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France is an outstanding country not only for its azure coast and lavender fields. France is haute cuisine! As they say "old wine and cheese with mold") This is the birthplace of these goods. They are always fresh and you won't get caught in the bitterness in the taste or the ammonia smell... What's a must try:

  •     Sausage in white mold - choose by smell! In fact, as it smells and tastes like)) To be honest some smell like "stinky socks", but it really tastes like a masterpiece)))
  •     Mold cheese - everyone knows Roquefort, it's not that good) Saint Agur Blue (Saint Agur) and Délice de Bourgogne - Delice de Bourgogne are worth trying. The first one is soft creamy with blue mold, the second one is a real creamy delight) Still not bad, but not much else) - Gorgonzola.
  •     Baguette bread - "the crunch of a French bun" - these are not just words) especially good when still warm. It can't be stored as it turns to stone on the second day.
  •     Desserts and seafood - it's kind of unusual here - everything will be just fresh, not frozen a few times... Desserts will be made of natural milk and cream...
  •     Wine - here, as elsewhere, to your liking) It's just about the wine regions. For example, the south of France is dry white and rosé, sometimes red wines. The aroma is gorgeous, but many will be sour. More detail by region is described below.
Сыр с плесенью и колбаса в белой плесени - вкуснятина)

Winemaking in the South of France

Nice winery:

  •     Castle Crémat - sour, costs 5 euros for 6 wines.
  •     Château de Bellet - sour, costs 10 euros for 10 wines.

St. Tropez winery (free tastings here!!!):

  •     Château des Marres - said no tastings in winter,
  •     Domaine Bertaud Belieu - said no tastings in winter,
  •     Château Minuty - the aroma of all the wines is very nice! Some wines are not even sour, but the price does not match the reality...
  •     Chateau Barbeyrolles - sour or diluted sparkling...
  •     The Maîtres Vignerons de la Presqu'ile de Saint Tropez - a store for tourist suckers, from the category of take 4 get the fifth as a gift...

Cassis wineries: Domaine du Paternel, Domaine du Bagnol, Domaine de la Ferme Blanche, Dumon François. Didn't visit after the first two regions described above)

A winery lifehack! Everyone has a lunch break and they don't work on weekends! Count 12-14 hours as lunch for everyone so you don't miss out. All of the wineries are out of town in one way or another, especially near Nice and getting there at lunchtime is not at all comilfo. Chateau is a chateau, but in fact it's not a chateau at all! The Domaine is just an estate, without a castle).

Wine tip! Buy a wine with a green label on top - you're more likely to get a good one. The burgundy labels are local wine that may not pass inspection.

Ницца винодельня на карте
Castle Crémat (6 вин на дегустации) - винодельня Ницца
Château de Bellet - это и вся дегустация
Сан Тропе винодельня на карте
Château Minuty - можно сказать лучшее вино в регионе (из того что пробовали на юге Франции)...но цена завышена
Chateau Barbeyrolles - 3 вина на дегустации было и все кислые водянистые, но бесплатные)

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