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Virupaksha Temple is a functioning temple of ancient India, which has survived to this day 100%

It is located in the center of the village Hampi. This is where tourists come from all over India. And also "flock" to the monkeys from all around. Monkeys are not particularly aggressive and clingy as long as they do not see a banana in the hands of tourists. And the visitors want to feed them - here, of course, begins the most interesting thing. The monkeys will snatch the whole bag of bananas if you don't notice. But as soon as the bananas are finished, they immediately lose interest in you. By the way, this is not liked in the local population. On the coast of Goa, the locals may offer their services, but they do not impose. In the Hampi region, as soon as you get off the train at Hospet as you begin to be very intrusive: rickshaw, cab, buy fruit, accommodation, tours, etc.

It costs token money to enter the temple during the day (about 60 rupees per person) and free in the evening. The most important attraction is the "sunset point" above the temple. It is from this elevated view of the surrounding area and the Virupaksha temple. There are steps leading up to the top on the left immediately at the entrance to the temple. It is a delight to sit at the top and watch the sunset! Behind the temple there is a village. Behind the houses there is a crossing to the other side of the river. The pleasure is 2 minutes, with rates of 150 rupees per person (about 70 UAH.) Crossing is a big word!

Virupaksha Temple
Sunset point Virupaksha Temple
Virupaksha temple viewpoint

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