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Gorges du Verdon Gorge - a landmark in Provence

The Gorge du Verdon how to get there

This attraction is only accessible by car. You can get there from Nice, Cannes and/or Saint Tropez. The drive from Nice to the conditional start of the brown trail is about 1.5 hours. The whole road is interesting, with views in places. Another 1 hour if you get to the conditional end of the brown trail (exit near Lake St. Croix), not including the "red ring". Coming here from the waterfront, riding the brown and red routes is realistic in one day. You can even return to the waterfront the same day if you particularly want to. But if you want to visit the green route, the embankment is unlikely to return on the day.

The gorge is formed by the precipices of the mountains along the Verdon River. There are 3 routes to explore the Verdon Gorge by car:

  •     The brown route is essentially the road to and from the gorge to the embankment. The views are there, but no wow effect.
  •     The red route is a circular road. The map shows a "yellow cross" - this section of road is closed in winter! At other times, however, the road on the red route is one-way, essentially because of that same section. Travel on the entire "red" ring is only possible in a clockwise direction! Along the whole route directly along the road equipped observation decks with micro parking) Views abaldennye! It is necessary to come here!!! Travel time from 1 hour with a photo (if the whole route is open).
  •     The green route - we personally did not go here. There is a view of the green section on the left side of the red section. Then you can say that the views there are just as good) Except that in warm weather the trees will be in a lush crown and it will severely close the visibility on the trail.
Горж дю Вердон на машине
Горж дю Вердон - три маршрута на машине
Ущелье Горж дю Вердон - вид с одной из смотровых площадок на красном маршруте
кольцевая дорога по Вердонскому ущелью - красный маршрут
цвет воды в реке Вердон
вид с красного маршрута на зеленый

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