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Sunsets in Goa can be called unique!

To meet the sunset is a whole ritual. People sit and look at the sun in half an hour. The disk of the sun changes colors so that the disk is gradient in color: yellow, orange, red. Then the sun sort of dissolves into the water and a blue color appears. When the sun goes down, the same gradient of colors spreads across the sky: yellow, orange, red! During sunset, there are the maximum number of people on the beach, this is not even the case in the morning and afternoon during sunbathing for sunbathing. After sunset, the number of people on the beach decreases significantly.

Закаты на Гоа - солнце садится в воду
Закаты на Гоа - солнечный диск меняет цвета: желтый, оранжевый, красный
Закаты на Гоа - солнце как растворяется в воде
Закаты на Гоа - солнце село

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