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Oludeniz what to see:

  •     Blue Lagoon Beach
  •     Lycian Trail
  •     Mount Babadag and try paragliding
  •     Fethiye
  •     Butterfly Valley (Faralia village, Kelebekler Vadisi beach)
  •     Kaputas beach
  •     Old towns of Demre, Mira, Kekova
  •     Pamukale

Oludeniz is the most beautiful village of Turkey from the ones we visited. Everyone goes to the region of Kemer and Antalya due to the fact that there is a better infrastructure and hotel prices are lower. But if you want a beautiful nature, you have to go to the region of Marmaris and Fethiye. To be more precise, you should go to Turunç, Icmeler and Oludeniz. There is no relaxing nature in big cities, but there is plenty of it in these villages!

Tips for Oludeniz

  • The map below highlights the features of the region, within walking distance or directions for getting there:
  • A is the bus station and the beginning of the main street, through which there is a connection to the intercity, in particular to Fethiye. The bus connection is fairly well developed. From Oludeniz to Fethiye there is a shuttle bus every 15 minutes (about 10 lira per person, 20 minutes). The bus station in Fethiye is accessible by bus, and you can go everywhere from there, e.g. Marmaris, etc. True, we went to Marmaris (about 40 lira per person) and we did not like it - 3 hours one way! And in Marmaris the bus comes too at the bus station, you need to change to a dolmush further, either to the seafront (the monument of Ataturk) or even further, such as Icmeler/Turunç. The Oludeniz - Fethiye bus is a good way to get to the turn to the Garcia Hotel. From there you can walk to the beginning of the Lycian Trail. Also from the beach on the same dolmusha you can go to the elevator at Mount Babadag (cable car price $ 10 per person both ways). The bus station in Turkey is called Ottogar, and the stop is Durak.
  • Blue Lagoon is a type of beach with a "blue flag", but in fact a PR of pure water and frog! If you go to the beach on the road, there is a fee to enter and even on foot. But if you walk just along the beach, then .... Entrance is free) In the end, this tiphak know only local vacationers, all who come from other cities - pay for entry! In fact, Belchekiz and Kumburnu beach is much better than the Blue Lagoon beach. The water has a heavenly color on Belcekiz and Kumburnu beaches! All beaches are within walking distance. The Oludeniz promenade is a walk of about 40 minutes from edge to edge.
  • Butterfly Valley is another "lure" for tourists. You can reach it by boat or by dolmush from the same point A. The shuttle bus (to Faralia village) goes once an hour! It takes about 30 minutes (it's not the end stop). You can also take a dolmush from the beginning of Likia Way (at the end of Belchekiz beach, you go up the steps to the highway). It seems that dolmush seldom goes, but heyfuk following - the stop "valley of butterflies", here we go out, make photos and in about 20 minutes (this is enough for the photo) the same bus returns and we go back) There is nothing else to do there, and if you linger, then wait another hour for the bus! By dolmush you can see the valley only from above. Many people write that it is very difficult to go down, and there is nothing to do... If by boat you can relax on the beach, but you will have to pay an entrance fee. The beach is no better than the usual beach of Oludeniz!
  • The sights available from Oludeniz are Pamukale and the ancient towns of Demre, Mira, Kekova. Both trips take a full day and it is better to go by excursion. Pamukale is a must visit! Demre, Mira, Kekova - beautiful, but not enough views and beauties, as a result tiresome...
  • Kaputas beach - the next marketing step of Turks for hamsters tourists) It is far to go there. If you rent the car, it is possible to roll, types is) During excursion to Demre, the Mira, Kekov you too will carry by and will show. But it is not worth getting by dolmusha or even a cab!
Карта поселка Олюдениз
Долина бабочек - доехать можно на долмуше (Олюдениз - Фаралия)
вид на пляж Капуташ с дороги
пляж Капуташ

At the end of Belchekiz beach there are two stairs, one up to the highway - it is not very visible from the water and the second, visible well from the water - concrete steps. If you climb the second one a little bit, there is a gorgeous view of Oludeniz. If you climb the first ones, you will reach a stop in the direction of Faralia and the beginning of the "goat trail", which will lead to the Lycian trail.

The photo below shows the color of the water in Oludeniz and Fethiye. The photos are taken at the same time) There is a long promenade in Fethiye. The most popular part is at the boat pier, there are cafes concentrated there. But it is very windy there, and it always seems that way, because all cafes are protected from water by transparent tents... They are not from the sun, but from the wind)

The map below shows the stops of local dolmusha (Oludeniz - Fethiye) and intercity buses (bus station). The arrows indicate the main walking part of the Fethiye seafront. If you go further to the right of this section, there is nothing new or interesting to see. There are even some historic fortress ruins in the region of the pier for history buffs.

карта Фетхие
вид на пляж Олюдениза со ступенек (Belcekız Plajı)
для сравнения Фетхие в тоже самое время)
цвет воды в Олюденизе БЕЗ фотошопа!
Цвет воды в Олюдениз - это восторг! Лучший курорт Турции!!!
пляж Бельчекиз в Олюденизе

Babadag Mountain - the cradle of paragliding

Babadağ means Father Mountain. Paragliding is Turkish paragliding) That's why people from all over the world come here! Flying over the bay of Oludeniz, what can be better? Paragliding is considered a risky activity, but not more than skydiving) No training is needed for paragliding, because the flight is done in tandem with an instructor. All instructors are local Turks. The price on the streets of the city is $80, in the hotel from the guides it costs $100. This does not include the photo! You will not be allowed to take your own picture! You will be photographed by your tandem pilot during the entire flight. But then he will ask for a fee... So from the guide, these photos are $40, and the guys on the street are asking $20! So, decide where you want to take the flight... They pick you up at the beach and take you to Babadag in about 40 minutes. There is the take off from there. You land on the beach. You can also take a cable car to Babadag. The funicular is located so that you need to ride up to it by dolmush going to Fethiye, from the beach (stop A on the map). The ride takes about 5 minutes. You can also get to Babadağ on foot, by following the Lycian trail (it is definitely not a shortcut and not quickest way). If you like hiking, then go on foot of course, there will be views. If you want to see views, you'd better either go paragliding or walk from Garcia Hotel to the beginning of Lycian Way and walk 2-3 km more. It is enough to see the best views of Oludeniz, and take panoramic pictures!

Paragliding can be advised from small to large! Fearful only the first seconds when they tell you to run into the abyss) But it is just seconds! More no discomfort will not be, except for a strong wind for about 30 minutes) Clothing should be warm! Do not look that the sun will be burning below, on the mountain will already be fresh, and the flight will be very cold! Below, in the photo there is a platform on which you will need to run a couple of meters in order to open the parachute.

гора Бабадаг - стартовая площадка для параглайдинга

Ancient Cities of Demre, Mira, Kekova - Excursion to Antiquity

Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Demre - abandoned ancient excavations with an empty sarcophagus

The best way is to go from Fethiye/Oludeniz region, which is a shorter distance than Marmaris. It is also possible to go here from the region of Kemer. The map below shows the location of the ancient city of Mira (modern name Demre) and Kekova island with its sunken cities. At the time of the tour takes a full day. But in fact the main time will be on the road. The first stop to explore the site will be the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker - Archbishop of Myra of Lycia! Yes, exactly the legendary Nicholas the Wonderworker, he lived here and served the people faithfully and worked his miracles! Believers are in for a treat) You will be brought to the icon store! They will tell you how man-made and miraculous they are. It will all look like a souvenir store (Next, the church itself is an excavation, which is clearly abandoned and no one needs it! The main thing is that they put a barrier and take money for the entrance (about 40 liras). Inside is the sarcophagus where the relics of Nicholas the Wonderworker were kept and from where they were stolen. People used to at least lay their hands on the sarcophagus, but the Turks covered it with glass too) A small percentage of the relics of Nicholas remained in Turkey, but they were given to a museum!!! The main percentage of the relics were stolen and transported to Italy (Bari and Venice) for a reason. In the Italian city of Bari a church was built and guarded, while allowing the faithful to lay hands on the relics after the service. In Turkey, however, the remains of the dead are treated differently than icons - they mean nothing to their faith. Therefore, the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Demre is just another Turkish marketing for "hamsters. There is no spirituality here.

карта Демре / Мира и остров Кекова
Вход в церковь Св. Николая и к Ликийским гробницам
Церковь Святого Николая в городе Демре (древний город Мира)

Lycian Rock Tombs and Amphitheater - A Landmark in Demre

It takes up to 10 minutes to drive from the Church of St. Nicholas. There is a fee to enter as well. In the photo below everything fits, there is nothing else to see) But in spite of this, it is worth stopping here. The Lycian rock tombs and amphitheater are pretty well preserved and interesting to look at.

The sunken island of Kekova and the sinking city of Simena - the beauty of nature and the power of the elements - are worth seeing

It is forbidden to land on Kekova Island. It can be approached by boat, as part of the excursion program, and this happens. From the board you can see the remains of ancient settlements, including the sunken pier. The sinking of the ancient city of Simena is a working city that goes under the water. According to the guide, the cost of an overnight stay there starts from 200-300 dollars. Why ask) If you settle there, there is not even a step to step) The photo looks beautiful, but settle there does not want to ...

Ликийские гробницы и амфитеатр в городе Демре
Ликийские гробницы древнего города Мира
Тонущий древний город Симена
Остров Кекова - остатки затонувшего древнего города

The Lycian Trail is about 450 km long, but the most picturesque part is above the village Oludeniz

Who loves hiking, the Lycian Trail is for you! We will describe here the hiking for a few hours with the aim of looking at Oludeniz from the observation point. The starting point of the Lycian Trail is in Oludeniz, more precisely in the village of Ovacik. From the road is perfectly visible sign to the Garcia Hotel (Garcia Resort & Spa - Ultra All Inclusive). If you follow it you will get to the next sign Lician Way. From this signpost there is another 1.5-2 km or so of unpaved road, fully suitable for cars. After this 1.5-2 km there is an observation point with the best view to Oludeniz! You can even drive here if you don't feel like walking. From this observation point you will see a sign for Babadag on the left, for Oludeniz down and then back up to Ovacik. If you want you can walk a few more kilometers in the direction of Babadag Mountain, but the views will be the same, only the height will change, or rather become higher)

Here is a sign down to Oludeniz - this is a fun trail! Honestly, will not advise anyone to follow it! We followed it exactly to the Lycian Trail from the end of Belchekiz beach in Oludeniz. On the way we met people who walked half of it and went back, because we reached the rocky section, which is devoted a lot of attention below in photos and videos) All this goat trail goes through the "green dots" - signs on the rocks. The whole ascent is monotonous and quite bearable, despite the small loose stones, which just slip underfoot... But the rocky area in the middle of the trail - it's something)) It's possible to climb over - we checked, but I can't say that it's calm - no)))) Hands were sweaty, good thing my legs weren't shivering) Of course, the section is designed more for climbers, there was even a bolt screwed into the rock for safety. In other words to go or not to go on this path, it is up to you to decide.

тропа от Олюдениз (в конце пляжа Belcekız, на автомобильной дороге) на Ликийскую тропу. Турция
Козья тропка вначале при подъеме от пляжа Олюдениза верх до Ликийской тропы
Далее тропа стает более крутой и сыпучей
кульминация козьей тропки - передвигаться можно исключительно по зеленым точкам!
переход по скале - дорога от пляжа Олюдениз до Ликийской тропы
"зеленые точки" сопровождают вдоль всей козьей тропки
На верху Вас ждет указатель, который говорит, что все-таки правильно выбрали путь)))
Панорама на Олюдениз уже с Ликийской тропы - лучший вид в этом регионе!
указатель на Ликийскую тропу от отеля Гарсия
вид на "тропку" из Олюдениз до Ликийской тропы

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