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Buksky Canyon - the natural beauty of the Cherkassy region and Ukraine as a whole

Buksky (Butskiy) Canyon beckons with its beauty crowds of tourists and vacationers) You can theoretically come here for a couple of days with a tent and shashlik. But there is one but ... - The number of people! We were passing through on the way to the western Ukraine, and we had enough time to enjoy the beauty and take great pictures. It is worth to come here for sure everyone: you can arrange hiking or even a micro hike, you can swim for space money on a rubber inflatable boat (about 300 uah/hour), etc.. It is really very beautiful!

Peculiarities of visiting Buki Canyon - the route, accommodation, where to go, where to eat:

  •     Buki is suitable for visiting on your own, without guided tours and guides. The length of the tourist section is about 1.5 km.
  •     The canyon is located in the village of the same name - Buki (Cherkassy region). In the Buki village the landmark is the bridge over the river Gorny Tikich.
  •     There are no full-fledged stores. There is a chaotic sale of pies and fruit from grannies. There are a couple of local cafes. Ie in emergencies, what to chew - you'll find, but it's better to take food with you).
  •     There is no sense to settle here! In the near access "hotels" without any amenities at all! On boeking there are only about 4 pcs, one of which is located directly in the canyon itself. But from this accommodation to the walkable central part of the canyon you will still have to get there on foot! The price for a bed in the 4 walls without water and food - from 500 UAH per couple. Definitely better to settle in Uman, and come here to walk. While in Uman, be sure to devote 1-2 days on the park "Sofievka".
  •     The central part of the canyon with the main places of interest can be visited for 1-1,5 hours on foot!
  •     Buk Canyon route is better to start from the waterfall Vyr and move in the direction of Buk HPP.
  •     There is a chaotic free parking lot near the waterfall. It is better to arrive as early as possible, by lunchtime you will need to look for a place. By lunch also come already tour buses, which greatly increases the "cranks". Jackasses are those who will walk together with you on the trails and gaze at the beauty of nature) All the rest, since early morning, will take shashlychnyh places))).
  •     From the parking lot go down to the bottom of the waterfall. On the right will be a mill (another attraction of the canyon - the local abandonment) and the bridge, they can visit at the end of the walk. Or not to visit at all, the views are mediocre there.
  •     The main views from the waterfall to the hydropower plant (building abandonment). From the waterfall we walk along the path below. At some point it will end and there will be rocks in the water. We jump over the stones without going to the other side, after a while there will be a path on the same side again. (When you walk a little more along it, you will see boats for rent and the local beach). Then you can walk a little bit more on the top moving forward. But gradually the path narrows and becomes hardly passable. From here you can turn back and walk the same route, but you will see the canyon from above!
  •     Important! It is better to look at the canyon from above and below! It is more impressive from the top, but we liked it better from below))) A walk in the bottom of the canyon as a mini adventure in the "jungle"))) With the weather, too, we have to adjust... In the rain will be mud and slippery rocks, in the heat - it will be very hot!
  •     You can visit with kids and dogs - everyone will love it!
  •     Everyone comes here mostly on holidays and weekends, it should be taken into account).
Маршрут на карте "Букский каньон"
карта Буки с описанием достопримечательностей
начало маршрута Буки
Вид на "водопад" Вир - красиво!, но не очень похоже на водопад)
"заброшка" ГЭС - достопримечательность Букского каньона
вид на участок каньона Буки снизу
урочище Лисакове - достопримечательность Букского каньона
вид на участок Букського каньона сверху

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