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The map below highlights the land of Tyrol and the sights in Austria with an approximate driving route.

Alpbach ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Austrian village and chic ski resort at the same time

In October it's nice here, but in winter it will be chic) The thing is that all the houses here are like from a fairy tale, and when they are covered with snow and the lights come on in the evening ... it will be a fairy tale! There is a well-developed network of ski lifts and slopes. For one night's stay the hotel writes out personal cards for 1 trip on the running cable car "Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau". In the off-season, the cable car may not be in operation for some time, for more information, see The advantage of this funicular is that there is an intermediate stop on which you can get off or not - at will. This means that you can ride to the top, and back leisurely step, admiring the mountain views, go down to Alpbach!

земли Тироль и достопримечательности в Австрии на карте
Альпбах - обычный вид)
Альпбах - сказочная деревня))
Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau - виды на Альпбах

Akhense Lake ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ is 100% peaceful!

You can't go around the lake in a circle, but it's worth a drive where there is a road! On both sides of the lake along the water are heinige trails (Vanderweg entlang des Akhensees), what an alluring thing they are)) There is also the Rofan Seilbahn AG cable car. The arrows on the map below indicate places for hiking along the water's edge!!!


Ахензе озеро
Ахензе озеро в Австрии
Ахензе озеро - лучший хайкинг у воды

Innsbruck is a metropolis by the standards of Austria

There is something to see and where to walk. The city is cozy, like everything in Austria) Below on the map here is a route for a walk around the city:

  •     Top Of Innsbruck is the best panorama of the city. You can get there from the center of town by a train after parking the car in a parking lot for a fee. The train costs money, parking costs money... The train goes slowly and tediously) Parking at the funicular is free! We go straight to the funicular parking "Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen Talstatzion Seegrubenbahn" (cable car Nordkette). From there we go up through two funiculars, with one change - buy a ticket in advance there / back on these two funiculars - one ticket will be. When the second cable car brings you up, you have to walk up to the main site. Lifehack - the platform at the funicular "Hafelekar Ausguck" is no worse) all the same view of the city of Innsbruck. By the way, you may need a parachute if you want to visit the Alpine Zoo, this is the train stop exactly in the middle from the promenade to the funicular.
  •     Maria-Theresien-Strasse is a pedestrianized small but very beautiful shopping street.
  •     The Inn Bridge is a bridge with views of the Inn River and a photogenic promenade. The most beautiful does not require crossing to the opposite side, from Maria Theresien Street.
  •     Sommerrodelbahn (Alpine Slide) - the rodelbahn is awesome fun for adrenaline lovers) However, check the weather forecast before visiting! Any little rain and rodelbahn closed before its end. Rodelbahn track is paid, although the ride is 100 meters ... Rodelbahn is open in the warm season. It is located 30 minutes from Innsbruck.
карта достопримечательностей Иннсбрук

The map below shows the walking route from the parking lot in the center of the old town. After leaving the parking lot we admire the embankment of the Inn River and The Inn Bridge, then we walk to the Maria-Theresien-Strasse on foot. From there we walk to the station, where the train takes us to the beginning of the Nordkette cable car. The whole walk, with two elevators to the observation platform Top Of Innsbruck takes at least 2 hours.

маршрут прогулки по Иннсбрук
променад на реке Инн (Иннсбрук)
Иннсбрук и река Инн возле моста "The Inn Bridge"
пешая улица Мария-Терезиен-штрассе
Hafelekar Ausguck - смотровая площадка для ленивых, кто не хочет лезть в верх к Top Of Innsbruck

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