging. There is not much to see except for the barrels, but the guide's story will be informative. During the tasting guide will tell in detail how to drink cognac!!! Let to someone it seems ridiculous, but here you can learn how to drink cognac that it didn't burn the mucous membrane and you can enjoy the aroma and taste without alcohol vapor! Cognac must be poured at least 30 minutes before drinking, then the glass is heated for 2 minutes, another 2 minutes with a slow twist to remove all the alcohol vapors! Only after that you can start drinking this drink! In Shustov's museum the most interesting part is the room with the "share of angels". The room where all the barrels are kept in aging is completely saturated with alcohol vapors, it is very hard to breathe!

Shustov's Cognac Business
шустов. одесса. украина

The botanical garden in Odessa is a pitiful sight

First, there are two botanical gardens, the old and the new. According to reviews, the new one is supposedly better. Visiting the new (French Boulevard, 87) begs the question, what then in the old))). For the entrance fee of 50 UAH. In fact walk simply on the territory with green areas. All is not well-groomed and overgrown grass. Visit is possible only with very young children at the stage of "oh look what flower.

Botanical Garden in Odessa
Ботсад. одесса. украина

What to see near Odessa:

  •     Ismail Park-Museum "Fortress"
  •     Yalpug lake - near the estuary-type reservoir in the village of Novaya Nekrasovka there are small rocks. Coordinates: 45°24'15 "N28°39'49 "E - near the town of Izmail
  •     Lake Cahul - near the village of Nagornoe cliffs and precipices (Izmail region)
  •     Belgorod-Dnistrovsky city with a fortress of the same name
  •     Shabo winery
  •     Sanzheika village
  •     Zatoka
  •     Vilkovo - "Ukrainian Venice"
  •     Kulevcha village - you should visit the church with myrrh-replenishing icons.

So, travelers can come to Odessa only in late spring or early fall and only for 1-2 days. The aim can be a visit to the trail of health and perhaps the museum of Shustov. In other words, Odessa is suitable for a transit vacation on the way to Greece, Italy, etc.


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