When to go to Sofia Park?

We recommend the period from 03 to 08 May, as we did. This is the best time for the weather and the number of people. On May holidays (May 1-2, 9-10) to the park rush most visitors for the whole year) At the beginning of May everything is in bloom, nature is alive, all the local animals come out to socialize with you (turtles, swans, otters, etc.). The sun is not yet hot, so you can be outside for two days. A jacket can be necessary certainly, but the main thing that to walk warmly, and then not pour from heat...

Park Sofievka - what can I see?

The park is divided into two parts (sections are marked on the map below). At the entrance you get a map, which is very convenient. Entrance is not very expensive, even for students) We visited the park as students back in 2008))) But the impressions are still remembered today! To explore the park you will need at least two light days! The first day - be sure to start with the old part of the park, there is a more "rich program" and thought-out, in terms of landscaping, places. Think about how you will have lunch. You can bring your own food, or you will need to go to the "Upper Bet" in the upper right corner of the map, there will be places with food. In other parts of the park there will be no food at all. The park is suitable specifically for walking. If you have a cursory look, it can be explored in 1 light day. But if you want to walk and sit on the benches near the stakes, it is better to divide the visit into 2 days. The ticket for 2 days is worth taking at once, it will be cheaper. To the right of the entrance, on the mountain, there is a hole in the fence - free entrance) More precisely, there was in 2008. The new part of the park is more of a landscape beauty. Walking is good, the nature is beautiful, but in the old part of the park is interesting as children)

Uman - where to stay?

At one time faced with the problem of housing) in the Crimea always go so - came and found on the spot lodging, where I liked it. Including the railway and bus station vvegda was a bunch of people offering lodging. Arriving in Uman, were surprised at the train station, no housing options ... We took a hotel - expensive and "spurious". But now with the booking service, probably there will be no such problems) It's so funny memories)

Schedule of Sofievsky Park in Uman in 2008
График работы Софиевского парка в Умани. Украина
Map of Sofia Park
Карта Софиевского парка. Умань. Украина
The fountain in the old part of the park
Фонтан Софиевский парк. Умань. Украина
One of the bridges in the old part of the park
Мостик Софиевский парк Умань Украина
Flowerbeds in the old part of the park
Цветочные клумбы Умань. Украина
Panorama of Sofievsky Park (photo from point F on the map of the park, view of the central entrance - the old part of the park)
Панорама Софиевский парк. Умань. Украина
Panorama of Sofievsky Park (new part of the park)
Панорама Софиевский парк новая часть Умань. Украина
Walking paths in the new part of the park
Прогулочные тропинки в новой части парка. Умань. Украина
Lakes in the new part of the park
Озерца в новой части парка. Умань. Украина

The park will be fun for children, as there are lots of animals and all are tame, even the beggars! At the sight of people, the animals run out to meet the rustling bags)

Hand Swans
Лебеди. Софиевка. Умань. Украина
Swans are beggars
Turtles and frogs in assortment)
Черепашка. Софиевка. Умань. Украина
There are a lot of muskrats and they are not shy at all
Ондатра. Софиевка. Умань. Украина
The muskrat eats in Uman Park
Sounds of nature in Sofia Park in Uman

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