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What to see in Crete

Crete should be visited only during the warm season. It is necessary to see the city of Chania and the bay of Balos. It is better to get to the bay of Balos by boat.

Peloponnese what to see

Peloponnese attractions:

  •     Loutraki and the Corinthian city districts, including the Corinth Canal ⭐⭐⭐
  •     Nafplion ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  •     Monemvasia ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Athens what to see

Athens is definitely worth seeing, but not in season. The best attraction is the Acropolis of Athens. Time to visit Athens is 1-2 days.

Greece by car 2022

What should a traveler visit in Greece?

  •     No. 1 Kalambaka and the counties are good places for travelers. Litochoro is a hiking trip to Olympus. Vikos Gorge is massive views! But most importantly, the ancient monasteries of Meteora in the village of Kastraki are top world attractions.
  •     No. 2 peninsula of Peloponnese - this is the region travelers can visit. The city of Nafplion and the village of Monemvasia are the best sites for travelers.
  •     #3 Athens is truly a city of ancient ruins. It is worth visiting only by passing through, and it is the Acropolis.
  •     The island of Corfu (Paleokastritsa) and the island of Crete (Chania, Balos Bay) - for a beach holiday. Although the beaches are good only in places.
  •     Parga is a beautiful transit town. With a good beach vacation and promenade.
  •     Halkidiki is a place for summer seasonal vacation.

Travel where to start?

Travel - where to start? - We start with the DREAM!

Next, the patterns:

  •     How to save money on a flight?
  •     Amount of baggage and carry-on luggage
  •     Local currency - do I need cash, do I convert all my money to local?
  •     What's the first thing to do in a new country?
  •     Hotel reservation
  •     What to see in the new country / city?
  •     Useful Links

The most beautiful places in the world

The most beautiful places in the world - let's highlight the TOP beautiful places:

  • Egypt - Giza Plateau pyramids and Luxor Temple
  • India - Hampi (ancient temples)
  • Portugal - Algarve (steep coasts and caves)
  • Italy - Amalfi Coast
  • Maldives - Toddoo Islands, Rasdu (perfect beaches and magical underwater mi)
  • UAE - Dubai Emirate
  • Turkey - Cappadocia and PammukaleAustria - Alps (mountain lakes)
  • Montenegro - Bay of Kotor and Mount Lovcen
  • Bulgaria - Veliko Tarnovo (old town)
  • Greece - Meteora Monasteries, Balos Bay

How to choose a place to travel?

Recipe for a Dream Journey: To make your journey a delight to your soul, follow your heart's call! Be open to the world and catch signs from above in the form of messages. Follow simple rules and be guided by logic.

How to choose a place to rest:

  •     Pay attention to signs of destiny.
  •     Use a picture search of the place, but with the stamp "made by a tourist".
  •     Research the need for and the possibility of obtaining a visa.
  •     Pay attention to the weather peculiarities of the desired vacation period.
  •     Estimate your budget.
  •     Fly, drive, sail on a cruise ship - do not limit yourself.
  •     Alternate vacation on the beach and hiking in the mountains, diving in the sea and a safari in the desert.

Love yourself and life! The whole world at your feet!

Homeopathic Travel Kit

What is a homeopathic medicine cabinet? Can a traveler's medicine cabinet be from homeopathy?

A traveler's medicine cabinet is just the essentials, so there are no upsetting moments! Homeopathic pharmacy - how to find one in a new city and country! Advantages of homeopathic medicine cabinet: small weight and not large volume. It is IMPORTANT that the homeopathic first aid kit be in a luggage bag, wrapped beforehand in food-grade aluminum foil, in order to protect from radiation during airport scans. This article contains preparations intended in one way or another for emergency measures, so the dilution (potency) of homeopathic preparations is recommended as low as possible - 3, 6, 12, or at least 30.

Greece by car (Halkidiki-Saloniki-Litohoro-Kalambaka-Parga)

Halkidiki, namely the third finger of Mount Athos, the holy monasteries. Thessaloniki is a hive city. Climbing Mount Olympus is more than a walk. Litochoro is a cozy town at the foot of Mount Olympus. Meteora is a complex of active monasteries. Vikos Gorge - a unique beauty canyon. Parga - the face of continental Greece.