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Neuschwanstein Castle - the palace from the Disney picture, the most beautiful castle in Europe and in the world...

And the crowds of tourists piled in! As a result, some real advice is needed before visiting Neuschwanstein Castle:

  •     Mary's Bridge, Marienbrücke is the best viewpoint on the castle and essentially the only place worth visiting here! Admission is free.
  •     There are two other castles near the castle Neuschwanstein, so when you buy a ticket, look where you're going.
  •     Ticket offices are far from the castle, at the foot of the mountain on which the castle stands. From the ticket office you can walk, or you can buy a ticket on the shuttle bus for 3.5 euros each way. Bus takes to the observation deck - suspension bridge of Mary, there you will walk 5 minutes and you are at the castle. The bus goes to the top until 15-16 hours.
  •     Tickets for the castle are sold at a clearly defined time! Inside allowed only in groups - at the time of the ticket. Tickets can be purchased online, otherwise you can buy tickets at the ticket office for a visit in 5-6 hours... Parking at the ticket office is not free.
  •     The castle itself at close range looks like nothing! According to the reviews on the internet and inside is nothing to do).
  •     The hike up to the castle is along the road where the bus goes. Walking time there and back - 1 hour... Well it is clear without queuing to the castle and without visiting it.
  •     Castle Neuschwanstein (Neuschwanstein) is really a photo for instagram, but there is nothing else to do there.

The yellow arrows on the map below show the route of the shuttle bus, the red arrows you can go up, and you can go down the route of the yellow arrows. You can also take the bus to the top and walk down...- your wish) It also indicates the closest parking to the ticket office and the beginning of the path to the castle and suspension bridge of Mary. There is a path from Maria's Bridge to the Castle. Honestly, it's ideal to take the shuttle bus up to the bridge, take the views of the castle, and then take the bus back down too. It takes no more than 30 minutes.

Замок Нойшванштайн - маршруты как подняться к замку на карте
Замок Нойшванштайн - вид с подвесного моста Марии

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