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Paleokastritsa - The beauty of Corfu: beautiful beaches and views

There are not many hotels in Paleokastritsa, 5-star even less. Conditionally, the resort of Paleokastritsa can be divided into the regions shown on the map (1-6). We settled in region 1. The beach is not far to walk - up to 5 minutes, go down the stairs. But the beach is very small and crowded. The beach is kind of closed on all sides, not particularly cozy.

From 1 to 3 it is possible to walk on the road for 30 minutes at a walking pace. In the evening after 18, when the heat has gone down, we advise to do so. There are beautiful views around. In the daytime, of course, the heat is hot, but this distance by car will take you 5 minutes. Region 2 didn't really pique our interest. The cliffs above the sea...there is a beach somewhere below, but there are a lot of steps - we didn't want to go. Region 3 is a beautiful bay with a boat stop. Not particularly suitable for swimming, more for evening relaxation in a cafe or on a pier. From 3 to 4 there is a path and in 5 minutes you are on the best beach in Paleokastritsa. There is a huge parking lot at bay 3, plenty of room for everyone.

We settled in region 1, drove to region 4 by car (there is parking there too). The beach in region 4 is so beautiful, you can't tear yourself away. The water is azure and crystal clear. Because of the bay, the water is warm and without waves. We swam out on a mattress and enjoyed the views of the bay from the sea for hours at a time. Area 5 is also a beautiful beach, seen from area 6.

Карта пляжей Палеокастрица

Paleokastritsa Monastery - spiritual retreat in a beautiful place

There is a road to the monastery - region 6. There is parking there. The territory of the monastery and surroundings were seen walking after 5 pm, otherwise the heat is strong. The views are gorgeous. On one side are bluffs on the sea, on the other side are views of the region 5 Paleokastritsa.

Paleokastritsa is a place that is highly recommended to visit not by passing through, but with an overnight stay of 3 or more days. We were 2 days - it was not enough. We managed only to quickly explore Paleokastritsa and look at the nearest attraction fortress Angelokastra, where the panoramic view was made. And in general it is possible, having a rest in Paleokastritsa to go round all island of Corfu for pair days.

Вид на Палеокастрицу с крепости Ангелокастра
Вид с монастыря Палеокастрица

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