Sibenik is known to everyone because of its proximity to the park Krk. This region does not stand out for anything else. We didn't like the sea here 100%. The exception is Primosten - it's the best seaside resort in the region.

Карта региона Шибеник

Primosten - city picture

The layout of the village is very similar to Cavtat in Dubrovnik. There is an excellent promenade. Walking time along the route on the map below is about 2 hours one way. In Primosten there is almost no old town, but there are excellent beaches and the town itself during the evening promenade shines in the sunset. Promenade around both "peninsulas" is possible only on foot. The map also shows 1 free and 2 paid parking lots. Separately, a panoramic point on the city from the highway is highlighted. The beaches in Primosten are not the same as in Brela, Baska Voda and Makarska, but nevertheless they are excellent. The beaches are quite wide and precisely long, there are pine trees, smooth entrance to the waters, small stones etc.

From Primosten to Sibenik all cities go along the water - there is nothing to see there. Rest in this region is more like a vacation in Berdyansk or Kirillovka.

карта Примоштен
панорама на Примоштен с автомобильной дороги
променад Примоштен - вид на старый город с двух сторон
пляж Примоштен

Bilice, Šibenik-Knin County -  convenient location to visit Sibenik and Krk Park

To Sibenik and the park Krk from Bilice drive 20 minutes, in different directions though). All accommodation here is the first line, thought the resort)))) And in fact, it's a muddy puddle of water colors like in the Dnieper River! It's a village, and it's small. Consider only as a location for overnight stays. Park Krk and Sibenik can be visited in 1 day, nothing more to do here!


Bilice променад и это же пляж

Sibenik - the city "stinks", although it looks beautiful from the outside)

Banj Beach Viewing Platform - observation platform, a must-visit first thing. Near it there is a paid parking lot. Here we start our walk along the Šibenik promenade, including the old town. To visit the promenade and the old town, as indicated on the map below by the arrows - no more than 1 hour (there and back)! Walking is possible only on foot. The old town is small, all the walls are crumbling and it smells very bad... Venice comes to mind at once!

There are also 3 fortresses in Sibenik. We chose the one with the supposedly best view ... Inside the reviews from the Internet unanimously recommend not to go in, because it's a waste of money - there are no fortresses inside and the views outside are the same ... After visiting the most popular fortress Barone, we did not go to the others. Total time of the visit of the whole city of Sibenik 1,5-2 hours! Nothing more to do here. Driving through the streets of the city - sheer annoyance!!! The streets are narrow with steep turns.

карта прогулки по Шибенику
панорама Шибеник с обзорной точки "Banj Beach Viewing Platform"
City hall Šibenik - самое красивое место в старом городе Шибеника
вид с крепости Барон

Vodice - promenade, beaches 100% - chic resort village!

In the area of the promenade, on the map below, it is impossible to find parking! The fact that everything is paid, it's nothing... But there are very few parking spaces, and wishing dark! As a result, it creates traffic jams... We searched for parking in the center of Vodice for 40 minutes... Then we got to the parking lot, which is shown on the map (landmark Hotel Punta). The peculiarity is that it is free from 19 hours and not many people know about it) From the parking we walked in the evening, as indicated on the map below. The promenade is endless both ways and goes to the neighboring townships. There are a huge number of people in the center, but that's also where all the entertainment is concentrated - cafes, stores, speakers, etc. A separate branch shows a small street - it is solid restaurants and cafes in the old town - what an atmospheric place it is!!! The walk back there along the promenade is at least 2 hours.... It's beautiful and cozy. In the center of the entertainment for the evening, on the edges of the village are good beaches, in some places even with pine trees. Here you can come for a walk, and you can come and relax) The photos below do not convey the atmosphere, you must come here!

карта променада в поселке Водице
Водице фото слева - возле парковки променад, справа - центр поселка

Knin Castle + Cetina River Spring - places of interest of Sibenik region

  •     Cetina River Spring Croatia (Izvor Cetine) - The Eye Of The Earth is a beautiful place. It is 1-1.5 hours drive from Sibenik. Therefore, you must visit it together with the fortress in the town of Knin. From "The Eye Of The Earth" to Knin castle is 30-40 minutes drive. Time to visit the source of the river Cetina - no more than 30 minutes with breakfast) We drove here before the heat. We arrived at the spring about 7 am, had breakfast with the views and drove to the fortress, which opens at 8 am. Admission is free and free of charge. Note, there are 4 local alabais on duty here!!! They are beautiful beggars - take them some goodies) They eat everything...even bread.
  •     Kninska tvrđava - Walking time through the fortress is 30-40 minutes. Entrance 40 kuna. Parking near the fortress only for a couple of cars and in the morning here is empty. Otherwise, you have to get up much lower than the fortress and stomp on the top on foot, then another climb to the castle ... Parking is free everywhere, but there are not many places... The views from the fortress are 360 degrees over the city and the entire valley. It's pretty nice. You can come for a walk. They let you in with your dogs!

These attractions are worth visiting at the same time, but if you don't have a busy schedule and lots of free time)

Cetina River Spring Croatia (Izvor Cetine) и Kninska tvrđava на карте Хорватии
Книнский замок - обзор 360 градусов
Книнский замок - панорама города Книн и долины
Cetina River Spring Croatia (Izvor Cetine)
источник реки Цетина

Krka National Park how to get there

Krka National Park - a Croatian attraction near Sibenik

While in Sibenik, you should definitely visit Krka Park. If you choose to visit "Plitvice Lakes" or "Krka", then there is a question, which we will try to answer below)

Both of these parks have their own walking trails. Plitvice Lakes is arranged so that there are short and long trails, but you'll see the main essence of the park is the walking trails along the gorgeous bodies of water. You won't find Plitvice Lakes particularly photogenic, the best view is only the panorama from above, near entrance #1. Park Krka is about 7 sites, scattered along the river Krka. To move between locations on foot is not expedient, the distances are huge. You need to think about the route of movement. The ticket is valid for 1 day. It is possible to come up with a walking scheme, it would be something to see! In fact, locations in the park Krka are very photogenic, but to walk on the equipped paths will be much less, you will need to catch a boat, bus, to move between the villages... But Krka is almost on the waterfront and Skradinski Buk location is a mini version of Plitvice Lakes) You can go to Plitvice Lakes if you want to visit Zagreb. The cost of "Plitvice Lakes" is 300 kuna, "Krka" is 250 kuna. It is necessary to visit one of the parks. Pay attention not to confuse the island of Krka and the Krka National Park, they are two different locations on the map! Park Krka is very close to Sibennik, and the island Krk is very close to Rijeka, beyond Zadar.

парк Крка - водопад Скрадински Бук

Biograd na Moru and viewing platform "Vidikovac Kamenjak" is the region of Zadar, but you can also visit from Sibenik

Just a question - is it worth doing?) Checked personally, it is not even worth going... Vidikovac Kamenjak is part of another nature park "Vransko Lake". The entrance ticket to this observation deck and the trail around the lake costs 30 kuna. Doesn't seem like much. But the question is, what do they charge for? The Kameniak Lookout is a view from the mountain!!! Similar views in Croatia, Dubrovnik area or in Montenegro, Skadar Lake area are all free!!! The view from the mountain on Lake Vransko, to be honest, there is not much beauty here... You should not go here, especially on purpose. Moreover, there is such a boorish girl working here, about this is written a lot of reviews for many years in google addresses on the Internet. But the management of the park seems to be all the same) We came in threes, and we decided to take a ticket 1. Just to take a photo for the blog, because we guessed about the views. So this girl didn't want to give us change, insisting we buy 3 tickets!!!! I had to raise my voice to get the change back - so she threw the money back... Then she ran around making sure the other two people didn't climb over the fence... She then ran around to make sure the other two people didn't climb over the fence... She treated people like stupid cattle! The person has absolutely no understanding that people can think and make decisions that are right for them, given the lack of expediency to spend 90 kuna to take all three of them 1 photo! And of course the classics - here payment is only cash!

Biograd na Moru - is considered a resort village, which is visited mainly by Germans. If so, it is not clear what they argue) This town is not even worth visiting! It is overcrowded with people. The promenade is long, but without any views and again with crowds of people at any time of day!!! But most importantly the whole town is dusty with stones - the natural soil of the whole of Croatia. There is even suspended white dust in the air in places where people congregate. All the beaches are drowning in garbage, stones and this dust... At least, the beaches here have pine trees, as in Baska Voda and Brela) The promenade here is pedestrian. Maybe here you can come for walks along the water, but definitely not in the summer season. We did not like it very much. 1 hour walk along the promenade at sunset and we ran away from there! On the way back from Biograd na Moru, we stopped at the amusement park "Fun Park Biograd". Here you pay about 50 kuna to enter and then each attraction is about 25-35 kuna. You can go here for half a day, but just with children. Adults have nothing to do here) Rides are "tired" of the last century.

Drive time Šibenik - Kamenjak Lookout - about 50 minutes, to Biograd na Moru about 30 minutes more.Walking along the promenade from 1 hour and much more... In total, you can spend half a day here, but it's not worth it. Travelers have nothing to see here 100%!

из Шибеник в Биоград-на-Мору через Каменяк (Вранское озеро)
Vidikovac Kamenjak
Биоград на Мору - променад аля пляж

If you go to the region of Sibenik, then only to rest in Primošten or Vodice, or at least to walk in them in the evening) You should also visit Krka Park and stop in the evening for 1 hour in Sibenik. Time to visit 3-5 days, but no more!


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