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The most beautiful places in the world - these will be not just photogenic places, but places where you can walk and rest your soul! Everything is described from personal experience and presence. The TOPs are truly iconic places that make you want to go to a particular country. Time to visit each TOP from half a day to a week! After the TOP beautiful places is a description of the country, what else there can be seen beautiful, well, since we came there).

The most beautiful places in the world - TOP

Pyramids in Egypt
Cappadocia (Gereme) in Turkey
Ancient temples and cities (Karnataka state) in India
Amalfi Coast (Amalfi Coast) of Italy
Algarve - Portugal's land of magical seascapes
Kotor Bay (Kotor, view from Mount Lovcen) in Montenegro
Dubai Marina and Burj Khalifa in Dubai (UAE)
Wolfgangsee Lake - Aussichtsplattform Zwölferhorn and Seeblick / Seehöhe viewpoints in the Austrian Alps
Glowing plankton in the Maldives - Rasdoo Island in February
Monasteries of Meteora (Kalambaka) in Greece
Veliko Tarnovo is an old town in Bulgaria
Balos Bay - Top Beautiful Places in Crete (Greece) and the World
Pamukkale (Denizli) in Turkey

What is not included in the top most beautiful places in the world will be included in the places recommended to visit if you are in a certain country

Places to visit in the world

Australia is a mix of Asia and Europe, desert and jungle - it's colorful and friendly - it's not just a country, it's a whole continent!

To see it you'll have to fly from city to city, changing regions. In Queensland you will find diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, "surfer's paradise" in Gold Coast and of course "rainforests", koalas, kangaroos in Brisbane!!!! In Sydney (New South Wales) the sights are Sydney Harbour with the Opera House and the Blue Forests in Katoomba. Melbourne welcomes you with gorgeous sunsets on the Yarra River and of course the Great Ocean Road with the legendary 12 Apostles and the rainforests of perennial ferns in Victoria are a must-see. However, the weather here leaves a lot to be desired..... It's either hot as a skillet or the winds are blowing icy cold through the place. But even this is not enough, the weather is still constantly changing.... During the day it can be hot - 37 degrees, and then it will pour downpour and become cold - 15 degrees. You also have to consider that there are rainy seasons here and summer / winter are reversed) December, January, February is summer. During this time Brisbane is the rainy season, Sydney and Melbourne are the dry season. June, July, August is winter. At this time Brisbane is the dry season, Sydney and Melbourne are the rainy season, and Melbourne still has strong winds.

panoramic deck overlooking the Gold Coast
"rain forest" in Queensland National Parks (Australia)
Sydney Harbor - view from Cremorne Reserve
Blue Mountains National Park - Echo Point lookout (Three Sisters)
Twelve Apostles Marine National Park observation deck

Austria is an expensive mountain resort country!

It is gorgeous in winter and summer - there are beach vacations and hiking in the Austrian Alps, near mountain lakes (e.g. Wolfgangsee, Hallstatt), and there are magical ski resorts (Zell Am See, Alpbach). Salzburg and Innsbruck are as good as Paris, Prague, etc. The green alpine meadows are mesmerizing in their beauty and the high mountain road Großglockner Hochalpenstraße is breathtaking! You should come here for cable cars and skiing, as well as walking, lots of walking!!! Austria is an absolute alternative to any seaside resort in the world) When there is fog in the Austrian Alps, it is like a real magic fairy tale.... In the mountainous region of Austria in the Alps there is never any wind - you can hear all the sounds of the forest and birdsong - it's a delight!

Dachstein Krippenstein - panoramic platform 5 fingers at Krippenstein - view of the Hallstatt
High mountain road in Austria Großglockner "Großglockner - viewpoint Edelweißspitze"
Akhensee Lake is the best hiking by the water
Top Of Innsbruck - the best view of Innsbruck
Innsbruck Promenade on the Inn River (Austria, Tyrol)
Hohensalzburg Castle in Salzburg

Albania is a country where tourism is just starting to develop.

The country is mainly beach and not expensive. The sea is very beautiful here - it is azure, turquoise and clean! Vacation here mostly locals and Italians. There is everything here, but a little bit at a time.  There are beautiful places, but alas all drowned in garbage. From the recommended places to visit the city - fortress Gjirokastra and the source of the Blue Eye, mountain pass Llogora and of course the pearl is the city of Berat, with its old town and fortress. It is worth traveling to Berat for 2 nights and staying in the old town.

The city of Berat (fortress and old town) in Albania

Bulgaria is a beach country and a mountain country, but separately)

There's not much to see on the seafront, except for the wide sandy beaches. Although there are some exceptions:

  • Sveti Vlas, it looks very much like beautiful European towns. The town is especially beautiful to look at from the pier. 
  • Nessebar is exactly the old town. It is worth coming here with an overnight stay for 1-2 days. For walks on cobbled streets with a patina of dilapidation.
  • Sozopol is considered the same as Nessebar, but we did not like it at all. Not a cozy town, although very photogenic.

The rest are all the most beautiful places in the mountains. On the way from the embankment to the mountains you can stop for an hour in the town of Ovech with the fortress of the same name.

  • Veliko Tarnovo is truly the pearl of Bulgaria. It is a very beautiful city with an old town and Tsarevets fortress. It is worth coming here from 2 nights. There is to walk, what to see and where to eat delicious food)
  • Vitosha Mountain (Sofia) is suitable for hiking and day hiking, well and of course it is a ski resort.
  • Plovdiv with its hills, especially Nebet Tepe is also worth your attention at least for half a day.
  • Asenovgrad, or rather the fortress with the same name is definitely worth a visit. It is very beautiful here and especially on the way to the natural attraction "Chudnite Mostove", which is already among the most beautiful places in the world! 
  • Melnik is a small town of one street on the border with Greece. But the natural local attraction, the Melnik Pyramids, are worth a day trip.
Bulgaria - view of the old town of Veliko Tarnovo and Tsarevets Fortress
Asenova Fortress in Bulgaria
Chudnite Mostove (Chudnye Mosti) phenomenon in Bulgaria
Melnik pyramids are clay-sand mountains

Hungary is of course Budapest with its wide waterfront and unique architecture.

It's worth coming here to see these views, and then it's up to you. You can stay here from a couple of hours to several days! There are river cruises and floating restaurants. Maybe there is something interesting in the mountains of Hungary. Other than the excellent roads and Budapest, I didn't like anything).

Panorama of the Budapest waterfront

Germany is a country for lovers of architecture

There is no special desire to come here. We were passing through, and there was nothing much to see. The architecture of Dresden is outstanding, but without much enthusiasm. We have heard about the black forests of the "Brothers Grimm", but we have not been there).

Greece is a unique and one-of-a-kind tourist country

It has everything: beaches, mountains, sea, sights, food, views. It is also special because of the division into mainland and islands. You should visit everything here and you can do it more than once!

  • Corfu Island is drowned in greenery and mountains, especially the Paleokastritsa region. There is a beautiful old town of Kerkyra.
  • The island of Crete is famous for its Balos Bay and Elafonisi beach.Halkidiki is a beach peninsula of 3 fingers.  
  • Athos, the third finger, did not arouse much enthusiasm, although it is famous for its monastery on the rock and the ancient Stagira (ruins of Aristotle).
  • The mainland is famous for Mount Olympus with its trails for independent climbing, the monasteries of Meteora in Kalambaka (TOP beautiful places in the world), the Vikos Canyon with trails for hiking and full-fledged hiking. Also the cute town of Parga has a very beautiful promenade (reminiscent of Italian towns - beehives) with a fortress and a viewpoint, as well as quite good beaches.
  • Athens - for lovers of antiquities and history) Since in fact, it is a city - a large anthill with an endless number of cars, no parking lots and several dozen ruins. The ancient ruins are of course beautiful, but you should see them early in the morning and not in season. 
  • The Peloponnese peninsula deserves a special attention with the ancient village of Monemvasia and the romantic town of Nafplion. On the way you can see the legendary Corinth Canal, which in January 2022 is covered with stones).
Monemvasia is an ancient lower city and upper acropolis - fortress in Greece (Peloponnese peninsula)
Vikos Canyon in Greece
Corfu Island (Paleokastritsa) in Greece (view from Angelokastra Fortress)

Egypt is a country of sands, temples and pyramids!

It is worth going here because of the purest azure water, water world of corals, sand dunes and of course pyramids, ancient temples of pharaohs! Luxor Temple and the pyramids of the Giza Plateau can be safely attributed to the TOP beautiful places in the world! Do not limit yourself to visit only the pyramids, as the temples of the pharaohs are no less spectacular and beautiful! By the way, for contrast and special sensations, you can visit the city of Cairo with its numerous inhabitants, smog and garbage.....

Luxor Temple in Egypt
The Red Sea and its underwater world can be explored on a glass-bottom boat or while diving

Ireland is a green country of gray houses, rainbows, leprechauns and fluffy sheep) 

Ireland is a beautiful country of green landscapes and steep coastlines. The main feature is that it constantly rains here... The best time to visit is August and the first half of September. In Northern Ireland, you should definitely visit the Giant's Causeway - the Giant's Causeway! You need to drive around Ireland and admire the green valleys, bubbling streams and waterfalls. You need to visit Dublin with its famous pubs, the Grafton pedestrian street and the entire Temple Bar quarter, drop into the J. Fox Irish Whiskey Museum and the Old Jameson Whiskey Distillery.

Giant's Causeway - breathtaking views

India is an unusual contrasting country 

Visiting this country evokes mixed feelings and, first of all, you don’t really want to visit it. It should be visited only by experienced travelers or spiritual people. In addition to the whole atmosphere, there are very colorful sights. For example, the state of Karnataka, namely Hampi, is the TOP of beautiful places in the world. Dedicate at least 2-3 days to this place! Virupaksha Temple, Vithala and their surroundings are a unique atmosphere! Well, where else will you hand-feed monkeys and cows just on the streets of the city) Also on the same streets you will find packs of wild, but harmless dogs and boars!!! A trip on a local bus and train is truly a real attraction) There are many beaches in North and South Goa, but all of them are not very cozy. In North Goa, you can highlight the Arambol beach with many harmless hippies and stoners, but on other beaches it’s really creepy - drugs are sold right on the streets, and in the evenings trance music plays, which completely blows your mind. In South Goa, it is worth visiting the legendary Palolem beach - the most beautiful and civilized place in the state of Goa. You can come to India to look at the dust and dirt of the roads, everything is in red clay / dust - local soils... And also garbage - it’s everywhere! It is worth remembering that white people, especially women, even in tourist areas, are a curiosity to the locals! They may touch you and ask you to take a photo with you... Not everyone will like this) In Goa, the ocean is “wild” even in tourist areas. Everyone swims only knee-deep in water and all the time you have to watch who and what is swimming next to you! The water is very dirty and cloudy.

Looking for color and feel? - go to India!

Spain is one of the best beach countries in the world, but it’s not just the beaches that attract travelers!

The beaches are long, wide and sandy - these are the Costa Dorada and the Costa Blanca. Everything around is clean and beautiful. For some reason, Spain is known all over the world only for its beaches and cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. Colorful Barcelona is home to the Sagrada Familia, the Gothic Quarter, the architectural works of Guell and, of course, panoramic views such as Montjuic Hill, Tibidabo Park and the Carmel Bunker. An hour's drive away (a suburb of Barcelona) there is a beautiful city - snow-white Sitges. The Costa Brava region has beautiful places - the old town of Girona, the promenade and fortresses of Lloret de Mar, Blanes and Tossa de Mar, Cadaques, Roses and Empuriabrava. Costa Dorado is a chic Salou. An hour's drive from Barcelona, the mountain and Montserrat Abbey are a must-see. Catalonia (the region where everyone knows only Barcelona) is a gorgeous region of mountain views and medieval towns and picturesque villages such as Miravet, Tavertet, Rupit, Besalu, Siurana, Mont Blanc, etc.!!! If you haven’t seen all this, then you absolutely don’t know Spain) Spain is the medieval monasteries of the Cathedral of Seu Vella (Lleida), Poblet, etc. Catalonia in Spain is a place of observation platforms that can be equated to places of power! Particularly notable are Mirador del Balconet, Mirador de la Figuerassa and others, which overlap with the medieval towns listed above. The Valencia region has many typical old Spanish towns, such as Albarracin, Alcala del Jucar, Chulilla, Bocairent and Morella.

Spain is also home to the unusual Canary and Balearic Islands! In Tenerife (Canary Islands) there is a real relict forest, a walk through which is undoubtedly worth your attention. In Anaga and Teide National Parks there are hiking trails that are more reminiscent of a fairy tale...than an ordinary forest) The Enchanted Forest, namely the Bosque Encantado (La Ensillada) - El Pijaral hiking trail is a magical place that takes you back to childhood. While walking through the Anaga forest, you involuntarily think about the meaning of life and something so lofty... This is a place to rethink your goals in life! The road from La Esperanza to the Teide volcano is a place of invigoration - here the endorphins go off scale from what you see) When you get to Gran Canaria, it seems like you’ve arrived on Mars! On the island of Gran Canaria you definitely need to drive along two highways, GC-65 and GC-200 (open section), in order to fully experience the local landscapes and flavor) You also need to take a walk along the Maspalomas dunes.

MUHBA Turó de la Rovira in the Parc del Guinardó - youth observation deck
Mountain and Abbey of Montserrat near Barcelona
medieval town in Catalonia - Besalu
medieval town of Rupit
Mirador de la Figuerassa - view of the Pantà de la Baells dam and the city of Berga
Mirador del Balconet - observation deck of Catalonia, near the city of Lleida
Tavertet and the flooded city of Sant Romà de Sau, visible during a drought (2023)
panorama of Siurana - drought 2023
Mont-Rebei gorge without water in 2023 (Congost de Mont-rebei)
picturesque Spanish village - Miravet on the Ebro River
Cathedral of Seu Vella (Lleida, Catalonia)
Mirador Cruz de la Muela - observation deck over the town of Chulilla
view of Albarracin from the fortress walls of the old town
Castell de Morella - castle and old town of Morella
Benidorm is the best promenade not only in Spain, but also in Europe
view of the city of Calpe in Spain from the trail in the natural park "Natural del Penyal d'Ifac"
Guadalest village (near Benidorm) - natural beauty of Spain
сады Алькасар в Севилье
дворец Алькасар Севилья
площадь Испании в Севилье
сады Алькасар в Кордобе
Мескита - христианская мечеть в Кордобе!
Caminito del Rey- Королевская тропа в пригороде Малаги
Альгамбра в Гранаде - дворцы и парки, крепости и панорамы - красота!
Nasrid Palaces в Альгамбре (Гранада)
Tenerife - Anaga relic forest (Spain)
Enchanted Forest Bosque Encantado (La Ensillada) - El Pijaral (Tenerife, Spain)
Camino viejo al pico del Inglés to the Mirador Pico del Inglés viewpoint
road to Tenerife - from La Esperanza to the Teide volcano (2600 m above sea level) - in the distance there is the Teide volcano (3500 m)
Gran Canaria - Mirador del Molino viewpoint
Gran Canaria - Mirador El Guriete viewpoint

Italy is a real tourist country, no less colorful than India) 

The flavor here lies in the character of the locals and the number of tourists during the season... Locals are very emotional people, which affects their behavior on the roads and simply in communication. In terms of views and what to see, there are really beautiful places here. The most beautiful are the Amalfi and Ligurian coasts, and of course the lake mountainous Italy. And you need to see everything... And how many architectural delights there are for amateurs! Suitable for very many one-time visits, as there is a lot to see)

Just look at the famous Venice. Of course you need to watch it, but be prepared that you may not like it. A very specific place, not in the best sense - garbage, dirt and stench, and of course crowds of people! Although the city on the water is unusual, you will agree) And also with architecturally different buildings! Maybe it was better before)

Lakes Garda and Como are the real beauty of Italy! Lake Garda, namely the town of Malcesine, and Mount Monte Baldo are a must-see! Whether you want to walk for about 6-8 hours or by car (you can probably drop by), you want to queue for 4 hours (out of season) on the funicular, but it’s worth it! Next door you can visit the towns of Limone (nice town) and Riva del Garda (nothing special). There's nothing more to see about the Garda.

The Cinque Terre is another much-hyped attraction in Italy. You can see something, but it’s better from the water on a yacht) A visit by land causes so much irritation that it covers up the beauty of the places you see. In the photo, these places look better than walking there... Manarola (No. 2), Vernazza (No. 4), Riomaggiore (No. 1) in descending order, you can still see the cities of Corniglia (No. 3) and Monterosso (No. 5) in general so-so, nothing out of the ordinary. Portovenere is a double of the Cinqua Terre.

Portofino and the surrounding areas on the Ligurian coast - maybe even better than the Amalfi coast) A beautiful promenade and a view of a very cozy bay from the top of the castle. This is all in miniature - for a 2-hour visit.

The Amalfi Coast is for lovers of mountain serpentines! 12 km for 2 days of study, since the speed is “snail” even in the month of January) But here it is undeniably beautiful and unusual! The best cities for walking are Amalfi and Positano. The village of Ravello is suitable for accommodation in panoramic hotels.

The trulli city of Alberobello and the cave city of Sassi di Matera are undeniably unique places in the world!

Rome is a beautiful architectural city! It can surpass even Paris in beauty)

Lake Garda view of Limone and Riva del Garda (northern Italy)
village of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast
Portofino and areas on the Ligurian coast
Manarola in the Cinque Terre (one of the 5 lands, Ligurian coast)
Sassi di Matera (Sassi di Matera) - cave city in Italy (Basilicata region)
Alberobello - trulli city in Italy (Apulia region)

Cyprus is a country and an island that is not very suitable for holidays

If you like heat, wind and lack of vegetation, then this is the place for you. The sea is beautiful, but you have to enjoy the beauty from the outside... The sun is hot from above, an icy wind is blowing and the water is not warm at all. There's really nothing to see. This is an offshore country, but not a tourist one)

Maldives - a country of tiny magical islands

The Maldives consists of local budget and expensive island resorts. The water and air here are always 30 degrees! There is azure water and a colossal amount of marine life. Snorkeling is available to everyone here! It’s worth coming here to swim with exotic fish and see “alien” manta rays! Snorkeling on the house reef of Thoddhoo or Rasdhoo will introduce you to sharks, rays, moray eels and turtles) You can look for luminous plankton in February on the islands of Thoddhoo and Rasdhoo, you don’t even have to go to Vaadhoo.

Thoddoo Island in the Maldives
beaches in the Maldives (Rasdhoo Island) are snow-white sand that does not heat up even during the day and crystal water

Monaco is a country of money, but not a tourist country

Of course it’s worth seeing, but only if you already have enough money for the first line or for a yacht) Well, or if you are vacationing in the south of France, then you can come here.

View of Monaco from Cap Martin

The Netherlands is an interesting country, but not a must-visit)

You can visit the Netherlands either while passing through, or if you’ve already seen a lot and want something new. Despite its fame, Holland is only developing as a tourist destination. Where else will you see so many bicycles!? By the way, you can come here if only for cheese tasting! Of course, this is interesting:

  • АAmsterdam - with its architecture, canals and of course the Red Light District. In principle, you can limit yourself to visiting this city, but if this is not enough, then you can visit Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague. 
  • Rotterdam with its architecture, canals and the Blijdorp Zoo.
  • Delft is a typical European town, where many want to meet old age) Everything is quiet, nice and very cozy. The photos absolutely do not convey the peaceful atmosphere of the streets and cafes of the town.


Canals and architecture of the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands

The UAE is a country that grew right on the sand, it's worth seeing!

The United Arab Emirates, like Monaco, are places where money accumulates, but you can at least go to the Emirates to see how money can grow an oasis right on the sand! Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates sparkle with the brilliance of high-rise buildings and many artificially created attractions! Just look at the Dubai Marina embankment, the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, the light and musical fountain, the flower park, the Global Village, etc... The laser show and, in general, the illumination on the Burj Khalifa can easily compete with the Eiffel Tower in Paris) Well and of course a desert safari on Land Cruisers, these are not camels in Egypt) The singing fountains of the Burj Khalifa deserve special attention, so the power of sound and the clapping of water is something when you stand close!

Desert Jeep Safari in the UAE

Poland is another country for lovers of architecture and landscape parks

It is worth visiting Warsaw to admire the architecture of the old city. For the same purpose, you can visit Wroclaw and Krakow. In Warsaw, you also need to visit Lazienki Park and the Roof Garden of the University Library! Due to their natural beauty, the Tatra Mountains deserve special attention, where we have not been yet) You should definitely visit the city of Gdansk, namely the old city on the Motlawa River with access to the Baltic Sea. There is the architecture of the old town and a real promenade along the river, and the beaches of Sopot and Gdynia are a continuous strip of sand! Also worth a visit are the moving dunes in the town of Leba. However, don’t expect a beach holiday here even in summer... Swimming in the Baltic Sea is not recommended due to blue-green algae, and the weather here is very changeable. It will be hard for weather-dependent people on the Baltic coast)

Gdansk - the old city is gorgeous!
view of the old town of Gdansk from the Footbridge to Ołowianka
Old Town of Warsaw - square near the Royal Castle

Portugal has fabulously beautiful coastlines and seascapes

The Algarve is a magical region in the south of Portugal. The local beaches and caves (Benagil) are a must see for every traveler. A bonus will be breathtaking sunsets (photos without any processing)! Also worth seeing is the city of Porto, with its observation deck Miradouro da Serra do Pilar.

Portugal - magical sunsets + fabulous coast
Benagil Cave in the Algarve region (Portugal)
The panorama of the embankment in Portugal Ribeira do Porto is worthy of praise from travelers! (view from Miradouro da Serra do Pilar)
Valley of the Douro River (Duro) - mountainous Portugal

Thailand is a real Asian tourist country

You can safely start exploring Asia from here. Everything is there in complete harmony, unlike India and Sri Lanka. Beautiful nature, an abundance of exotic fruits, friendly, cultured people - not wild (but cunning!), developed infrastructure, etc. will make your vacation unforgettable! The pearl of Thailand is the warm Indian Ocean, in which you can swim without fear, but in tourist areas and during daylight hours))) The beaches of Phuket (Karon, Patong, Kata, etc.) have clear and clean water and a sandy shore , which makes your stay very comfortable. Beaches o. Phi Phi is generally a heavenly place, albeit without civilization) Thailand has a wide variety of fruits, unlike India. And mangoes, pineapples and papaya, which are exotic for us, cost pennies! And bananas... there are more than 5 varieties of them! Another interesting thing is the number of mopeds, there are as many of them as there are bicycles in the Netherlands!

Beaches of Thailand (Phuket, Karon, Phi Phi)
парк Ангтонг с острова Самуй
пляжи в национальном парке Ангтонг (такие же пляжи на Пхи Пхи)

Türkiye is not only a “belly beach” vacation, it is a real tourist country

If you do not consider Turkey as 3 meals a day and relaxing by the pool, you can see many beautiful places. You can go here on your own or as a package tour, but don’t sit on the beach, but rent a car or go on excursions... There are so many beautiful things around - from simply beautiful places of nature to the TOP most beautiful places in the world!

Popular destinations in Turkey:

  • Istanbul is an anthill for everyone. Yes, there is gorgeous architecture here, but the city is noisy and not cozy)
  • АAntalya, Kemer, Beldebi, etc. - the most developed package network of hotels. There are many cheap options, hence the high traffic and popularity. Quite beautiful, but crowded and the water is not clean. Goynuk Canyon and Mount Olympos (cable car) are a must-see.
  • Alanya, Side - something in between in terms of beautiful nature and infrastructure) There are beautiful views, there are places to take a walk.
  • Marmaris (Icmeler, Turunc), Fethiye (Oludeniz), Bodrum - the best region for natural beauty! Gorgeous azure water and amazing mountains! Oludeniz is the pearl of beach Turkey! There is azure water in a green bay... And paragliders soar from above, on which you must fly!
  • Denizli (Pamukale) and Cappadocia (Gereme, Nevsehir, Uchisar) - central magical Turkey! This is a must visit, as it is one of the TOP beautiful places in the world. In Goreme, you should definitely watch the sunrise at least twice. Once on the hotel terrace, watching the hot air balloons take off... they will fly very close to you! And the second time - this is already in the cabin of a hot air balloon) And of course, you need to “meet the night” from the mountain in Goreme - in order to observe the shining city from a fairy tale!!! And what magical valleys are in Cappadocia: Red, Pink, Ihlara, Valley of Pigeons, etc. It takes one daylight hours to visit one valley on foot and it’s worth it! The landscapes here are truly alien) You should also definitely visit one of the underground cities of Kaymakli or Derinkuyu (they are similar). In the city of Denizli there is the Pamukale cotton castle - snow-white travertines - a natural phenomenon worthy of the attention of everyone - TOP beautiful places in the world!
View of the Valley of Pigeons in Goreme (Cappadocia)
Valley of Love in Cappadocia - where you will see so many cute mushrooms)
view of the city of Uchisar (Cappadocia)
Oludeniz while paragliding!

France is a tourist country with an overrated beauty

There is beautiful nature here, but there are few special places. What exactly makes France stand out is its architecture, but that’s not for everybody) The south of France wasn’t particularly impressive, nothing unusual. Of the interesting cities - Avignon, Paris and Strasbourg, this is something that everyone should definitely visit at least once. It’s good to walk around Paris on foot, but in warm (not hot) and not rainy times... Be sure to prepare your route in advance so as not to miss the most beautiful places, such as the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, etc. The best view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower is from the Montparnasse Tower and at night, when everything is lit! Avignon is a beautiful old walled city. Strasbourg has the most beautiful cathedral! In France, the region of the Gorges du Verdon can easily be considered one of the TOP beautiful places! This is not just a photo, the main thing here is to travel along at least one of the 3 routes along the Verdon Gorge.

South of France (Nice)
Verdon Gorge in France
It's better to walk around Paris during the day
View of Paris and the Eiffel Tower at night
Montenvers - Mer de Glace из поселка Шамони на зубчатом поезде
вершина Aiguille du Midi 3800 м - поселок Шамони, гора Мон Блан
Куршевель 1850 м - новогоднее чудо!

Croatia is a beautiful, but inappropriately overpriced country

In terms of views, the country is similar to Montenegro and Greece, and in terms of prices it surpasses them combined. This is truly a beach country! There are beaches, a promenade and relaxation!!! There are no attractions, travelers don’t have much to see. But you can come here and live for a month in the summer) If you really don’t get caught in the local winds) Plitvice Lakes National Park is a sensational legend, is it worth the money?! There is only one beautiful view there, which is below in the photo, the rest is just beautiful nature... But how many people are there!!! As much as in the Cinque Terre in Italy))) Krk National Park is also another HIT in Croatia. It’s beautiful, but there’s no wow effect, that’s all)

In Croatia you can go to the old town of Dubrovnik. The best way to view it from above is to go up by car or cable car. You can also go to Mount Biokovo by car. They made a new unusual glass observation deck there in 2020. You can go to the towns of Makarska (macro version of Cavtat) and Omis for a walk and admire the views. Lovely towns Cavtat, Podgora, Baska Voda, Brela, Rogoznica, Vodice. There are also many islands in Croatia, especially the beautiful Korcula with its old town and even better Hvar, with its chic promenade.

Plitvice Lakes Park in Croatia
Krk park - Skradinski Buk waterfall
panorama of Dubrovnik from the fortress walls in Croatia
Makarska view from St. Park Peter
Skywalk - Biokovo observation deck
Korcula - island and old town - landmark of the beauty of Croatia
Hvar - island and old town - the best promenade in Croatia
Cetina River Spring Croatia (Izvor Cetine) - "Eye of the Earth"

Montenegro is a miniature but harmonious tourist country

This is the best place for beautiful views and prices. True, you won’t see much architecture or sights. However, the Bay of Kotor deserves to be in the TOP of beautiful places in the world! The best view of the Bay of Kotor is from Mount Lovćen or at least from the fortress in the city itself. You can also visit Vrmac peak with views of Kotor and Tivat at the same time. Lustica is a peninsula little known among tourists, but with beautiful panoramic views. Beautiful views from the village of Dobrota to the town of Perast. The peninsula of Sveti Stefan is a mini Dubrovnik) The view from the peninsula opens over the entire Budva Riviera! Be sure to try the local cheese and meat (prosciutto). You can travel the coast of Montenegro in a week, so do it, don’t sit still! There will definitely be a corner here that will touch your soul) The north of Montenegro is a treasure chest for travelers! The beauty of the local nature is amazing here! Visit at least some of the national parks and canyons: Durmitor and Black Lake, Piva Lake and the Piva Sedlo pass, canyons of the Tara, Moraca, Piva, Susica rivers, etc. High mountain lakes (Sushichko, Bukumirskoe, etc.) and passes - on foot and by car - are a real pleasure) The north of Montenegro is the other side of the medal for all of Montenegro! We haven’t been to the north (Zabljak, Mojkovac, Pluzine) - we haven’t seen Montenegro!!!

view of the Bays of Kotor and Tivat in Montenegro - Lovcen Nature Reserve
panorama of Sveti Stefan and the Budva Riviera - one of the best places in Montenegro
Viewpoint Klinci Herceg Novi Kotor Bay - panoramic point on the Lustica Peninsula - view of the Tivat Bay
Vrmac peak (mountain range between Tivat and Kotor) - view of the Bay of Kotor and Mount Lovcen
Pavlova Strana Viewpoint - a panoramic platform with views of the Crnojevica River, which flows into Lake Skadar (a nature reserve in Montenegro)
Platije - panorama of the Moraca River canyon (on the way to the Biogradska Gora nature reserve)
Djurdzhevich Bridge - panorama of the Tara River canyon (on the way to Durmitor Park)
Black Lake in Durmitor Park (near Zabljak)
high mountain pass "Piva Sedlo" - road from Zabljak to Pluzine
observation deck "Piva Canyon viewpoint" - Piva Lake (near Pluzine)
Panorama "Grlo Sokolovo" in the village of Koryto (on the border with Albania)
view of the town of Ulcinj in Montenegro (from the fortress walls of the beautiful old town)

The Czech Republic is a country with beautiful architecture 

The city of Prague stands out; it’s definitely worth visiting if you’re passing through. And set aside more than one day to visit local attractions. Prague has a good zoo that is worth it to everyone - young and old! Prague is reminiscent of France with its architecture and cathedrals.

Letenské sady - the best observation deck in Prague

Sri Lanka is a colorful but friendly tourist country in Asia 

Is it a question to go here for the very first time? It’s better to go to Thailand) But if you’ve already been somewhere in Asia, then be sure to come here! Here flora and fauna are the main attractions of the country! But not everything is for the faint of heart) The contrast will be striking! Here, as in India, white people are treated like curiosities... Local men try to touch a white woman even with the tip of their finger, and this happens every day, even in tourist regions. The infrastructure here is poorly developed, there are no hotels! This is essentially a big big village. Again, the main thing here is to travel around the country, and not sit in one village. Be sure to visit mountainous Sri Lanka (Ella, Nuwara Eliya)! Everyone should see tea plantations) They have tea growing there instead of grass... As in any Asian country, approach sanitary requirements responsibly: wash everything, and many times! Ride local transport, eat in local restaurants and small cafes - feel the whole flavor) There are a lot of fruits here, you can only compare them with Thailand. From the cozy waterfront villages of Unawatuna and Mirissa.

Flora, fauna and beaches of Sri Lanka (Mirissa)
Tea plantations (Small Adam's Peak and Ella Rock) in Ella and Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka

Ukraine is a beautiful country, but clearly not a tourist country) 

Ukraine has everything - sea, mountains, beautiful nature and even sights!

Resort "Country Bukovel" in the Carpathians (Ukraine)
Kamenets-Podolsky with the Old Castle and Podolsk Tovtry
Mount Makovitsa in Yaremche
Cape Tarkhankut (Atlesh and Dzhangul) in Crimea
New World in Crimea (panorama of Cape Kapchik from Mount Koba-Kaya)
Bakhchisarai with the ancient cave cities of Chufut-Kale and Tepe-Kermen (Crimea)

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