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Khortytsia Island is a national cultural and historical reserve

On the territory of the island is located Zaporozhian Sich. From all over Ukraine go here excursions. Is Khortytsia worth your attention?

The answer depends entirely on your preferences. Who loves history, is sure to visit this place. Who loves nature and new places, also here should visit) Peculiarities are season and distance. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by for 2-3 hours. There will be parking at the entrance, then walking or biking. The time of visit should be walking - spring (when everything is green) or autumn (velvet season - beautiful when everything is yellow). From afar, personally would not advise to go. The nature is beautiful - the river, the trees...but I think you have it all next door too! Of interest is the view of the Dnieper Dam. This is something that is especially spectacular.

On the island everywhere there are trails that are very comfortable to walk around not hurriedly. Walk along the coast on the top, the views are beautiful.

The island is about 12 km long and 2.5 km wide. Divided into three regions north (touristy part), center and south (the floodplain). The most popular part is the northern region of Khortytsia, what to see (interactive map

  • Tarasova trail (about 1 km, circular)
  • Zaporizhian Sich
  • The high rapids of the Dnieper with a view of the hydropower plant

In other words, this is the best section. There are no cliffs in the center, there are almost no trees there either.

The map below shows how to get to Khortitsa. Parking your car at the free parking, go to the beginning of the trail, walk through Zaporizhian Sich (entrance is paid, you have to visit it once), near the Sich you will see the path leading to the center of the island, the asphalted road to the right will take you to the parking lot. On the day off there are a lot of people, there is not much to see. So the best option is to take a lunch and eat in nature with a view of the dam. Alternatively, you can order take-out at the trattoria "Bilya Kamina". The food here is cheap, but very tasty! There is no pathos of the restaurant in the hall and service, serving dishes, but in quality is not inferior in any way! That's why it's better not to eat at their place, but to take it with you to the nature).

остров Хортица карта достопримечательностей и маршрутов для прогулки
Тарасова стежка на карте острова Хортица
Вид с Тарасовой тропы
Остров Хортица (Запорожье) - вид на плотину с моста
Запорожская Сечь на Хортице

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