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Shopping in Thailand - from fruit to clothes - is a pleasure

Along the waterfront with Patong, Karon and Kata beaches you won't find any decent supermarkets, only small ones like Seven Eleven. But it is best to buy your groceries at a big shop. A great shop is Big C. You can take a bus from Karon beach to the turn to the shop, and then walk a little bit (on the map below). Back with your purchases you can take a tuk tuk from the shop itself.

Bus route from Karon Beach to the turn-off for the Big C shop in Phuket
Big C in Phuket

Clothes made from natural cotton - clothes will last a long time

Tip: Don't take summer clothes from home to Asia. Buy everything locally.

This is because European clothes don't come cheap and aren't exactly meant to be all sweaty (from high humidity) or dusty (like in Goa from the clay roads). They would just be pathetic to wear. The same goes for shoes! In a month, leather sandals just get mouldy from moisture and dampness! What's more, this way you'll have the opportunity to come and have an Asian shopping experience. But then again we are not talking about boutiques, where prices will be ordinary and not cheap. We are talking about street markets with textiles, for which Thailand and India are famous. However, in Goa, we would not recommend waiting for the quality of things. The cotton there is thin and tears in no time. All dyes wash out in 3 washes, with regular fading. In Thailand, all the clothes you buy last a long time. When you get home this way, you'll replenish your range of items for the home: T-shirts, dresses, shorts, etc. The Big C shop also has a clothing department where you can choose freely, the prices are low, and the quality is excellent. At markets in Thailand haggle and knock 2-3 times the price!!!



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