Podilski Tovtry is a national park of Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region. This is not a park in its usual form, but separately located natural locations. In total there are more than a dozen, but because of the poor quality of the road, we visited only the most famous ones: Bakota, Smotrich Canyon, Kitaigorodskoe delamination, Demshin village. There is an official website Podolskie Tovtry. It took us 12 hours to visit and most of the time we spent in the car... The views everywhere are so beautiful and mesmerizing that it is safe to call them places of power!!! Any of the locations listed can be considered for a snack break with a blanket on the grass)

The main locations of Smotrich Canyon are described in the article, which refers to Kamyanets-Podilsky, as it is not an ordinary place to find them.

Bakota is one of the most popular locations of Podolski Tovtry - Ukrainian Atlantis

Bakota is not a specific place or town, it is a region where about 25 villages were flooded in 5-6 years. To get there, a landmark is the Bakota monastery. There are several places, namely places for accommodation and a separate viewpoint on the surrounding area, which is right next to the monastery. According to information from the Internet, in this monastery are held exorcisms. Parking is free. The entrance to the observation point is only possible on foot, because there is a barrier and it is written that there is a fee to enter. But in fact how to enter is not clear, there is no one. Although to walk to the viewpoints is not far away, about 100 m. The map also shows a "forest belt", or rather a couple of trees. But there is a great bench and a table in the shade! This is very relevant, as there are NO other places to sit and hide from the sun! Down further there is a path to the monastery and even lower, all the way to the water. We did not go in the heat...

Podilski Tovtry is convenient to visit within the framework of one trip. See first Lookout canyon (described above), then drive to Bakot (here the break for lunch, which took with you), and then to Demshin and then Kitaigorodskoe delamination. On this trip will take all daylight, without exaggeration! But this is mainly because of the quality of the roads... However, it's worth it - the views are delightful everywhere!

маршрут "Подільські Товтри" - основные места для посещения
на карте указан маршрут от "трассы" до парковки

Demshin is a working village with beautiful panoramic views

The map below shows the maximum possible access by car. Parking will need to be on the edge of the private sector, just at someone's house) Then go on foot straight to the cliff and there admire the views. Along the whole cliff there is a whole field of strawberries! There are no trees, no way to hide from the sun... Here is beautiful, but to sit and admire the views is clearly not a day in the summer) By the way, very similar to Zaleshchiki, only without the houses).


карта Демшин
панорама с края села Демшин на Западной Украине
Подольские Товтры на Западной Украине - село Демшин

Kitaygorod detachment - a landmark of Podolskie Tovtry

The landmark is the village Kitaygorod. On its outskirts there are gorgeous views. You can drive straight to the observation point. Or you can park at the outskirts near the signs and walk down the road. We drove on, following the yellow arrows below, but we don't recommend doing that! Two things, if you have a Jeep, you'll make it down the road easily, but the sides are very narrow for a Jeep and you can scratch all the sides of your car on the bushes... If you have a sedan, in some places you can not pass) But the adrenaline and adventures are guaranteed!


карта "Китайгородское отслоение"
Китайгородское отслоение - обзорная точка на холмике внизу
Китайгородське відслонення

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