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Igoumenitsa is a port city in Greece, the starting point of ferries to the island of Corfu (Kerkyra)

If you need to take a ferry to the island of Corfu from the nearest regions of Greece, then in Igoumenitsa town you do not need to spend the night. Ferries run almost around the clock, there are many ships, lots of seats - you will leave at any time do not even doubt. We drove through the autobahn to Igoumenitsa straight from Bulgaria, so we chose an overnight option. The promenade in Igoumenitsa is very large and walkable. But it is rather dull, more precisely dirty and not equipped. Beaches are not equipped, a park zone especially there is not. Water though transparent, but you do not want to swim, when in 300 hundred meters there are dozens of huge ferries, about the ecology of the region it is not necessary to speak.

Набережная Игуменицы

The ferry - a comfortable trip with the car to the islands

For the night we stayed in a hotel right in front of the port. Hotels from the last "stone" century! You would not even say that this is Greece) In the port there are stalls - boxes, as in the photo below. Each booth is one of the carriers. Each carrier has its own ships. Prices vary, depending on the level of the ferry, size/capacity, comfort, etc. Just go through all of them and study the rates. We arrived in Igoumenitsa in the afternoon, went straight to get tickets for the next morning - were afraid that there would be enough seats - we read "myths" on the Internet! In the evening we walked along the promenade.

Касса парома "Игуменица-Корфу"

In the morning we arrived about 40 minutes before the departure time (9:00), found the ferry, the name of which is listed on the ticket. Sailed on a half-empty ferry. We were in early August - there are people, but no streams or traffic during the day. We watched from the hotel as we boarded at a different time of day than we did. There is a driver pulling into the ferry with no passengers. According to the rules, passengers enter on foot. The traffic controllers will help you get on, they will tell you where and how to put the car.
There are a lot of places for people on the ship itself, both in the rooms and on the decks under the sky. In other words, travel on the ferry with a car is very comfortable. Sailed about 2 hours. For the car and two people we paid about 1000 UAH.

Паром из Игуменицы на Корфу
Погрузка автомобилей на паром "Игуменица-Корфу"

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