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The food in Thailand is "no spicy

All food in Thailand has so much pepper it makes your eyes pop out. When ordering, you can safely say "no spice. Do not worry, the spices the Thais will still put, but a little in their opinion ... for us it will be at least as our food with pepper. Because their food with pepper, for us it's just chewing chili peppers...

During the walk to Big Buddha found a cafe where they ate just the locals - it was half the price of the waterfront and the portions are huge... Rice with vegetables, sticky rice with mango, fried rice, rice with shrimp))) It is true, the main component of the menu is rice.) It was delicious, unlike the waterfront... In some places, the rice was fried in such oil that it smelled like rancid oil. Do not even try to take "Russian cuisine" - it is a travesty. And in general, forget about meat in Thailand. You have to eat seafood, rice and vegetables) The main rule - be guided by the number of people and smell. You can also be guided by the number of locals, it will be an indicator of even more cheapness of the cafe, the food will still be delicious).

If you ask what is the most delicious? And this assortment - below in the photo - it's mostly rice)) It's pancakes, which are prepared by locals everywhere on special mobile ovens. The gimmick is eggs fried in a pancake! At home, we worked out a recipe and now we add grated cheese, green onions and tomatoes. We don't make it in a pancake, but in a thin pita, which is also delicious - try it) They also have a delicious pancake with a banana and Nutella) And we top it all with pineapple and mango! How to order? - "Banana pancake or roti vis eg" (banana pancake or pancake with egg) Pancakes are more commonly used in Thailand, while in Sri Lanka it is common to say Roti.

Тайская еда - морепродукты, рис и фрукты
Тайские блинчики - пальчики оближешь!
Приготовление на улице Banana Pancakes или Roti - по-нашему блинчики

Thailand - the land of send-offs and massages

Years later, when I think of Thailand, "Massaaaaaage" comes to mind immediately, as the locals shout on every corner. Massage is done everywhere, on the beach, hotel, spas, which even more than cafes and stores! And especially remember the bundles of wires that stretch along all the roads)) Wi-Fi for Thais - have not heard, but what is it? An electrician is probably no less popular in Thailand as a masseuse.

Таиланд - страна проводов и массажа

Latex trees in Phuket are one of the world's centers of latex production all over the world

When you don't know it, these plantations look funny - trees with peas and they are everywhere, like the tea plantations in Ella in Sri Lanka.

Латексные деревья на Пхукете - один из мировых центров производства латекса

In Thailand, there is a public transport on the central roads - the "Bus without windows and doors". It stops at stops that every local will point out, but it is easier to ask for "Bass Station" cafes, stores, and fruit stands. Frequency is once every 30 minutes. Costs pennies, but it's a real attraction) The bus has no windows, doors, walls, etc. It's made of a driver's cab and wooden beams.

Knock-knock is not a knock on the door, it's Thai transportation)

Knock Knock is the most common type - "local cab". There are real cabs too, air-conditioned cars we are accustomed to) But this is Asia!!! Try it! Knock-knock is everywhere. So if you're tired, just wave your hand and you will be picked up. It does not cost much. But the price is exact at the beginning of the road!

Visitors and locals use bikes as the main mode of transportation. But to ride by Thai rules ... or rather traffic without rules as it is not komilfo. There are so many bikes in Thailand, compare with bikes in the Netherlands!

Тук Тук - транспорт Таиланда
Парковка возле магазина Биг С на Пхукете

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