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Thessaloniki is a hive town

We drove through the main streets, along the waterfront of Thessaloniki. It was hard to find parking on the seafront, we went out for a photo and that was the end of our review of the city. We didn't like it at all. There are indescribably a lot of people and cars - "people and horses - all mixed up". The embankment is huge, with lots of traffic on the way and lots of cars on the way. The embankment is huge, it's walking, but so not cozy, it's like "naked". The photo below, taken from one point on the embankment, the view in two directions.

Набережная Салоники (Греция) вправо (лицом к морю)
Набережная Салоники (Греция) влево (лицом к морю)

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