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Kirillovka is one of the popular vacation spots on the Azov Sea for Ukrainians from the central region.

Kirillovka is a village, which consists directly of the residential area in the center, spit Fedotova - a long empty strip of beach and spit Peresyp - a series of houses tourist type with a wide beach strip.
Along the spit Fedotova car road is unpaved, but quite good. Along the spit Peresyp Spit road although asphalted, but in some places there are potholes.

Fedotovo spit is a wild recreation with tents. Peresyp Spit is a rest at the camping site.

Rest here can be very budget-friendly. Nature is beautiful enough to rest. Particular delight not, but as a variety for one-time short trip suits.

Visited Kirillovka in September 2012 as a walk of the day off. Liked, but no desire to repeat).

Карта Кирилловки - коса Федотова и коса Пересыпь
Полоса пляжа на Федотовой косе
Пляжная полоса косы Пересыпь

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