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In Goa, the tour "Sahakari plantation + Dudhasagar waterfall" is offered everywhere. Another article describes a self-guided visit to the plantation.

You can get to the waterfall by bus or train, and then take jeeps to the waterfall itself. It would cost about $110 per person (includes a visit to the spice plantation). This takes you to the waterfall itself, at the foot of the falls.

There is also an interesting and "free way" to visit the falls. You can go to the waterfall, or you can combine it with a visit to Hampi. The railroad goes from Panaji to Hospet (Hampi region, but not the end station) across the bridge that divides the waterfall into two parts. The beauty of it is that you can see the waterfall from the side along with the bridge. Then the train pulls up to the waterfall itself through the tunnels. Thus, you pay for the train tickets to visit Hampi and additionally get views of the Dudhasagar Falls in all their glory.

Dudhsagar Falls View from the Side
View of Dudhsagar waterfall and railway bridge from the side
The train arrives at the railway bridge near the Dudhsagar waterfall
Dudhsagar waterfall view from the railway bridge upwards
Dudhsagar waterfall view from the railway bridge down

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