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Kerkyra - the old town and beauty of Corfu in Greece

We visited mainland Greece by car earlier in the spring of 2018. Our route was Halkidiki - Parga with sightseeing. This time, in August 2018, we drove through Greece by autobahn to Igoumenitsa. From Igoumenitsa we took a ferry to Corfu. Our route was much farther away - Croatia was the final destination. So we allotted two days for Corfu.

After arriving on the ferry, first we took the ferry tickets to Albania. You can buy tickets from the tourist carriers. When you exit the port, turn left and after 300 meters you'll see a street on the right with tourist representatives. Walk through them, compare prices, choose what suits you.

Then we continued the route, shown on the map below, through the old town (one-way traffic). We were in August, so people and cars a huge amount. Realistically, we just could not find where to park.) The heat was unbearable, so on foot we did not really want to walk. We decided to go straight to Paleokastritsa. But the old town of Corfu is very beautiful and comfortable. There are some sea views. There is a lot to see and walk around!

Прогулка автомобильная из порта по старому городу Керкира


Paleokastritsa - the pearl of Corfu

The road to Paleokastritsa is the central and largest road on the island of Corfu. Immediately it seemed that all such roads will be, but this is far from it) This road was two-lane, the other roads are single-lane and very often it is a steep serpentine with sharp turns. So we reached Palekokastritsa quickly - a little over an hour.

Карта маршрута из порта Керкиры до Палеокастрицы
Бухта в Палеокастрице
Пляж Палеокастрица в бухте
Вид с пирса в бухте Палекастрицы


Angelokastro - a fortress with spectacular views of Paleokastritsa

The most striking attraction of Corfu is the fortress of Angelokastro. We left in the afternoon when the heat started to die down, around 5pm. We stopped first at the temple in the bay of Paleokatsritsa itself. Then we kept on the way to the fortress, thinking that we would see it and a couple of other sights in one evening. But the calculation was based on the distance from the map of Gugul and the kilometer run, without taking into account the local serpentine! As a result, we visited the fortress the whole evening and we returned to Paleokastritsa after dark.


Автомобильная дорога на Корфу (Керкира)

The Angelokastra fortress itself is located at the top. You will drive to the foot of the fortress and then walk up the steps for about 15 minutes. There is a fee to enter the fortress. It says that the hours of operation are until 5 or 6 pm. We arrived after 6pm, just stepped over the rope and walked up the steps. The box office ended up not working and admission was free. There were people at the top as well and when they went down, others went up. There was a very strong wind on the grounds of the fortress. The fortress is very destroyed, for history lovers - there is not much to see. But for nature lovers - the most beautiful views open - as on the palm of the whole Paleokastritsa with three bays.

Крепость Ангелокастра на Корфу
Вид на Палеокастрицу с крепости "Ангелокастро"
Вид на Палеокастрицу с крепости "Ангелокастро"

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